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  1. 216th_Retnek

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    A Pe-2 - please?
  2. Be careful with the 500W ... I just had to replace my trusty, quality-480W-power-supply. It was fine for years with a GTX960 2 GB vram and 8 GB RAM. But now with a 1060 and 16 GB RAM it refuses to run longer than a few minutes. In an another, weaker PC it's still perfectly fine. Seb71 is right, upgrading from GTX960 2 GB VRAM to a 1060 with 6 GB wasn't that thrilling for IL2-BoX. It offers full range now and a lot more eye-candies, but the 960 GPU was able to handle the game quite good. But DCS is *'much* better now and some other 3D-game-engines earned a 50 - 100 % FPS-profit. Difficult to say how much impact my old CPU has. If you get the Nvidia-1060 with 6GB for a nice price, you'll enjoy it.
  3. Go with the Nvidia 1060 6 GB - lower power consumption and more vram, better for the future. A RX5x0 with 8 GB vram would be an alternative, with 4 GB only it isn't. Especially if you own DCS or other, more vram-hungry software.
  4. 216th_Retnek

    rendering 50 bombers

    Indeed it is a performance thing ... you're at the (very) low end with your hardware. Scaled down all the settings? No graphic gimmicks at all? With my mid-range PC (I5 2500K @4.4 Ghz, 16 GB RAM, Nvidia 1060 6 GB, 1920 * 1080, Ultra settings without worst eye candy) I sometimes test with a Quick setup 4 x Ju-88 + 4x He-111 vs. 4x A-20 + 4x Pe-2 on the Kuban map. That's still ok, FPS > 60 FPS anytime. But compared to > 90 FPS usually the old horse feels the workload! Formations up to 32 bombers should be a way to go with mid-range hardware.
  5. 216th_Retnek

    Where's my thread about the FM issue collection?

    I fear you did not see my point. To cite PapaFly "... Now, the thread has been deleted altogether." That's true, isn't it? That's called censorship commonly. Anyhow, there might be reasons for doing so. It would have been polite to present the reasons via PM to PapaFly at least. It would have been wise to publish the decision because the community could have learned something about preferences and the limits of the board owners.
  6. 216th_Retnek

    Where's my thread about the FM issue collection?

    Strange attempts to confuse cause and effect ... it's not PapaFly who has to justify his question where his reasonable critics are gone. imho the boards owner should feel the need to present good reasons for censorship. There's no way for us to understand the touchiness and the resulting limits if there is no explanation. Sometimes I really wonder about the subservience ...
  7. 216th_Retnek

    Where's my thread about the FM issue collection?

    Difficult postmodern times now - looks like the principles of reasonable / scientific communication more and more are replaced by a kind of information filtering and self-portrayal. I think it's short-sighted because fading out critics will frustrate clever kind of customers and cut off useful input. Finally it's a business and the company decided not to present and stand critics. The company is free to do so, would have been wise and polite to present the reasons - at least within a PM to PapaFly.
  8. 216th_Retnek

    Havoc A-20G and A-20H variants

    From the source cited above: "... The first Soviet unit to receive the new gunship was the 244th BAD, with the 861st BAP being the first to use the G in the ground attack role. Unfortunately, the G Havocs proved to be too vulnerable to the heavy German anti-aircraft fire that was nearly ubiquitous when flying at low altitudes, and by November of 1943, the 861st had withdrawn their A-20Gs from ground attack operations due to heavy losses. Instead, Soviet forces typically used the heavily-armored Iyushin Il-2 Sturmovik for ground attack purposes. Consequently, a significant number of the Soviet G Havocs were modified, either in the field or at Factory No. 81 in Moscow, to resemble earlier B and C variants, with a glazed nose and bombardier position (most of the forward-firing guns were, of course, removed). Several other strategies were employed to install a bombardier position elsewhere in the A-20G, including behind the bomb bay and behind the pilot, both of which allowed for the retention of the forward-firing armament, but in the vast majority of cases, the nose was simply replaced. ..." That's not an argument not to build the late A-20-models, but if we try to stay with history it won't change that much at the Eastern Front. I still would enjoy the additional power and even more the twin-turret on it's back - a Pe2 on the double shredding away the 109s
  9. 216th_Retnek

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    A20 would please me for the rumble - may I?
  10. 216th_Retnek

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Rumble - wanna rumble? There is just one rumble: Rumble song (presented by omg)
  11. 216th_Retnek

    IL-2:46 Liberators

    Hmmm - a deep-drawn sigh! Really makes me yearn for the heavies. Nicely painted B-24 - author is aware of all the short-comings. Just one pain: who feels the need to disfigure WW2-aircraft with that Manga-style nose-art?
  12. 216th_Retnek

    Stug III F and F/8 at Stalingrad

    Just two thoughts on this topic: - the performance of the HE-grenade of the German anti-guns was often criticized as "weak" or "insufficient". The long-barrelled StuG-III with the KwK 40 had such a AT-gun build in. The short-barrelled KwK 37 was originally designed as an artillery-piece with very good HE-performance. For the infantry-support-role this resulted in a preference for the older, short-barrelled models of the StuK III. I suspect the Germans in late 1942 were not able to choose the older models from a pool of tanks - any pool was dry. My impression is the commanders were glad to get any kind of StuG to support the infantry. - usually the Germans avoided tank operations in urban areas as much as possible. Stalingrad was an exception - very interesting reading here: Stalingrad and the Evolution of Soviet Urban Warfare
  13. 216th_Retnek

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    > 2 Spitfires in formation clueless to the incoming attack by Hptm. E. Riksen near Calais Completely clueless, you got one of my my elevators, no way to get her out of spin = jump
  14. 216th_Retnek

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    If Bladebender gets a fat plane: 13Nrv - go for the A20!
  15. 216th_Retnek

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    No worries here, I was raised by Low-German speakers, not that much difference to Dutch or Flemish. So if you talk slowly and without improper expressions ...