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  1. Child's game? You're absolutely wrong! This rocket was a kind of matryoshka doll with a RS-132 rocket in it - finally. Well placed propaganda manoeuvre by Father Stalin himself (unconfirmed)! Any Russian immediately understood the symbol behind it. One fine day the already powerful RS-132 will be grown up. So the working class will fire such enormously huge rockets against it's enemies!
  2. Confirmed. There have been pre-views of the new volume recently. Looks like something is going on ... "14 days"
  3. Just to be sure: You've checked the Windows-firewall, there's the general rule active "Outbound connections that do not match a rule are allowed", right? And there is no outbound rule limiting any traffic originated by \\PathToTheGame\il-2.exe ? The program "il-2.exe" usually should not be mentioned anywhere in the outbound-rules.
  4. To keep the investment as low as possible the way to go would be the Ju-88 C6. A sibling of the A4 already present in IL2-GB and in service as a night-fighter until 1945. As a day-"fighter" in Russia and over the Biscay at least until 1944, too. The C-models 1 to 5 were derived from the A-1 or A-5, both early models build just until 1941. Compared to the C-6 all the other C-models were build in negligible numbers. Add to the C-6 some A-models with Jumo-211 J (A-17 torpedo most important), the recon-model D-1 and voila - the operational options for the German side are enhanced largely. I'd gladly pay 20 € for a collectors plane offering so much benefit. Btw: With the Ju-88 A-4/D-1/C-6 the IL2-GB-series would offer a platform for nearly any airborne radar, passive detector and electronical navigation aid the Luftwaffe used in WW2. There is no need to research and re-build the stuff like instruments, radar displays. To present a proper simulation an AI-crew-member calling out the results will do the job perfectly. In real the pilots were advised that way by a radar operator or navigator, too.
  5. Checked my game files (recent patch-level), the content of ResetEditorSettings.cmd is: "reg delete "HKCU\Software\1CGS" /f" Now we have a 50/50 chance it's just a problem of your installation
  6. Tztz, you're a bit limited in your reception of the fashion-world. The elements you describe above are core elements of the "Eco-Style". Nowadays that's a well established fashion style of it's own right and tradition. Combining elements of Central Europe Folk Fashion with influences from the academic scene of (natural) scientists it still is an important civil code. It's brain that matters.
  7. Difficult topics. Sadly the veterans reports tend to pass over the fact A LOT OF Luftwaffe-pilots after X years of fly&flight were burned out, at least. "Abgeflogen" ("flown out") was the expression. This has been a problem for any WW2 air-force, the RAF bomber-command-veterans relatively often mention such cases of "lack of moral fibre" f.e. Often front-line-pilots started to show strong hints on psychological problems of all kind. Add drug abuse, lack of sleep, fear etc pp ... maybe there have been statistics, I never found one published for the Luftwaffe. In that 100-%-macho-climate within the Luftwaffe there was very little freedom to deal with this kind of psychological / -somatical diseases. One had to save face! With a bit of luck a superior sooner or later had an insight and started a more or less covered treatment process. A posting to another unit was a usual setup, a two or three weeks leave usually was given before. That way the pilot somewhat went "out of focus". That gave time to consult doctors, maybe medical treatment, maybe some very rudimentary forms of psychological interviews. Followed by further weeks or even months in "recreation homes". After that phase the pilot hopefully was able to fly again and often was posted to a school for further stabilisation. Another factor sometimes was to protect propaganda-heroes from a more or less inescapable death. At least some well known faces should remain alive for the newsreel. BTW: never heard anything like "rotation" for the Russian pilots. Some fate as for the German ones: fly until you die.
  8. Strange - I've seen it just the other way around. Two IL2 protected by 1 or 2 fighter completely dominated the battlefield, a group of 3 or 4 squad-mates is enough. Any Blue tank leaving the woods was scratched 1 min later. Doesn't matter if Tiger or Panzer III - dead meat. Since the sub-calibre ammo of the P-III is very weak (is that kind of internal kinetic-ricochet-damage modelled already?), there's nothing to go for except the Tiger. Red tankers have a lot more interesting options at the moment. Will be a though job for MP-mission-design. Fighter-bombers are able to dominate the scenario totally, mobile AAA won't help. Mission designers will have to ban planes until a certain, large number of tanks spawned. Or any human tanker provokes the start of 2 AI-fighters keeping the enemies fighter-bombers busy. Something like that - else the tankers are rats for the terriers.
  9. Same here - engine sound (tank & plane, own vehicle and others) often missing. Can't find any obvious pattern, except some environment noises seems to be more robust. Maybe because those are freshly generated in certain situations, switched "on" occasionally, so to say.
  10. One night of multiplayer-flying and tanking on the new map. All in all it's ok, the landscape is smoother and offers a lot more options for tank battles. On my 4.4Ghz-I5 with a 1060-6GB-Nvidia FPS for that map are more or less 50% lower than stand-alone and at least 25% less than multiplayer - compared with the older maps. It's down to 60 FPS sometimes, but still ok to fly. For a to-do-table: - Forest-squares are badly flickering, really on/off for large areas, not just flickering - Roads look generated like it was done in IL2-46 - That white stuff - rocks or snow?
  11. Retnek

    Work in Progress

    PLEASE go on with this, enhance the diversity of flowers and bushes even more, it's so much more beautiful AND much more realistic, too! Being adapted at today's chlorophyll-deserts called "cornfields" or "agricultural grassland" one can't image how colourful and manifold farmlands once have been.
  12. Deja vu - had that kind of "like hitting a invisible pole made out of titan" very low (20 - 50m height over ground) once at the coastal ridge W of Myskhao (1419.7 - Kuban map). My A-20 broke into several large pieces and exploded a second later. Online-mission, next enemy ship or plane was > 50 km to the N.
  13. Ha, great fun tonight. A looong flight with a few surprises. Avoiding possible AAA-positions, kept clear of bridges, railroad stations and any larger settlement. Lost one Ju-52 due to an artillery-assault at Gumrak. But we picked up the crew from the emergency landing site. Lost a 109 in the mix of fog, snowy landscape and overcast. Poor fighter-boys, no training to master that weather, no instruments in their tiny little crates ... THX Netscape, will be with you at coop asap!
  14. I'm in - Crane1 or any Ju you want me to
  15. Sorry, there are guests invited I never ever intended to disappoint. While sitting at the computer with headphones and that track-something on my head! Thx again, I'll keep an eye on this thread!
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