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  1. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    I'd like to fly an A-20 - what's wrong with our proud bombers, comrades?
  2. An attempt to revive old IL2 wars.

    Correct - next to well done small scale scenarios there might be a way to larger scales. Starting parallel server events or one phase divided into several sessions stretched over time. Since military pilots mostly had tight orders to follow, this won't hurt sim-pilots interested in realism. Parallel servers - one can imagine to separate elements of one large conflict over several servers. Running at the same time, later all the logs are pooled, plotted and influence the next phase - f.e. Server 1: missions for (strategic) level bombing, recon and escorts versus high fighter cover blocking sectors or patrolling (strategic high) Server 2: missions for air transport and plane supply runs plus escorts versus long range fighters and intruders aiming for trains and bridges (strategic low) Server 3 to 5: the "usual" tactical air war missions, but separately for three sectors North, Middle and South (3 x tactical low) Once a day a high-command-board of gamers is able to re-direct a limited number of planes between the servers to adapt, build up a focus, counter enemy activity. The other option might be stretching a single two hour in-game-phase on one server, so the missions now are presented in sequence. If there's a way to couple it with a clever selection tool during times of low demand small groups of pilots can select what kind of mission-setup the server presents next. Maybe it's wise to choose the tactical scenarios during the usually crowded evening hours and the Golden Eagles fly the transports during the morning hours? One can combine both ways, too: two parallel servers, one presenting more or less "strategic" 3 h long mission types dealing with level bombing, recon and supply. While the other offers 1.5 h tactical missions better suited for the action crowd. As long as there is a common mission building database all the missions are build on the results of all the missions before. Such divided setup might help to get near to old SEOW results with today's limited resources. That system needs in a lot of administrative work and an additional level of "strategic data design". If there's a mind looking at it as an interesting challenge?
  3. An attempt to revive old IL2 wars.

    Looking at Coconuts server I say IL2-BoX is able to handle comparable campaigns already, including moving front-lines, resource economics and attrition. I never have been deep into managing good old SEOW, but playing around with my little server and (mini-) campaigns I remember there was A LOT administrative work to do! So in both cases the campaign magic comes from behind the sim-engine itself. Recent IL2-BoX server projects f.e. by Coconut or Volker already revive the old IL2-wars. Considering today's much smaller community I'm grateful and confident. We'll get there!
  4. [Familiy History] Looks like I have to fly for the Italians now

    Welcome back to Old Europe. Discovering unknown and nearest relatives ... wow. Must be a moving time for you. For the method that company uses always keep in mind there are still some degrees of freedom in the results, rising with the (genetically) distance of the individuals: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genealogical_DNA_test#Autosomal_DNA_(atDNA)_testing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genealogical_DNA_test#Drawbacks
  5. > And if you guys think its a good idea I will set aside some time to refine this concept and create something real out of this. That's a good idea, indeed. I'd love to see such an option, lone wolfing mudmovers are cannon-fodder too often. CuriousGamblerr is right - you're partly addressing the same problems, would be a win-win-situation to cooperate I don't have the time right now for longer tests, but I would like to see a field in the mission description where the commander points on his present communication channel (TS or Discord etc) Thx for the initiative! PS: an extra- for the idea of a recon-photo archive, would love to see that! Bringing home recon-results is perfect for times where no-one else shows up on a server. And it can be used by the whole community. Will add a lot to immersion.
  6. At least one honest advocate of open brutality!
  7. Arma 4 comfirmed!

    Did not enjoy it. Like the close-quarter maps in RO2 it's much too much focussed on those suicide kids who don't give a damn if they are killed 20 times in one session - run-run-run, win that map and nothing else matters. In RO2 there are at least some maps build open and wide enough to teach those shooter-gamers why in RL there are infantry basics. But not in RS-V. If you're looking for a simulator: forget it.
  8. Looking for German book of Günther Rall

    http://neunundzwanzigsechs.de/main.php (open with old browser like IE11) I've checked the usually suspicious - no joy. That's sad, because Ralls book is of outstanding quality beyond all the books about German fighters in WW2. It should be placed in piles at all the shops and stores. To counter all the rubbish that has been published about that topic ...
  9. There's a book in German dealing with the KG 55: Dierich, Wolfgang (1994 2nd ed) Kampfgeschwader 55 "Greif" Motorbuch-Verlag, Stuttgart The book is, hm, a bit limited as a source, a kind of chronicle by personal reports and oral history mostly. Anyhow, pp 257 - 296 are telling about the Stalingrad sorties. During a quick scan I found no hints on any night-fighter activities.
  10. Vorstellung Projekt: OFS - OpenFlightSchool

    Sehr schön gemacht die Seite - vielen Dank. Sobald ich ein wenig mehr Luft habe, werde ich mich euren Studien widmen.
  11. Black Cross Red Star volume 4

    I gladly pay, let's hope the funding helps to develop a strong momentum for publishing vol. Four & Five AND the 2nd editions of volumes One to Three. We need your stuff, Chris! Asap, even sooner, now!
  12. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    I volunteer for the free IL2, for another Friday night special
  13. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    I don't feel good flying with that double dead Cat in the back, too. Anyhow, that's a load, but one can see there have been moments of beauty and peace: Thanks for the mission!
  14. Hm, I think I know the reason, it was right here. Looking at the "devices.txt" there is my old Saitek-yoke with the number "1". The yoke wasn't attached for a while now, a zombie-device? Using notepad I deleted just that line and saved it. (backup before, sure) Now my little world is in order again. I'm able to re-configure and all the joystick-designations /-numbers are consistent within all files.