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  1. Some of the best fun I have in this game is flying as low as possible and trying to follow the path of the rivers or through the mountains; and after the physiology update, cutting a "racing line" along the way to keep from blacking out.
  2. The most immersive gameplay I've had has been flying high cover for Hellbender without comms. Felt pretty immersed and had that great war feel.
  3. $59 is a solid price for FC IMO. I hope they keep the price where it is for a while.
  4. Some of the planes were extremely tiresome (in the pain in the ass sense) to fly if you had a stick with a short throw. The DVII wasn't really one of them, but got caught up in the blanket pitch adjustment.
  5. I'd like to see at least one event set on a rotating schedule, to hit more days/time zones. Unfortunately I don't have the time or wherewithal to organize such a thing myself and keep it going.
  6. Yeah this changed a few patches ago when they made changes to a few other craft. You'll get used to it after a while.
  7. At this time, at this price. In my opinion. You obviously disagree. So by all means stop jerking off here with me. Go buy a few copies, head over to another sim forum, and give them away. Bring in that new blood.
  8. My position has been, and still is, wait for it to go on sale. If not wanting to crawl up the devs' buttholes hoping for a future release means I don't care; then I guess I don't care. How many hours did you spend trying to seed FC servers last year?
  9. From where I'm sitting, in a virtually dead time zone, it might as well be. That said, I bought it; and it is what it is. It is a neat module, and some people are flying with 50 people. Cool for them. But I wouldn't drop $80 for it again, not in the current state; and I certainly won't drop $80 on Normandy in hope of an FC2. If that means the end, so be it. It's just a game.
  10. Wasn't the D8 hit by the same nerf that hit the DR1? As far as I know, the D8 should be significantly faster than it currently is*. *This is hard to say due to the wildly differing performance data that can be found for this aircraft.
  11. You seem to misunderstand. The tripehound model was good; but the RoF Pup being what it is, made the tripehound unnecessary, even before the tripe got borked. We have guys taking pups against the Dr1 in turn fights and winning regularly. As far as the N17 vs N11 is concerned, you're not a filthy casual. Filthy casuals enjoy more success in the N11. Which is why you saw them more often than the N17 (with the exception of the free RUS model).
  12. On the filthy casual servers in RoF you were as likely to run into an N11 or Pup as you were a 1918 plane. In part because of some wonky flight models and how they interacted with one another. If the real flyers had the RoF N11, they wouldn't have needed the N17! Ditto with the Pup and the Tripehound (even before the nerf).
  13. I've never understood this. No matter what planeset is being run, there is always a "best" aircraft this person can choose. No DR1 available? There is probably a SPAD VII- You're probably going to be up against Albatrossen, so you'll probably be untouchable; So why not choose that instead? Arty's servers in RoF omitted the DVIIf, DR1, and Camel; but you could still choose the Pfalz12, or SPAD13...
  14. Don't worry, they're already working on Battle of Normandy content for us, guys!
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