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  1. No Career mode, but PWCG is a good campaign generator. There's also a static campaign and several loose missions, you can find the available material here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/132-missions-and-campaigns/
  2. Brief description: Career "River crossing cover" missions: bombers consistently arrive after the patrol is completed. Detailed description, conditions: In Career mode, most or all of the "River crossing cover" missions I have been assigned lately are eventless, but when checking the flight log it always shows that the position we were protecting was bombed some minutes after the patrol was completed (on our way back to the airfield). Last occurrence today, in Kuban career, Russian side (see attached mission): patrol was completed at around 6:30-6:33 am, He-111 bombed the position at 6:40 am. This is now happening consistently for most/all missions of this type, but did not happen some months ago. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Example mission: river_crossing_cover.zip Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Game version v4.004 river_crossing_cover.zip
  3. As said above, looks like Vsync is not kicking in, do you have it enabled in game? Otherwise it won't work, as you have it set per application in your Nvidia CP. Also, although it's not related to tearing, you may want to try setting your Power Management Mode for IL2 to "Prefer Maximum Performance". In general for demanding games Optimal power reduces significantly the performance of your card (for my 1080 it creates lots of stutters).
  4. I'd suggest to check and try these two settings in the Nvidia Control Panel: 1. Max Frame Rate (not in game, but in the CP) - Disabled (or try 144 Hz to see if it overrides whatever seems to be limiting your frames). 2. Preferred Refresh Rate - Try both "highest" and "application controlled" to see if it makes a difference. For some reason, I need to set it to application controlled to have VSync working (I use also a Gsync monitor, but with VSync on). A reinstall of the graphics driver is also an option worth checking. If you used Nvidia Inspector in the past, you may have some residual profiles working in the background and those get reset after a reinstall. Also, just to make sure: do other games work at >60 fps?
  5. Please, I'd like to register here my request. For lights and tracers. And if feasible, to be able to configure the amount of scaling as an option 🙂
  6. Thank you so much for this campaign, I'm still flying it and I think it's really good. Also had the same problem reported by others in mission 6 (circling A-20's before they reach the target ships). I landed and went on, but I'm reporting it in case it helps.
  7. Sea Dragons comes in-game with BoK, just check your list of static campaigns.
  8. Hello, What you describe seems to be what is called "screen tearing". If it is, you can get rid of it selecting the VSync option in the graphics settings. I hope it helps.
  9. Type of improvement: Graphics. Explanation: Currently tracers are scaled with view distance. My suggestion is, depending on what is possible and gives better results, to either: A. Add an option in graphics or realism settings to disable the tracers scaling, or B. Disable scaling altogether, or C. Highly reduce the current scaling factor. Benefits: In my opinion tracers would look better with no/less scaling, even if they are less visible.
  10. Lighting is impressive in those pictures
  11. The display options are controlled in Windows configuration menus: go to Start > Settings > System > Display Go to Multiple Displays and choose the way you want your two screens to display: only one of them, extended mode (seems to be what you have now), or duplicated. https://support.microsoft.com/en-au/help/4340331/windows-10-set-up-dual-monitors
  12. I'd leave the splitter and the headphones disconnected just to give it a try. If your controllers worked before they probably still work. Did you do any changes in your setup recently?
  13. With the suggestions given by the tech support, I'd try a simplified setup to identify where the problem is: unplug your TV, controllers (joystick, etc) and TrackIR and try the game. If it works, you have a problem with one of those elements, you can try plugging them back and testing them one by one until you see which one causes the game to freeze. It may not be related to your problem, but I would not recommend to connect TrackIR through a splitter.
  14. I'm interested in this modification, but when I try it with v15.1.1 (unzip the file to bin\game\ShaderFixes) I get a conflicting shader message when starting the game, and tracers don't seem to be displayed. Am I doing something wrong? Regarding the options you mention, I'd prefer no scaling at all. Is it possible to also disable the scaling of plane lights?
  15. Looks good. Place as many mods as you like in the MODS folder, then activate/deactive them from JSGME.exe. You can quickly check if it's working properly by activating a mod in JSGME, and checking the game folders. I will use as an example this mod: 1. When you download it, you get the file data v6.zip, containing a folder "BetterClouds" 2. Unzip the file to [game folder] > MODS. You should now have, under MODS, this structure: BetterClouds > data > graphics > sky > [more folders and files] 3. Open JSGME and activate "BetterClouds" 4. You will now find the mod files copied under [game folder] > data > graphics > ... (they are removed when you deactivate the mod in JSGME) Remember that most mods need to have the "Use mods" setting in the game activated. Otherwise the game will ignore the modded files.
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