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  1. Vielen Dank, das hilft sehr, mir die derzeit horrenden Kosten für eine neue Graphikkarte schönzureden. Mit meiner Geforce-1060 sieht alles (fast) aus wie immer, wenn ich bei 60 FPS bleiben will. Gibt es Erfahrungen / glaubwürdige Hinweise, das die Wolken jetzt auch blickdicht sind, vor allem für die AI-Flieger und opt. Flugabwehr?
  2. Kollegen, uuund? Watt iss gezz? Hier erst fett die Bandbreite rauskehren und nu kein Livebericht von Update-Front? Bilder, Videos, Euphorie? (Merke: anderer Leute Vorfreude ist auch eine Form von Neid!)
  3. Das Thema war schon zu Zeiten von IL2-Cliffs in der Debatte. Solche "cut-out" Einstellungen gab es auch für die Sternmotoren der Blenheim, Beaufighter und Wellingtons. Funktion war "ganz einfach": die automatische Ladedruck-Regulierung lässt mit Aktivierung des Knopfes oder dem Überschreiten einer Gashebelstellung neue, höhere Maximalwerte zu. Ob das für bestimmte Flugzeuge überhaupt gab und in den Simulatoren richtig umgesetzt wurde, das wurde immer wieder bezweifelt. Für die Hurricane ein paar alte Hinweise (soviel Englisch muss sein): https://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Fo
  4. Folks, déjà vu and I'm really tired of it: TAW in it's best form can be a demanding game, offering some limited insight in aspects of WW2-air-war, too. Like people's behaviour under stress, results of (missing) co-operation, burning ambition of individuals / groups versus an effective game-play. Especially those over-ambitious characters regularly transform this part of the IL2-GB-forum into a devil's workshop. Imho the most unpleasant sub-forum in IL2-GB, by far! It still very much helps not to be confronted with further distasteful shortcomings like national pride, self-inflicted ignoranc
  5. Sure there is, kind of: Belair special (How one can stand the noise of today's horrible screechy piston-engines? That 10,000 rpm filth they call motorbikes today ... )
  6. Cars, who wants such a vulgar artefact for transport? Except: RR special (watch it, this guy KNOWS in detail what he talks about!)
  7. Prepare to fly a high school level Super-Connie with a G5000-cockpit first ...
  8. Hahnweide Air Show, Germany, 5. Sept. 2009 - seen her, what a beauty! Waiting to meet her again - 💘 (No way to touch the clean lines of this Miss Mk XIX, but I'll gladly take her biting sister Mk XIV)
  9. Here's a big pack of sources - you might know them already. But I dare to point on this because it would be tragic to miss this treasure covering all the RAF-operations. Usually first hand presentations by veterans or top historians. Often with a discussion pointing on further, rare details: RAF Historical Society Journals - 55 journals and 7 proceedings
  10. Digging in the sources cited above I stumbled over this guy, a US-bomber-(pathfinder-)navigator telling his own stories together with lot's of very well made technical documentation about radio-navigation equipment. The tube at it's best: Jake Howland B-17 navigator & Oboe, Gee, Gee-H Next thing I will do is follow the path of his ferry flight to Europe with MSFS-2020: Jake Howland - Flying the Atlantic -1943 PS: And I'll do the passage again if there is at least one proper 4-prop-plane available for MSFS-2020
  11. Mad markets - here's some compensation containing lot of details: Oboe - Chapter of "The Canadians on Radar" http://www.rquirk.com/cdnradar/cdnradar.htm In memory of Cmd. Craig - Oboe https://masterbombercraig.wordpress.com/ First hand report by a Mossie-navigator
  12. Good reading, indeed - never was able to grab a copy for a reasonable price ... There's an interesting small book dealing with the German detection story and countermeasures, too: Alexander Dahl Bumerang : Ein Beitrag zum Hochfrequenzkrieg Lehmanns München 1973, ISBN: 9783469004659 (interesting author) Main part of the story is given here: https://www.gyges.dk/jamming_service Oboe.htm
  13. Da hilft nur Home-Schering! Mein Tip ist die Jaguar CM 2000 Fusion Design. Home-Plug only, kein schwächelnder Akku, die ganze Kraft der Münchner Müllverbrennung liegt satt in der Hand! Ansetzen, rundführen, fertig - ohne Ziepen! Anwenden der sechs (!) verschiedenen Kammlängen dauert etwas länger, aber danach wird in der Tram gefragt, ob die werte Gattin Friseuse sei? vorher nachher (geht auch für Hunde und Schafe)
  14. Yes, > 20 years now. Hyperlobby, SEOW, 242 Sqdr, HSFX - but soon there was not much spare time left, Real Life (tm), kids grew up during this time. How I miss flying the large bombers!
  15. For a first step it would be nice to simulate some basics: trains with 50 waggons, combine a basic set of waggons to different types of trains. Add simple switches and a most primitive signalling logic to offer a whole new world of immersive campaigns. Except the pure shooter kids all other pilots immediately see a rise of operational options, reason and immersion. Mission builders wait for the basic train options from the very beginning. Btw: first step for an enhanced train simulation would be a rail-road-map-editor, strict rules and quality-control for the community-input to build the his
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