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  1. Are there really two different versions to download? I tried it yesterday downloading the installation-software using my player- and my server-account. Both got the same installation-setup-exe resulting in exactly the same installation. So there is no difference no longer? Or for some reason my server-account was treated like a player-account. Next to the confusion: why spending 40 GB of rare SSD-space on my PC for an extra server-setup when calling the DServer.exe from the players-installation will call exactly the same dserver.exe and result in the same server finally? (btw: the updates-section of the new installations at the moment is 20 GB large. I suspect there's some tidy-up-script missing.)
  2. Official Battle of Stalingrad TS Server108.61.114.3:9407 Da gibt es einige deutsche Kanäle bei normalerweise dünner Belegung - immer eine feste Bank.
  3. Retnek

    Endlich IV

    Aber hallo - gelernt ist gelernt, damals, bei Y-Reisen. Für die 20 mm Zwilling gab es dieses wunderbare Trainingsgerät auf dem Niveau der allerersten TV-Videogames: bleiben sie per Joystick mit dem dunklen Punkt auf dem hellen Punkt, der gleich in ihrer Visiereinrichtung erscheint! Eigentlich sollte das alle 14 Tage geübt werden, aber Zugang zu der Garage mit dem "Simulator" drin gab es etwa alle 14 Wochen ... nun will ich das aber Mal wirklich wissen!
  4. Hihi, I made a nice belly landing in the dirt and got away with it same flight (thirsty crate, that Yak-9)
  5. Ein uralter i5 2500 k auf 4,3 GHZ mit Nvidia 1060 / 6 GB bekommt es unter 1440p noch ganz brauchbar hin. Kein Augenschmaus, aber hübsch ansehbar geglättet, sparsam belebte Welt, ich bin mit 30 - 40 FPS dabei. Das klappt auch klaglos im Multiplayer. Habe manchmal den Eindruck, das mein altes Schätzchen dabei immer noch schneller ist als MS die Darstellung der anderen Co-Flieger über das Netz heranschafft. Es ist wirklich weitgehend flüssig und richtig schön - Fliegen über Deutschland als auch Patagonien.
  6. Retnek


    Luse, that's some really fine art! Your lady is a professional photographer or just three photos on a leisure evening? Others need three years for such three photos!
  7. Hear-hear! The trains to supply the front-lines had 50 wagons easily. I've tried it years ago - no way to produce a mission showing a train with more than up to 10 wagons. Sadly this topic seems very difficult to solve, for whatever reason.
  8. Just a short note on the "16 / 7" -setting. Haven't tested it in-deep now, but for the Kuban- (on-line und off-line) and for the Stalingrad- & Moscow-map (off-line) it is still the optimum setting (MSAA x2) to avoid flickering along horizontal lines. Not checked the influence on contact detection. My impression on this for long- to mid-range is somewhat mixed with the new patch. Up to 3 or 4 km the patch for spotting purposes is certainly a step into the right direction.
  9. It has been a HUGE organisation - if you want to dig deeper into it: https://transportation.army.mil/historian/ocot%20monographs.htm The last four links offer a lot to read ... More easy to digest: American Railway Operation Battalions in ETO During World War II Just a hint because it's an often overseen topic - but of enormous importance for the Eastern War, too: Off The Rails: The Forgotten Bastards of Iran Looking at the first picture oft that article the details of that locomotive point on a German construction, too.
  10. For the locomotives in the western occupied countries it's not completely wrong to use German ones - they mixed it to a certain degree. Sometimes the local railways had locomotives delivered from Germany as a reparation after WW1, too. In 1944 the railway-system in France was bombed into ruins: The "Transport Plan" Soon after D-day the Allies sent in locomotives and wagons, almost exclusively of US-origin. Impressions: The-trains-that-fueled-the-normandy-breakout American_logistics_in_the_Normandy_campaign
  11. By Christer himself: BC-RS Vol. 1 re-published
  12. After the Germans invited the RAF to care for the urban infrastructure there was not much left in 1945 - some impressions from Wuppertal after the attacks in 1943: Wuppertal in ruins Wuppertal was among the most heavily destroyed cities. Since public transport was important in that narrow valley the "hanging railroad" was repaired Easter 1946. Schwebebahn 1946 (What was left later fell victim to the "urban development programs" during the 1960s and 1970s - a second bombing of the cityscape for many German towns)
  13. Beides gut - Hauptsache fliegen, wenn's geht mit zwei und mehr Motoren. Freitag ist allerdings heikel für Familienmenschen, Beziehungsknechte und harte Malocher - Di oder Do?
  14. Overstretched expectations ... the golden youth. I'm quite satisfied with what we got with Il-2 GB until now. But it would be an error not to ask for more - they are able to!
  15. Better is the enemy of good - if a part of a simulation isn't done good enough it's worth to point on it and ask for improvements. Coming in from below and aim for the oil-cooler of the IL-2 was the way the Luftwaffe pilots did it. Being successful the authentic way makes the difference between a game and a simulation.
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