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  1. How is the addon market for fs2020?
  2. People in this forum were so efective at bumming me out, that I am already convinced this new microprose b17 will SUUUUCK.
  3. Interesting. is this from your personal collection? Should anybody be interested, there is a website which is a sort of 'wiki' for boardgames, called board game geek, and lo and behold, those games are there (some marked as 'disturbing' and they inform that the game is mentioned there only for 'completeness' sake). There are other 1940s games too, like this one: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/110310/bomber-uber-england
  4. You mean the "woke agenda" et al? Check this out: https://www.wargamer.com/articles/wargames-2020-diversity-inclusion/ I guess they are right, there is an unproportional number lf women represented in games dealing with Napoleon's invasion of Russia. It should be half, given that half the population is female. And don't let us catch them earning less than their male grognard counterparts.
  5. Oh sorry if you mentioned earlier, it is a long thread and I haven't read it all. I asked so that I could congratulate your team's work, it seems very solid. It is a joy to see true progress like that on a game that will fill a niche so many of us want so badly.
  6. @Amiral_Crapaud, you seem involved in the development of this game. Let me ask you something, if so, you have ties to the development company or to Microprose?
  7. Well collisions did happen IRL.... maybe it is by design? 😄 You feel a big difference because you haven't played SP in a long time. If you had, you would have felt an incremental increase. Which is good, as long as if gets polished out little by little but constantly, I have nothing but praise.
  8. Boy, I remember that. Hundreds. Still, with much, much lower graphics. I think doing thaf today would be next to impossible.
  9. I always found it enjoyable (if not 'easy') to use landmarks in all maps, it is one of the things done very well by the devs. Save for some mostly homogenous areas in the Stalingrad map and the farmlands in the Kuban map.
  10. "No map" isn't realistic, even with the intended mission plan drawn over it. What makes the map unrealiatic are moving icons of any kind.
  11. Maybe all that eisbein and hofbrau mugs finally got the better of him and he had a heart attack.
  12. I always felt it would be too much to ask for, a study-level 4-engine bomber sim. "In today's economy?"
  13. Yup. I said it in this forum, in the other, carrier what's-its-name game thread. I am a little skeptical with the progress of most of these microprose games. That I know of, there is no DD diary, no objective news update etc. The news appearing every now and then seem more like a protocol of intemtions than a solid development report. So I am not holding my breath. The pacific war carrier game though.... that one does feel like is going somewhere.
  14. The Mig3 is great to even things out in a match. In it, it is not only the enemy planes trying to kill you.
  15. This just kicked in in youtube 1 hour ago:
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