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  1. I'd like to see this http://www.rafhornchurch.thehumanjourney.net/History/Rodeos.htm or that https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circus_offensive "... These were usually formations of 20 to 30 bombers escorted by up to 16 squadrons of escort fighters. ..." That's the usual relation in numbers between bombers and fighters we see on the online-servers, too. But today's Circus is 1 escort for 16 bombers.
  2. Retnek

    Endlich IV

    Ging es hier echt Mal um's IL2-GB-Fliegen? Die Bandbreite der Themen hier ist groß, immer wieder spannend und nützlich - aber zusammen fliegen, echt?
  3. I was tempted to ask to be kind and fair with you - critics on the whole by a beginner, obviously. But telling us you're "stuck with this sim for years" and pointing on Youtube as a source - how that? There are hundreds of well done lectures telling you in detail how to successfully handle any allied aircraft in IL2-GB. Even the use of the P-40 as a fighter has been demonstrated - if you take your time and learn to handle it.
  4. And +1 for servers offering recon missions, too! There has been a time with setups like "no recon - no targets", long ago. Somehow that kind of realism does not attract the dogfighting majority.
  5. Our group is at 11.8.1 now - came from 11.5 or even more early. Last Hurricane-campaign started Moscow 1941 with seamless transfer to spring 1942 at the Stalingrad-map. Now and then we had missions with no enemies or dserver-overload etc. But one sub-version later usually all went smooth again. We used "high" air activity and "medium" at ground. Dead-is-dead, so we had to change lot of virtual pilots, too. When wounded, we used to leave some days - and so on. We changed a lot of variables and experienced all kind of incidents. Both, using PWCG and while flying the missions. Most senior pilot survived 42 sorties now, next one 30. The campaign never was broken, all the time there was no need to repair or edit data. Hat's off for that! What's even more important - mission design, the scenario-settings, placement of ground-units, weather, escort behaviour - lot's of aspects were improved step by step. During the last month you generated so much progress in PWCG, most impressive!
  6. We have some experience with hosting PW Co-op missions. From time to time there are drop-outs, more often after an important release. Roughly 80% of the missions are smooth as silk and 20% are somewhat difficult. Only a few missions (below 5%) are that overloaded the players (4 to 6 usually) will see a drop in FPS or stuttering of objects. But poor dserver is down on it's knees and produces those overload-warnings. This happens on recent hardware, too. One or two minor releases later the problems are gone. Looks like PW permanently balances the code, mostly successful. Won't blame your CPU for that. Tried to host our missions on an old Intel i5 2500k (with 16 GB RAM at 4.4 GHz) as a stand-alone-server. No advantages. My AMD 3700 (32 GB RAM) hosting me as one player and the dserver, too, is the much better suited platform for hosting. It is possible to run PWCG-Coop-mission on old hardware, too. You scale down the numbers of AI-objects (activity options to "low"), reduce smoke columns etc pp. - good to go. No He-111-formations, please. The advantage of the AMD (and recent 8-core Intels, I suppose) is to have a rock-solid basement. My FPS in game are much the same, the old GPU limits. But the system is robust against any kind of additional load, sudden virus scanner operations or that windows-update-stuff going mad. Flying IL2-GB is below 10% CPU, add the dserver and I'm at 15% or so. Same for the dserver-load. One can see the load rising when new objects spawn in. On the new AMD there's one minor stutter, maybe. Old Intel-system had to struggle for seconds to re-arrange with the additional CPU-load.
  7. Ground pounding Co-op-mission, went fine, but at the end the server freeze and some messages "objects missing" showed up: Hurricow202012062212385.zip Next mission was a scramble for airfield defence, no other planes than our four showed up at all: Hurricow202012062212345.zip Thx
  8. I grew up near the Möhne-dam (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Chastise). Standing below that massive wall as a kid is impressive enough to become a civil engineer. Just there a relative told me the story of the raid and the following disaster - one bomb? Below one plane? What a might! Most important for me: in the early 1970s it was so obvious even for a kid to see and feel the impact that war had on the grown-ups. The civilians "at the home-front" still were shaken to the bone - 30 y later. During that time my uncle took me to a RAF-flight show at one of the airfields in northern Germany. Standing next to the huge Lancaster-bomber - "We've been at the dam - that's the plane now, boy!" The four Merlins starting, that sound ... KLICK!
  9. It does matter - many leaders of Waffen-SS-units accepted horrendous losses each and every fight they went into. That's not "elite", that's a war crime and stupid from a professional military point of view, too. The standard Wehrmacht-army-divisions often were able to stay (more or less) intact at the front-line for some month. They had to, because there was no reserve and so the army-leaders usually operated with cause. Those SS-units sometimes had to be completely re-established after a few days of fighting. Waffen-SS often operated like there was no yesterday or tomorrow. The myth of "elite" Waffen-SS-units is based on ruthless leaders and soldiers drilled to accept even obviously stupid orders. Wasteful first-class supply for the few extra-pampered Waffen-SS-divisions is another aspect. One of the preferred SS-division got enough stuff to level up half a dozen standard-Wehrmacht-army-divisions. And was allowed to waste that gems in a few weeks. Well drilled and first-class-equipped military units accepting 50% losses are able to achieve surprising results. This short-sighted waste should not be narrated as a success-story. (Yes, I know: especially later in war some Waffen-SS-leaders became more cautious - there have been "poor" Waffen-SS-divisions, too - etc pp - that topic is complex. But there's still no way to transform that idiotic Waffen-SS-setup into a paragon. The myth of "elite Waffen-SS" is pure propaganda.)
  10. Hello PW, first a note on a (hopefully) little problem during our Hurri-coop-campaign (11.8.0 this one) near Moscow: Pilot "Kat" (online-user "Cat") for the second time shot down one Ju-87 during the mission and was credited with one Ju-88. He's not that young no more, but still capable to tell the difference between those two planes. So there are reasons to suspect an error. Thx again. Hurricow202012030012869.zip Second: our first mission with overcast & snowfall went fine in general. But the server had to A LOT more to do with this missions. Before all was fine under light or medium clouds. Now there has been a long phase with server overload warnings. More or less starting from the moment we got near the frontline. Mission still went on quite smoothly, players FPS were fine. Anyhow, since we did not change the PWCG-configuration-settings, this might point on an extra-workload or another problem originating from the new overcast options.
  11. For a certain kind of player the mission / campaign to fly is immersive if it is done somewhat historically believable and has a REASON. Railroad-transport has been the most important factor for logistics in Europe in WW2. So there is a lot of reason for IL2-GB in simulating a supply system worth to attack and defend via air force. If you're mainly interested in dogfight-gamers as customers leave the rest of the simulation as it is - a kind of decoration often enough. Please announce it that way and you no longer mislead engaged mission builders into dead ends.
  12. Ship? Ship! Why not ships, some big ships? Since data for some planes of the PTO are difficult to get, why not building a few carriers for the Atlantic and Mediterranean? Where the planes are already done (Hurricane, Spitfire) or well documented at least (Swordfish, Martlet, Avenger). One Royal Navy fleet carrier of the Illustrious-class and a dual-use escort carrier, Avenger- or Bogue-class. Finally the Graf Zeppelin as a collectors ship. This would be useful as proof of concepts for the PTO, too. Together with maps of coastal parts of Norway, Murmansk and Toulon it will keep the huge carrier-crowd busy until the PTO is ready.
  13. Finally I found that series of articles again - "Tuskegee Airmen Studies" https://www.afhra.af.mil/Information/Studies/ Now facts matter again ...
  14. That movie is a Hollywood-movie ... like it or not. This you should not miss: Double Victory: The Tuskegee Airmen at War
  15. https://www.calum-douglas.com/pre-order-ww2-engines-book/ cite: "This is NOT a print-on-demand book, and there will be no e-book; so this is the best chance to obtain a copy and ensure the printing press keeps printing!"
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