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  1. danielprates

    Me 410 and Mosquito

    Damn right! It saddens me to read some messages out there strongly advocating the mosquito is left out, it seems to me like excessive hair-splitting in this case.
  2. danielprates

    Sim Missing Critical Feature | Career Ruined

    It sure is strange that you can bail out a falling plane, but not out of a ditched one.
  3. danielprates

    Me 410 and Mosquito

    Now there's something we need!
  4. danielprates

    Will there ever be a manual engine startup?

    This is something I would also like to see, BUT ... (and this is a "big but" hehe) I accept that the devs simply didn't envison the game that way. If we were to have added realism to systems, I would rather see first proper handling of the RL autopilot systems that each plane really had (or not!). Merelly pressing "autopilot" to simply fly level is more "arcadish" than not starting up everything manually. The second thing I feel we should have is a more "hands-on" interaction with radio navigation gear.
  5. danielprates

    Too many Bf 109s in the game?

    BoBp of course!
  6. danielprates

    Too many Bf 109s in the game?

    I would also note that the planes on both sides were evenly matched, the D9 and the K4 owing nothing to any allied plane. If in real life at thay point in the war there was an imbanlace, that was due to shortage of materials and trained airmen - not in plane compairson. So given that the game does not simulate any of the luftwaffe's organizational shortcomings, it certainly does not affect gameplay at all.
  7. danielprates

    DD today?

    I am a man of simple tastes. I would be happy with a mere full release of the me262.
  8. danielprates

    DD today?

    So! DD today?
  9. danielprates

    Me 410 and Mosquito

    Ach dont get me started. I would love to see a "great battles: battle of the ruhr" or something. The upcoming B25 has three turrets (too many turrets is always the quoted reason we can't expect heavies), same as a Lanc or a Halifax - throw in a couple of night fighters and we're there. Bur that's daydreaming, me thinks. Night flying was a too technical kind of flying, it would revolve around radar and radio navigation for the bombers, radar target-seeking for the fighters.... I imagine it would be an excessively "pro" sim for the average taste. So I dont imagine it being developed anytime in the forseable future....
  10. danielprates

    Too many Bf 109s in the game?

    I think this makes a lot of sense, and besides, it would be an advantage to jump in your next, improved plane and discover it differs little from the last one. AFAIK the 109 always remained competitive during its development cycle and it never did arrive, even the K, at a development dead end, like the 111 for instance, where new engines and tweaks were no longer doing it. Edit: weird necroing, this thread is.
  11. danielprates

    DD today?

    So! We had news on monday. Suppose we wilk be having the usual friday news too? Two in a week?
  12. danielprates

    Hype about ME262

    I could swear I read something about new releases in 2 weeks. Wishful reading?!
  13. danielprates

    Hype about ME262

    And its close isn't it? Two weeks! ..... er, I mean. Really two weeks it seams, not the jokey two weeks.
  14. danielprates

    Favorite ground attack aircraft?

    If "favorite" means the one I like best, instead of the one I think is the overall best, my favorite is the Me-110.
  15. danielprates

    PTO/Korea/ETO... next il2 expansion thread?

    Think of the maps we would be flying in!