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  1. That video in the OP... is confirms my suspicions that more often than not, the pilot collides against his own plane. Maybe that should be modeled too!
  2. Hmmm. So tipping cows IS possible. I guess it is true then, that there is nothing the German army can't acheive!
  3. I think the dev team is now painstakingly cataloguing and rendering in 3D all the kiosques, wishing wells and park benches that have been reported over the course of last week as being missing in the map. Next DD could take years!
  4. LORD GEEZUS IT'S A FIRE! ... on engine n. 2!
  5. Just a random fact that I can't contain myself from sharing: Closterman was born here in my hometown in southern Brazil. His father was a foreign (from our perspective) diplomay and worked around here in those days. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre_Clostermann
  6. Right. The larger Warwick developed from the Wellington was a heavy, the Wellington wasn't quite there. My mistake - still, no loss. It was used in the strategic bombing role and that's what I am looking for when it comes. Hype level mantained!
  7. I am SOOOOO looking foward for this. IIRC, the CloD Wellington will be the ONLY heavy bomber modelled in a current combat sim, and the first since Team Daidalos' B24 and He177.
  8. Hey btw whats the current status on the Wellington?
  9. Guess they've been promoted to "official", sans the "quasi-" then. Great to hear that.
  10. I see the new quasi-official planes (hurricane and more yaks) as a means to create renewed interest on the already extant BoS and BoM - which is a good idea btw. I don't think they link up with broader future plans.
  11. I hope the new aircraft have nothing to do with the next big thing. Since we already know what the planes are, we would also know what the nex BoX would be. Edit: or rather, where the next thing would be. But if I understood correctly, those 2 new collector planes are "standalones" so to speak, they have nothing to do with the next big thing.
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