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  1. Check six as often as you can manage without ruining your fun. Some peoples' scanning routines sound so tedious that I have serious doubts as to whether they can keep it up for a 45 minute sortie. If they can, well good for them; but it sounds like way too much work for a video game. It's not like you actually die in real life if you get shot down here.
  2. FC vol. 2 please! Would love to support the devs and pick up Normandy, but too broke for the foreseeable future. At least with Normandy, and perhaps a future FC, I'll get some new models to shoot at.
  3. Jasta 28w is a one-person squadron. Though all are welcome, if they want a tag in front of their name without much committment.
  4. You're experience is biased. You're remembering the times you *were* hit- and besides, you have no idea where the other pilot's point of aim was when it happened. Increased chance of a hit from "shotgun spread" is not reflected in actual hit percentages. If you hose all around at long range, you will hit less than if you are on target. Test it, you'll see. For the record- While I prefer your solution to the problem, I highly doubt we'll ever see anything like those in game.
  5. Thank you guys. I really needed some happy news today. ❤️
  6. Except that isn't what actually happens during the mission. Anyone who has tried to extend away in a SPAD in this game vs Rise of Flight can assure you of that. In RoF where there is dispersion, poor shooting still results in poor outcomes, as it should. We have to look at the outcomes that are actually produced in-game, rather than the theory of what "shotgun" dispersion would "theoretically" produce.
  7. I believe you can buy them and gift them later.
  8. Indeed, the number 2 threat to a conscientiously played dead is dead run in my experience... Still the best way to play though.
  9. I don't know, man. Most people feel that the dispersion was overdone in RoF, and maybe it was. I don't know, because I didn't really took long range shots there like I can here. When I did, I could still land them, provided not too much deflection- just not nearly at the rate I can here. But here, you're passing up good opportunities if you *don't* take every shot, no matter the distance. Maybe we need a lesser version of dispersion. Turbulence would help a little, but let's be honest, for it to be powerful enough to have an effect; it's going to be a pain to fly in and really detract from the enjoyment of flying since you'll be dealing with it the entire flight. It's a strange issue to tackle, because we can't simulate every factor that went into gunnery while we're sitting in office chairs. Having historically accurate dispersion leads to ahistorical gunnery when not everything can be modeled. Any mitigating factor that can be modeled has to be turned up to unrealistic levels to result in realistic outcomes.
  10. It's ridiculously easy to hit at long range in this game, and it has nothing to do with the dust effect. It is the laser beam tracers. I have no idea how much vibration these old engines produced, but our guns are strapped right on top of them. It seems like it should have more effect; but I don't really know.
  11. Why can't you guys just be happy for your squadmates??
  12. Guy with red username says explosions in no mans land are fine. Color me surprised.
  13. I would love if there was some way they could just integrate Pat Wilson's work into the client.
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