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  1. 216th_Retnek

    Steam hat das Spiel entfernt

    Hat womöglich etwas mit diesem Thema zu tun:
  2. 216th_Retnek

    Home built yoke

    That's a heavy duty setup - late 1920s to early 1930s-style. What's the resolution of the board, 1000 points per axis?
  3. 216th_Retnek

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Comrades! It is one of the best traditions of the Great Red Air Fleet to defeat the Blue and foster the fine arts. We were able to win the famous Alexander Iwanowitsch Laktionow to paint night and day. So now we're able to present the great patriotic cycle "Stalingrad, Steppe, Peschka". I dare to say some of these remarkable pieces of Soviet realism once will be a seen in any school book! Westward over the river Volga - against then enemy! The river Don - further on! The might comes down on them! Teeth of the enemy Comrade, will you make it home? Keep your distance when we become angry Volga, Steppe, Stalingrad - he made it! Home sweet home - proud Peschkas
  4. From Germany, no issues here, never, via cable-provider, fyi: Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 25, Received = 25, Lost = 0 (0% loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 46ms, Maximum = 66ms, Average = 53ms ... 3 25 ms 15 ms 13 ms ip5886de86.static.kabel-deutschland.de [] 4 24 ms 14 ms 23 ms ip5886bbb0.dynamic.kabel-deutschland.de [] 5 16 ms 25 ms 12 ms ip5886c912.static.kabel-deutschland.de [] 6 25 ms 15 ms 14 ms ip5886ca2f.static.kabel-deutschland.de [] 7 24 ms 30 ms 25 ms et-1-1-0-100-xcr1.muc.cw.net [] 8 44 ms 29 ms 39 ms ae21-ucr1.vie.cw.net [] 9 41 ms 30 ms 29 ms ae-8.r01.vienat01.at.bb.gin.ntt.net [] 10 47 ms 46 ms 48 ms ae-1.r00.vienat01.at.bb.gin.ntt.net [] 11 29 ms 45 ms 43 ms ae-17.r24.frnkge08.de.bb.gin.ntt.net [] 12 47 ms 58 ms 54 ms ae-8.r00.stocse02.se.bb.gin.ntt.net [] 13 56 ms 53 ms 49 ms ae-7.r01.stocse01.se.bb.gin.ntt.net [] 14 46 ms 62 ms 47 ms te-3-4-ntt.sth2-cr1.se.obenetwork.net [] 15 57 ms 46 ms 50 ms po1.sto-kst1-cr1.se.obenetwork.net [] 16 48 ms 64 ms 56 ms kista1-core.icmenet.com [] 17 76 ms 55 ms 75 ms Strange sometimes - from Munich to Vienna, back to Frankfurt, then Stockholm.
  5. Hi Coconut - two things you might want to look into: - If you look at mission 2 x 500 kg for the Graf Spee 2 - I was able to blow up the AA-guns on that ship with two skip-bombing runs. I'm quite sure I hit that steamer directly, 500 kg bombs with 5 sec retarder. That sturdy craft was smoking a bit after the second hit, 4.1 % damage finally. What was it - a Pocket Battle Shovel Cruiser? - Since you decided to reform the supply of our proud Air-fleets (Cocos Lend-Lease capitalism ;-) I checked in at Cocobank - my Pe-2 was gone and no bounty for the AAA! 🤧😭💀 Just a hint on possible problems, no need to refund! Thx for that ever-growing server.
  6. 216th_Retnek

    Tablet als Zusatz Eingabegerät für Simulationen

    Für Nutzer des iPad: http://www.frozenpepper.it/topics/apps/ Läuft bei mir (Meckermeldung ignorieren) sogar auf dem uralten iPad1, mehrere iPads gleichzeitig usw. usf. - solide Software. Die Mini-Serveranwendung auf dem PC braucht keine Performance und macht keinen Ärger. Das Produkt lässt sich mit der Version zum Herunterladen gefahrlos und vollständig testen - wer nur eine Ansicht braucht, ist umsonst dabei. Was die Vielfalt der Steuer-Funktionen und den eleganten Umgang mit selbst erstellten Files angeht, da wäre durchaus noch Luft nach oben. Wer sich grafisch austoben will, kommt mit selbst gebauten Stil-Vorlagen weiter. Mein Hauptanliegen war eine einheitliche Oberfläche für die Nicht-HOTAS-Steuerelemente verschiedener Flugzeuge zu bekommen. Ich wandele mein Hauptschema in einigen Minuten passend zum Flugzeug ab, ggf. Notizen zu Drehzahlen, Temp. etc dazu, abspeichern, fertig. Mit ein paar Wischern auf dem iPad wechsele ich von der Pe-2 auf die A-20. Oder von der Ju-88 in IL2-BoX auf die Ju-88 in IL2-CloD.
  7. 216th_Retnek

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Very nice evening again - thx @ all and @ Tip! Ah yes, btw, good old Tip, that session next Friday, there isn't a Pe-2 available, by chance?
  8. 216th_Retnek

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Hi Luse, let's talk about it tomorrow. I'll fly some Spit-missions tonight to be prepared. Feel free to drift in your limbo wherever it takes you. Peace, brother, peace!
  9. 216th_Retnek

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Been away a few days and the world is changing ... thx Tip for all! I'll take a Pe-2 if one is free, please, else a Spit IX e
  10. 216th_Retnek

    AI A-20B for the BOBP career

    I'd expect a lot more radios and radio navigation stuff in the western A20's - maybe the planes of the formation leaders were equipped with device for blind bombing? In autumn 1944 there was a lot going on to enhance the (electronic) bad weather and blind bombing capabilities of western allied bombers, tactical bombers, too. But I don't know if they cared for the older, "outdated" Boston's that much. RAF and USAAF tended to develop and use their own electronic stuff, sometimes using it together anyhow, sometimes not. Let's see if we'll get that kind of enhancement in BoBp.
  11. 216th_Retnek

    Introducing the VPC WarBRD

    I did a lot of tests and trying with the extensions and cables - rock solid and nothing to complain. That long stick is a great experience - don't know how to fly with less in my hand again!
  12. 216th_Retnek

    AI A-20B for the BOBP career

    Please do so - I see there are a lot of problems to place strategic bombers in the IL2-BoX, but please give us tactical bombers, transports and recon-planes at least. There always has been a shift in public perception of the tactical air war. Mostly because of the strong ego given to fighter pilots and their overwhelming (self-)presentation in the media. The (TAF-) medium bombers had the same importances all the time, flew sorties day by day against bridges, railroad stations and troop concentrations. Anyhow, the aspect of today's "air interdiction" or "deep air support" done by the western allies can nicely be simulated in IL2-BoX. Flying solo in a medium bomber career or by setting up a series of virtual squadron (coop-) events. Another aspect: expand that map a few dozen miles to the north and the 2nd TAF Bostons are able to fly a bridge too far until Arnhem. What they did, often, as soon as the weather allowed them to do so. Would be a nice (third party?) add-on with relatively low expenditure!
  13. Last time (weeks ago) I've see them vanishing - it is a disturbing experience seeing the targets disappear seconds before you wanted to squeeze the trigger.
  14. 216th_Retnek

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    For the IL-2 there isn't that much more to say because Lucas already told: took off with the heavy stuff under the wings and did our best to bring down strong Soviet factory walls with tiny 250-kg-bombs. Three times a round-trip behind a wise leader without accidents and losses! One thing is to mention: some missions ago the after-flight-vodka of a comrade was cancelled, completely! Formation flying, navigation and landings - the Captain had to react. After some progress today he was promised to get the half ration. The comrade flew in formation until the target and dropped like a young god! After doing his duty he turned around immediately and went home straight. Flying high speed and showing bang-on school-book-navigation for three times he went ahead of the formation. Each time we came in he sat smiling on the tire of his plane. I foresee a great career for that man!
  15. 216th_Retnek

    Developer Diary, Part 192 - Discussion

    There is green with white, if the farmers are planting winter grain. And the German farmers did that as much as possible, because the yields of winter grain usually are higher than those of summer grain. The fields are ploughed in late summer and the the winter grain seed is sown as soon as possible. Given a mild climate in autumn and early winter, there's a carpet of 5 - 10 cm high green grain seedlings covering the farmland. It's a much thinner cover than seen with grassland, but with a thin snow cover it's that white with green. Imho they did a fine job catching this aspect.