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  1. To the pit with you, you tilt-gunning bastard!
  2. Line up on the Vickers sight and you will see a dramatic increase in your accuracy. I tried using the "ring", the aldis; but when I lined up with the vickers I started annihilating people.
  3. I'm not sure I understand the complaints of the RoF SE5a, unless people want to fight in circles with it. The SE5a in RoF flies just fine if you stick to BnZ. If you aren't absolutely dominating albatrossen with it in RoF, that is 100% a pilot problem. Here in FC it is a bit different though.
  4. I believe what they mean in lacking imagination is similar to how in driving, if you think about all the things that can happen to you, you will inevitably be slower.
  5. If you're playing multiplayer, get Flying Circus. If you're playing single player get any of the other titles.
  6. Who let the poors in?
  7. Sadly, that's the main reason I can't spend more time with this game.
  8. Haha. I only got two AI during my PLM run. Both on accident. It's not my fault you and your buddies never stepped in to end my AI genocide before I got my first human kill.
  9. Well then. Ya'll and your "wingmen". At least @SeaW0lf still keeps it real.
  10. Reckon not. Sport, alcohol part, and hands is all I got.
  11. Maybe the rotary is more difficult to hit because there tends to be a pilot mashed up right behind it in those planes (camel, and to lesser degree DR1)?
  12. Tom, you should fly the DR1. See how durable it is or isn't from the other side.
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