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  1. The A20 squads are there on the map, they are just not available to choose from for flying the career. I for sure am not "irritated". Seems a too small reason to keep us from flying tho. And modeling new bombs and renaming them sure seems easy enough to warrant it being "upped" on the to-do list. Insofar we have no bombers to fly in the Rheinland map, just the FBs. Its such a big map, we are sure lacking level bombers and the A20 is the closest thing.
  2. So the reason we can't fly the A20 in western Europe is because the bombs modeled are Russian? For god's sake...!
  3. (sigh) what an exciting, modern life those software people live! Well, for me it's back to my coal-shovelling wife, mine-working kids and the good, boring old railroad building job. At least we get to sing a lot. "Gonna see miss Eliza/gonna go to Mississipi"
  4. Since we are on the topic, what are the news on the A20 becoming flyable in the BoBp career? There is an unit on the map equiped with it but it does not appear to be available for choosing.
  5. How fitting that it is a bf110. Very happy to see this come to life!
  6. Sorry, don't mind me. I don't want to get in the way of this EXCELLENT discusison. Toodle-oo!
  7. He is messing with ya - if friendly or not, I can't tell. Warthunder is an arcadish game. I personally would take offense if someone told me "go play warthunder".
  8. Hmmmm. Funny how criteria for decorations can become outdated. I remeber reading in Yeager's memoirs that a certain medal (can't remember which) had a flight-hours criteria set in the 1940s, which was still valid until the Vietnam war. The result was most helicopter pilots being eligible to a medal a day, more or less!
  9. Well, I stand corrected: seems like I should have gotten two air medals! Hehehe. Its both of them at the same time which seems too much. But if they are warrented, ok then! Mo'power to me.
  10. Just started a career for the P38. First flight, shot down two 109s (one of them felt more like a shared victory to me). I was awarded both an Air Medal and a Silver Star! That seems too excessive.
  11. Yup that's a no-brainer. There is no stopping progress. I will soon enough upgrade a bit. What I was asking actually was, which settings we really don't miss? Some good points above. Grass for instance. Yeah, its only for 20 seconds! Shadows don't seem all that important too.
  12. Well... what the title says. Kuban kinda reached the limit of what my rig can do, and BoBp certainly surpassed it. I am fiddling with the graphics settings to reduce the burden on my Video card (or perhaps its a processor issue?), so I am curious: what features of the settings do you guys miss less - in other words, what settings you guys cut off without regret and what settings you feel are best left up?
  13. I think this is specially true if the fuel tanks are mostly empty and the wing survives impact more or less whole. The thing should float well for a while. Also, it's mostly aluminium. The problem is if the airframe is so wrecked that it will let in water quickly. South and Central American Drug dealers would frequently rob low-wing airplanes, you know, Navajos, Senecas etc., and fly them with little fuel towards ships in the open seas. They would ditch in the water next to the ships and unload their cargos onto boats, with plenty of time before the airplane sank. It was common practice, perhaps it still is.
  14. Flyable b25 or b26 or c47. Or all of them.
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