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  1. Even if you are flight leader, they won't always obey you. They will rather do what is in the mission profile. "Cover me" seems to force them to do just that, but the rest won't make them deviate from a scripted behavior. For instance, a "intercept bombers" mission. If you find it advantageous to not engage right away as soon as you see the enemy bombers, it does not matter: you will hear "yourself" on the radio ordering them to attack and they will. Your actual willingness to keep them from attacking is irrelevant. Aa said above, it is not an "issue" but rather just how the game works. It is also one of the very few aspects where this game is inferior to Il21946/forgotten battles, where you could actually order your guys around.
  2. You can even change settings without pausing. There is no guarantee, though, that your plane ia going to be where you left it when you come back.
  3. The Catalina is a very well known and researched plane too. The Aeroaoft version is one of my favorites study-level planes for FSX, BoX could do a work at least as good.
  4. Hope they implement this, which could (should) also go along the Stuka.
  5. "Map of the PROPOSED v1 and v2 launch sites..." Good research, bad small-print reading 🤣
  6. For a guy called INVADER_WARHAWK I should imagine the A26 would be the first choice, and the P40n the second!
  7. I mention this because there has been talk of AI bombers coming from off-map, maybe this is a good opportunity to test the principle. Also.... I am not quite sure, but weren't the V1 launch sites farther north on the coastline, than what is covered in the normandy map?
  8. The new map is for sure tougher on your PC. I went back to flying on moscow and stalingrad and the frame rate is much better. Its not the whole game, FMs etc.
  9. So if we don't know nothing, we know something.
  10. I am specially curious to know if the V1s will appear from off-map, or if there will be modeling of the launch sites, if they will be launched from the ground etc.
  11. Wow, just....wow. Tracers look like the real thing!
  12. As things stand right now, the black widow would be indeed impossible to add to the game. Without the onboard radar the whole plane makes no sense. HOWEVER ... another characteristic of the plane, which until recently I imagined I would not live to see implemented in BoX, is the remotely operated guns, and now we are getting them for the 410. So who knows... little by little we are crawling towards more late-war technologies.
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