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  1. During an event. Same with FC (though I've never seen 60 there). Virtually deserted otherwise. Primetime US right now and whopping 3 people online. NFF is pulling better numbers. Ironically, most of the people that applauded the announcement of this title spend their time in BoX. Just flew an hour and thirty minutes. Saw one guy flying a bristol at treetop level (just like they did historically, right?); and a friendly AI trench mapper and its AI escort. Blacked the fuck out trying to get the bristol since I had to come down from 3k to get him lol; couldnt watch rpms to gauge speed since he started disappearing against the ground once I got close and I had to stay zoomed in with a spyglass just to see him. Why is it that every time I hop on this server it's some dusk mission? What time do the missions where it's a regular sunny day rotate?
  2. Sort of agree with you. Even on the good days (day?) FC is just the tire old hands from RoF we always had. Events can't save this title any more than they saved RoF. That said; Any chance I can see on the map the targets I can defend? Instead of just the ones on the other side that I can attack?
  3. I'm not trying to justify anything but the $70 I pissed away on FC. 😄 Still frustrated as hell that I need to change the sensitivity settings on all three axis anytime I switch from BoX to FC aircraft. Apparently the art of having separate aircraft presets is an art lost to time. Another instance where FC is a step backwards.
  4. Let's face it, both modes [edited] compared to RoF. You either have a mode where everybody sees everything, or a mode where half the people see nothing. Unless you're flying with VR, switching over to FC is basically a downgrade at this point. This title needs some serious work.
  5. Another tactic is to use third party programs to alter the way the environment is displayed on your screen, and to alter your gamma in the config file; because spotting is so realistic in this game. So realistic that many find it unplayable. I still can't figure out why if spotting has been fine all this time, almost every time I get intercepted in a bomber it's after I've already dropped my bombs. Surely some expert should have seen me coming...
  6. https://www.wikihow.com/Increase-Your-Volume-on-a-Computer
  7. I had good results attacking in the K4 from a medium high 4 to 5 o'clock position. All you need to do is rake them with the 30mm as they go by and they're usually done for. I do usually notice some holes in my wings after the attacks though.
  8. Heh. Pretty crazy to imagine that nobody from the dev team popped into the game to have a look at their new visibility setting before releasing it...
  9. Where was it confirmed a bug? I missed that part so it makes it sound like you are straight up lying right now. Not accusing; this is just the first time I've heard it claimed so it's a bit jarring. And from the chief engineer's post, it is clear that even with AV off, people with certain hardware and visual modifications are still able to spot targets at unrealistic ranges. Just with AV off they don't have to share that perk.
  10. There's lots of K98s out there. Testing that specific round against whatever we'd like to test it against wouldn't be difficult to set up at all.
  11. Positive. You want to stand behind some wood and aluminum? We can prove it.
  12. Dude, they're made from aluminum and wood, not steel. 7.92mm absolutely will penetrate at that range.
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