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  1. 216th_Retnek

    Introducing the VPC MongoosT-50 Throttle

    I learned to config *just one* device at a time, the stick OR the throttle, with that software. No plugging in both of them during the upgrade or configuration process. It's tricky sometimes, I had to repeat the updates and settings sometimes without seeing a reason for that. Anyhow - sooner or later I got the hardware configured and calibrated the way I want it. My rule: if I think I'm finished I unplug the device, count down from 10, plug it in again and test it in-game. The virpil-test-software refuses to work for me at the moment. If it's ok then, it will remain that way steady and rock-solid. The hardware is first-class, the stick with extension is a dream coming true. Better than anything I know including the Thrustmaster Warthog. Same for the throttle, no longer looking for a helicopter-collector at the moment (at least for my level of DCS-heli-piloting). For the throttle I'd like to see more software-configuration-options. Maybe my wishes are enabled already - I miss a complete handbook. The recent level of information given by Virpil is as limited as the software-configurator is.
  2. 216th_Retnek

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    That's why Jizzo had the impression of short-sharp-shocked - no boom without a head. IL2-BoX again shows realism to the very detail! That A-20 was badly damaged, but limped home! The "unmarked" A-20 had formerly British camouflage and it was me running straight for the target. You got both of my engines and the last left one quit a few 100 m away from the beach of an island. Nice watering, but the A(u)I decided I drowned. Here I feel a strong need for 777-studios to re-adjust the sim.
  3. 216th_Retnek

    Guy looking at engines; P-51 vs 109

    Very good lecture - thx for pointing on this. Other videos by this author are worth every second, too.
  4. 216th_Retnek

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    This very much depends - it's a matter of training. Both red planes are able to deal with the 110 quite well, without bombs and below 50% fuel. But one needs 1) some training to fly those types at the edge AND 2) further training to stay together protecting the formation, not just yourself. Most of us haven't trained just one of the two arts sufficiently. So it's an build-in-advantage for the pilots flying performant planes easy to handle - the 109 f.e. My impression is formations flying performant and pilot-friendly red planes like the Yak-1, Yak-7 (or to a lesser degree the La-5) do comparably good against weaker blue models. That's interesting , because we, the Pe-2, did not know about that large escort (see keyword "coordination" above). We had one fighter with us calling out some incoming fighters - must have been your formation. But those incoming fighters vanished miraculously and we surely had no reason to turn around and check. Might have been pure luck for us you were disturbed. The Pe-2 formation directly after the bomb runs wasn't re-established then, good setup for a bloody disaster.
  5. 216th_Retnek

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    So the Pe-2 have to thank the Red fighters dealing with the 109 at our tails! But why those 109 left the big prey to deal with some fighters? Frightened because of deadly gunners sitting in a well build plane, hm?
  6. 216th_Retnek

    Diskussionen über DCS und DCS:WW2

    Wer es nach all dem F-14-Rummel etwas bescheidener mag, wird hier A-4 erfreuliche Neuigkeiten finden. Für kalte Krieger doch die reine Freude: A-4 Trägergeschichten Selbst wenn es noch ein paar Monate dauert: vielleicht nimmt mich jemand hinten in der F-14 mit, aber fliegen tue ich mit der A-4.
  7. 216th_Retnek

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Blue-Blue, what has become of you? Not flying the finest planes ...
  8. 216th_Retnek

    Fly with the 216th Mixed Aviation Division!

    Sure. Since we became a *very* loosely knit squad during the last month, it might be a bit lonely here. It always has been a squad without the need to invest much time, but a squad with members rarely flying online? If you expect some regular meetings, lessons and squad sessions it'll be disappointing for you.
  9. 216th_Retnek

    A-20 Auto Rich Mixture

    I think it's very well done. A complete oxidation of a rich mixture resulting in yellow-brownish smoke coloured by NOx. Can be seen in the jet-wash by modern jet engines like those in the Tornados, too. Never had the pleasure to observe the exhaust stream of large piston engine from a plane in flight, but that's what came into my mind looking at the thin yellow-brown line behind me in the A-20s gunners position.
  10. 216th_Retnek

    Vickers Vimy

    That's what I'm waiting for, too. (and a tiny little Zeppelin maybe, just one, please-please-please)
  11. 216th_Retnek

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    I'd gladly take a Pe-2, please!
  12. 216th_Retnek

    JU 88 bombsight

    Hm, "for a long time" ... must have had luck until today. Flying bombers mostly for long time I never-ever saw that kind of bumpiness until yesterday. Bombing sights always were smooth as silk. Now Pe-2, Ju-88 and He-111 all showed it in different forms, online and offline. The He111 H6 in a small series of online-test-flights was a useless bomber, the vizier jumping up and down for 20 degrees every second or so. Anything else during those flight was normal, smooth and as expected - just the vizier going mad. After a game restart it "normalized" to little jumps, maybe +/- 50 m forward/backward in the final stadium of a bomb run from 3000 m height. But in any bomber, any height, any situation, online or offline. No drama that way, but definitely new to me and somewhat disturbing. Something wrong with the 3.06 update enhancing the effect? Some interference with the recent Windows-10 "feature-update"?
  13. 216th_Retnek

    On Line Log In problem

    Never had that. Just 2 hints: install or move BoX into an extra directory free of of Windows' doubtful care in "program files" (see https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/33636-move-il-2-to-different-ssd/) to something like "C:\just-my-IL2BoX" and exclude that fine new home from the likewise doubtful care of an antivirus-software.
  14. 216th_Retnek

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    I see, thx. This is a relief somewhat, that's why our sturdy IL-2 gave up that soon.
  15. 216th_Retnek

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Nasty surprise for us IL-2, this mix-up with blue fighter-bombers ruined the first flight. Poor motherland needs more fighters! Those 109s were surprisingly effective, impressive shooting or some 30 mm boosters?