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  1. hrafnkolbrandr

    looking for a mentor

    You don't need quick reflexes to be an ace. Flying smart, planning your maneuvers in advance, and being smooth on the stick will make you a very good pilot.
  2. hrafnkolbrandr

    Best aircraft for attacking ships

    110g2 baby.
  3. hrafnkolbrandr

    When to stop shooting?

    I once had a dude strafe me on takeoff, then in the same flight complain that I strafed him after he was badly damaged and landing. I usually let a badly damaged enemy land, unless they are known to engage in murderous behavior themselves. Even so, I always make sure to escort the landing player to the ground whenever possible, as there are some people who will take advantage to shoot you in the back.
  4. Who the fuck is going to be turn fighting DR1's when you have a 25 kph speed advantage? Why even give that opportunity?
  5. hrafnkolbrandr

    What's next?

    Oh dont you worry; I know.
  6. hrafnkolbrandr

    What's next?

    FYI full alt throttle at sea level will give you 3 and a half minutes, plus or minus, before engine damage. Take that for what it's worth.
  7. hrafnkolbrandr

    Why do people rarely fly high in multiplayer?

    Well OP, where do you usually find the objectives?
  8. hrafnkolbrandr


    You're on. See you in Rise of Flight.
  9. hrafnkolbrandr

    What's next?

    Take it to the deck in a camel, and he'll need to use altitude throttle to outspeed you.
  10. hrafnkolbrandr

    Best IL-2 Game for New Player

    Kuban for single player. Stalingrad for online, as you'll always have something to fly on almost any server/map. Also, go premium in both cases.
  11. hrafnkolbrandr

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

    I would like to thank you for returning the Christmas tree to the hangar. It was missed last year, and I am glad to see it return.
  12. hrafnkolbrandr

    Anyone thinks they should give us a Storch?

    Only the devs know.
  13. hrafnkolbrandr

    Anyone thinks they should give us a Storch?

    Lets be real. It's not like we'll see many flying the U2 after the shine wears off either.
  14. hrafnkolbrandr

    What's next?

    I don't care what's next. Just so long as they do the DVII last.
  15. hrafnkolbrandr

    Spitfire Mk.IX vs Bf109-k4

    The 30mm in the K-4 hits like a 20mm in the G-14.