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  1. "We don't run this place. But we have an understanding with the people who do"
  2. It is WONDERFUL and many times, during tank crew's development, I mentioned this game as an example of (some) things to emulate here on great battles. It does has is's flaws tho, mostly an unfriendly interface.
  3. Considering how everyone here is nuts about the pacific theater, I am surprised nobody has opened a thread about this game so far. Well, here it is (steam page): https://store.steampowered.com/app/1021100/Aircraft_Carrier_Survival/ Yesterday a free 'prologue' has been released (whatever the hell that may be), it seems to be a demo or something like that. I haven't tried it yet. Seems to be pretty interesting; if the presentation is not misleading it seems to be mostly a damage management game with a beautiful rendering of the lower decks, with some e
  4. If tipping over a V1 is a thing, that shows how sophisticated the colliders and damage model have become over the years
  5. This is just the type of thing that the Star of Africa would do after he decided to stop sucking and start being the legend he was to become. It has the added advantage that, assuming you get the shot in, it will hit the engine or better still, the pilot.
  6. This though was the sweetspot where many aces made their kills. We all have that trope in our minds of cinematic, hollywoodian air combat with all the dramatic turns and rolls over several minutes ("he's on my six!" ... "I can't shake him" ... "Pooorkins!") but I imagine that at "pro" level, it would be more like a lot of work to get into a favorable position without being spotted, then a split-second fire coming from an odd direction. And that was it. Edit: my point being, maybe you are doing it right and it just takes some perfecting.
  7. Oh wow, radio nav on the wellington! Someone should start scripting a night bombing campaign.
  8. Steam already shows it nearing release. So march 4th it is then!
  9. I would have been very sad if nobody mentioned this. My own contribution: The first Combat Mission titles: beyond overlord, barbarossa and afrika corps. Also.... would it be weird Iif I said no big-gun naval sim ever bested "fighting steel"? If someone knows anything that comes close, please tell me.
  10. Wow, it was actually not bad! For 1983 of course. Here is another one. Ace of Aces, 1986. No naming but it is pretty clear they meant it as a mosquito:
  11. I feel we needed a video, to judge whether this is a proper (proto)sim, or an arcade shooter. I remember lots of those.
  12. The story mentions the game being from 1988. So I think I can raise the bar, with this 1985/86 oldie: Btw I played this as a kid. When it was "new". Then again, jeeezus man! Dambusters is from 1984! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dam_Busters_(video_game) The video is from the amiga version, which looks much better than the msx verison I had (whuch I must have played as a kid in the late 80s). You had a lancaster with 4 engine management, "real" navigation on a proper map, rpm levers, multi statio
  13. In fact one of my first memories of the original il-2 is that it had only that faux-vintage intro video followed by nothing but the bland menu emulating aviation lights and switches. I remember thinking "what, is that all?". EAW got me used to something better. Then of course I saw the actual sim and forgot all about that. Hehe
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