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  1. Hi Patrick, started a P-39-campaign just for fun, execpt "music off" anything is default. Mission was fun, made logs, but analysis is refused: PWCGErrorLog.txt RetnekVVSfighter202004022004407.zip Let me know if you need further information - thx for all the work! PS: I re-started the mission and provoked an accident 2 min after start - then everything was fine, accident was registered and pilot is out of order for a long time.
  2. Has there been any well edited re-publishing of the books c.a. after the fall of the Iron Curtain? The editions I know were translated and published in the former GDR. They had to follow the "socialist" publishing code - makes the reading a bit tedious. Ruins the use as a source very much, too. But a well edited re-publication or (dream on) a critical edition would fill a gap. Not that there's much hope, but if someone has a hint?
  3. Thx for test-flying "Burning Steppe" - that was well worth the time! Lot's of diverting elements building up a fine dynamical scenario. Nice tricks to add some flesh for low numbers of human pilots. There are some details well worth to copy for the top dogs in town.
  4. Retnek


    Hm, schwieriges Werk, "schwerköstig" trifft es ganz gut, mir fallen weiter Vokabeln der Hochliteratur ein: tiefgründig, sinnierend, edel, tragisch - mir persönlich ging es zu sehr in diese schwermütige, kern-doitsche Besinnlichkeitsecke hinein, allerdings kein Ernst-Jünger-Schwulst! Jenseits von Vorlieben: einer der ganz wenigen Romane zu dem Thema, die zumindest bis in die 1970er Jahre als gute Literatur in engeren Sinne galten. Von daher ein Muss. Der Autor Gerd Gaiser war durch eine durchaus tätige NS-Mitgliedschaft vorbelastet, ist m.W. aber nach 1945 nicht als Alt-Nazi oder bräunlicher Autor aufgefallen. Aber er geriet auch aus politischen Gründen in die Kritik - angeblich war es literarisch bei Ihm nicht so weit her. Ich bin nicht ausreichend gebildet, mich zur Qualität seiner Literatur zu äußern. Ein-zwei andere Titel von ihm sind mir nicht als bemerkenswert (langweilig ...) in Erinnerung. Mir pers. ist z.B. "Der verratene Himmel" von Braunburg lieber. Aber den Roman als (Sprach-) Kunstwerk gesehen: sogar mir Banause fiel gelegentlich auf, das Gaiser Sprache eleganter benutzt. Habe mir Mal ein WE den Spaß gemacht, diese beiden Bücher zusammen oder gegeneinander zu lesen - das war ein gesunder Mix.
  5. https://www.deutscheluftwaffe.de/category/technik-spezial such mal nach " Entwicklung Fernantriebe FA" - Fernsteuerung wie in der Me-210/410
  6. Nach allem, was ich gelesen habe, wird eher selten drüber berichtet: schnell weglaufen kann sie, alles andere eher nicht. Höhenleistung angeblich sogar schlechter als die der 110 G.
  7. Hi Vander, I've tried several combinations of maps, planes and phases with the recent version. As soon as I choose "Blue flight with 0 (zero) fighters/bombers/aircraft ...", I'll get an error "Could not generate mission". Error seems resistant against re-install etc pp. As soon as there is no "Zero Blue" in the first line of the Black-Cross-section, missions will be generated as usual. THX!
  8. bit for bit, bomb for bomb
  9. Separate from the clear rejection by Jason above: compared to the complex task of simulating several human gunners per plane it shouldn't be such a problem to establish an airborne WW2-radar-system within the sim. The gunners we have now are somewhat special, but do the job. There's constant complaining about them, too - I doubt that has been a reason to drop that feature. Asking for air-borne radar presents a technical problem the studio has solved already. Anyhow - an airborne-radar-feature would add some serious workload. If there's no hope for a proper return of investment it's reasonable not to start it.
  10. All we need is virtual radar operators calling out the data they read from their screens. As it has been. Ground controllers and / or radar operators in the plane. Per radio or intercom - that's it. No need for fancy 3D-radar-instruments, tubes and stuff, no need for a multiplayer-setup to manage the radar. Just the basics per voice: "contact 2 km ahead, heading XXX, slower, left, below" Not to mention further enhanced realism for pilots of multi-crew planes: navigators tracking the flight path, radio-operators getting a position fix, engineers switching fuel tanks aso. All those features scaled down to realism by technical errors, fog of war, different crew training. Would be great.
  11. Very well, thx! Distilled keywords and fed Google with something like "Mosquito de Havilland Hydromatic Paddle Blade Propellers". Now the topic gets contours, but becomes a bit more bulky: http://www.rafcommands.com/forum/showthread.php?13454-Paddle-Blade-Propellers-on-the-Lancaster-when-were-they-introduced&s=92f8db17b7b082595fa01d275bbf66a9&p=79303#post79303 First sentence: "I think that the linking of Packard Merlins with paddle blade props is a red herring. ..."
  12. Thx again, Unreasonable! Let me point on this remarkable depot of (rare) wisdom and (late) insight: https://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/research/default/raf-historical-society-journals.aspx
  13. Looking at the B XVI the broad paddel-props are prominent, too. Haven't found any trustworthy details on this in my incomplete Mossie-literature. Were those broad blades a general feature of the later versions until the introduction of the 4-blades? Or just a feature of the high-alt-version?
  14. As soon as the developers add the dams we're in business with Il2-GB, too! A-20 will do until the Lancaster is ready ... Today there's a tower east of the Moehne-Dam, somewhat middle of the lake. That's pretty near the path the Dambusters had to go. I made a photo from that tower pointing to the west. If you look over the left part of the bridge you'll see a grey line two little headlands behind - that's the dam. One can see the two towers (the one to the right hand partly obscured by trees) and a light grey area between them - that's the repaired masonry where the dam broke.
  15. Situation for 4.003b by some testing: - spawning and de-spawning a NDB is possible. That NDB won't send a signal, I found no way to activate it. - a NDB placed at the beginning is doing fine, one can activate and de-activate it at will
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