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  1. I very much hope you re-consider the choice D-22. That's "just" the model we know already. Except the the look it won't add that much to the sim. Any model below D-22 would allow us to experience the limits of the P-47 without large paddel-props. The challenges P-47-pilots had to deal with where much more demanding from the beginning in Europe until the first D-22s went into service. Looking at realism and immersion any P-47 below variant 22 would be the better choice for the IL-series to cover all the aspects of P-47-sorties.
  2. "server stopped" recent message -> thx!
  3. Sad and true - in IL2-GB any light aaa with AI better than "low" imho is desperate mission design. Drop above 3000 m or enjoy a funny suicide. It might be ok to use such wonders-guns in special cases of mission design. To punish folk for vulching rear airfields f.e. But else?
  4. All you need to know is here: https://www.cdvandt.org/fubl-ebl-project.htm It might add to your mind brain twist, but if you go down to Fig. 13 it offers some answers. Same stuff, in german: https://www.deutscheluftwaffe.com/archiv/Dokumente/ABC/f/Funk/bordfunkgereate/Bordfunkgereate.html Go down to Abb. 44 (= Fig. 44) and there's the translation: - plane is right of the center line = dash-zone = AFN points to the right "R" - plane is left of the center line = dot-zone = AFN points to the left "L"
  5. Usually 3500 to 4500 m, if there was time 5000 m. If you're checking some values - I've done some flying with Rhineland-map and allied AI-bombing-sorties. Afaik (I'm not very deep into that topic) the 9th-AF bombers went for targets like bridges or rail-road-stations from 3000 - 5000 to avoid the light AAA. If there was heavy AAA and no fighter-bombers suppressing those during the attack they preferred 5000 m plus. Looks like the allied AI-bombers by your mission-builder came in much lower, something like 1700 m or so. And felt victim to the light AAA en gros. (your tool is great!)
  6. I enjoy that server every time - The Spirit Carries On
  7. Yes, dear friend, seen that. There might have been a first DD-Sherman III or V called "Bobcat" (with a poor little tiny non-Tiger-killing 75 mm M3 L/40 gun) followed by a second Tiger-killing Sherman named "Bobcat II". "II" because of being the second tank named Bobcat for that crew. I suspect Nufsed might have considered that hint, too.
  8. That might be the reason the Tiger hit "Bobcat II" - the dd-version (named "Bobcat I", I presume) was no longer in service. At least not with this unit.
  9. Hm, I a bit in doubt. Looking at google maps and wikipedia, Waldfeucht was and is a small village with a few thousand inhabitants. One- or two-storey-buidlings mostly, a very small town of medieval origin. It is contemplative countryside over there, gardens, lot's of fertile farmland. The largest building still is the church. The ruins above show a typical urban area with skeletons of multi-storey-buildings from larger cities with ten-thousands of citizens. Most of the larger German cities looked that way in 1945, at least partly. Near Waldfeucht this might be at Mönchengladbach, Neuss, Krefeld or Düsseldorf.
  10. Thx for the reading! Could have happened here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waldfeucht https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waldfeucht (in German, some more pictures)
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ozJflRs0-g Highly recommended when trying to master the P-51
  12. My rig: Windows 10 Pro Intel i5 2500k @ 4.3 Ghz 16 GB Ram Geforce GTX 1060 6GB 2560x1440 GSync-monitor 144 Hz Before 3.201 I had SP 120 - 150 FPS, MP (mainly depending on distance to server and it's load) 80 - 110 FPS. I tried a lot of graphic settings, from Ultra-all-out to Medium-all-over. Resulting in higher or lower FPS, it remained a question of personal taste ranging from 60 to 144 Hz. ANYtime it remained smooth, NO stutters at all - at least I wasn't able to see any. Imho it was nearly perfect - bucket full of options I was free to choose from. After 3.201 I have SP 90 - 110 FPS, as soon as there are clouds no more than 70 - 85. Stutters in SP are short, but common. Setting the screen FPS in game to 80 nearly stops SP-stutters, except a maybe 5 sec-phase low level near large Rheinland-cities. Settings are "high" without some gimmicks. That's still ok - acceptable for my medium-range rig. Online now it's around 55 - 70 FPS on servers under heavy load (Kota with 70 pilots online f.e.). Frequent heavy stuttering with an in-game limit set to 80. Even setting the limit down to 60 fps there's still well visible stuttering on any map. I think the presence of clouds adds to the stuttering, but I never checked it out consequently. Flying MP I quickly come to my level of no-go. I feel there's no way falling back from 120 FPS to 40 just to avoid stuttering. PS: I do not fly with HUD, can't say if there's an impact. (I'm confident the team - as always - will find an acceptable solution. Take your time!)
  13. For the few flights I had: below 30% fuel she's quite a nice pony. Lot of fuel makes her a bitchy horse.
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