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  1. Thank you for this info, especially the loadout of other transport planes. Any idea why my Ju-52 is still unavailable after such a long time? I will try and obtain a successful transport mission and see if this unlocks the plane once again. Once again thank you for your assistance
  2. Can someone advise, not sure of why I cannot fly my Ju52. When I first started TAW I could use the Ju52, I did a few drops but was then shot down. Since then I am unable to use the plane. I understand there are limited number of aircraft spawns but other planes have been available again after a certain period but not the Ju52. It has been a couple of days now since being shot down and still my profile and in game show zero availability. It is a shame because I actually like the transport aspect of this game rather than the fighting. I did think of using the He 111 but I cannot see any cargo options in loadout. I have read the manual but there is no detail or guides to transport. I think this lack of flight manuals etc is the only negative to an outstanding game as a whole. Response or pointers to player guides would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the info. I will look at those other servers, cheers for the recommend.
  4. Can see the benefits but also as a new player, dying and capture are part of the learning curve. It could discourage new players. I have zero knowledge of servers and play very little multiplayer games but could the participant number not be increased?
  5. Hi BHH, Thanks for this, no idea why it is not working but your written instructions are perfect Lisa
  6. Hi BHH, Thanks for the quick response. I am not seeing any pictures in your text, all I get is a small cross and the name of the jpg file which should be there at the location of the photo. In fact I am getting the same with the two jpg files at the end of all your posts. I thought it was my browser but I am getting the same on IE, Edge, and Chrome. Towards the end of this post after many replies is a long list of jpg pictures I assume from the text. The one I am not sure about is the settings for the PS3 eye. Many thanks Lisa
  7. Hi BHH, Great explanation, so much I have ventured with a purchase of trackhat. The only problem is there are no photos linked with the text. I saw a lot at the end but unsure of the camera set-up sliders, could you please provide an explanation or pictures. Many thanks Lisa
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