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  1. I go 1/3 open on alt throttle for every 500m. Below 500m treat it like emergency power; you have about 3 minutes full open.
  2. Relax, I was poking fun at the oxygen weight comment. You'll be fine if the aircraft is missing a few kg or the oxygen doesn't "confetti" when it gets hit. For all the reasons you listed. I don't have any problem shooting down (lone) camels, because I already fly like an absolute bitch.
  3. I believe I called 208?
  4. OMFG. "Oxygen? ADDWEOGHT!" But don't worry about that 195kph camel... Lol yes I am still sore about our slow-poke pfalz.
  5. Is our Camel running a Bentley or is it supposed to be the Clerget 9b? I'm still trying to figure out why it is so fast. Very interested to see how much of a bump the BMW provides. Sea level in RoF it pulls a little over 200 at sea level using altitude throttle IIRC. When they put it in this sim I expect we'll see about 207-208 bearing in mind the small bump everything here (minus the pfalz) got.
  6. Welcome to Rise of Flight pre-nerf.
  7. P47 is basically a SU27 in this game.
  8. Barely. IMO they need to do with the bombsight what some shooter games do to simulate high-zoom optics; actually adjust the player's "location" that they see things from when looking through the sight. So you have 10 km visibility starting from some point ahead where your bombsight is pointing, rather than from the physical aircraft.
  9. There's still plenty of flying and fighting to be had in RoF. If you start today you can probably reach the "1 hour per dollar spent" threshold pretty easily before FC's full release.
  10. I was wounded many, many times in my IL-2 ground attack campaign. Still the longest was just 5 days.
  11. You absolutely must dive with engine revving, or you will not retain enough energy to get out of range of the inevitable snipe as you try to pull out. Also ensure you are not going into zoom climb on the way out, but a 45-ish degree climb to increase separation vertical and horizontal. Only if you are up against a complete noob Camel do you get a second chance, so after your first attack, job is to stay alive and try to reset. The low dispersion and low-speed handling in FC is a killer for BnZ flying.
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