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  1. No hay que hacer nada en el juego, funciona automáticamente: sólo tienes que abrir la aplicación del TrackIR antes de arrancar el IL2. Dentro de las configuraciones del juego, la única que afecta al movimiento del TrackIR es Cámara (camera)-> Suavizado (smoothness). El valor a poner es cuestión de gustos: a mí entre 0.7-0.8 me va muy bien (la sensación de movimiento es fluida), pero gente muy competitiva en multijugador suele preferir valores más bajos para tener un movimiento más inmediato (menos progresivo). Otra cosa a tener en cuenta es que no se te solapen los controles de T
  2. No, but my guess is that they are the same.
  3. Please see the attached file. Those are the times used as reference (to generate missions, I guess) for all maps in Career mode, I don't know if other modes use a different reference. You can also check in the mission editor: load a map, change the mission date and time, and see where the Sun is 🙂 (it's faster to do that than it appears, as the time change is applied instantaneously and you see how much light there is) daytimes.txt
  4. Brief description: (v4.504) cockpit wind sound cuts in twin engine plane formations. Detailed description, conditions: When playing twin engine planes and flying with other planes around, the wind sound effect often cuts in and out depending on distance from the other planes in the formation, and other factors I could not identify. I have experienced this when flying in formations of Pe-2 and Bf 110, in version 4.504. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): See (hear) attached track. When my plane goes to the left (far enough from the other planes in the formation, which
  5. Yo no uso la versión de Steam, pero hasta donde sé para jugar (tanto single player como multiplayer) no hay ninguna diferencia, una vez dentro del juego todo es lo mismo. Personalmente creo que comprar en la web es lo que da más libertad (no estás obligado a comprar BoS sí o sí, y puedes participar en los Early Access de los módulos que van desarrollando), pero es cuestión de preferencias.
  6. @Pisahormigas Si compras en la web de IL2, cada escenario (Battle of Moscow, Battle of Stalingrad, etc) se puede comprar de forma independiente, puedes empezar con cualquiera de ellos. Se descarga e instala un programa base común (IL2 Great Battles) y a medida que compras escenarios, aviones o campañas estáticas, aparecen automáticamente en tu juego cuando haces login. Tus compras se asocian a tu usuario, así que siempre que uses el mismo usuario (en la tienda y en el juego) tendrás todo lo que compres disponible en la misma instalación. Si compras en Steam es distinto, porque
  7. Same on my system. I attach a short track so you can see the generated mission. As additional information, the unit icons in the map screens (Headquarters and Mission briefing) also have issues: the player unit is not shown, and sometimes the other units in the map don't appear either. Track_Carrer_wrong_unit_placing.zip
  8. You can finish the mission already at that point (do it before it freezes). It will be acknowledged as completed, and the next will be accessible. It's a pity to not be able to enjoy the way back, but as far as I understand from previous posts the freeze problem lies somewhere in the game itself, not in the mission code.
  9. Brief description: U-2s are only visible at very short distance or high zoom. Detailed description, conditions: U-2 3D model disappears beyond a very short distance from the camera (it can be seen again by zooming in). I have observed this in Ice Ring campaign missions. Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): v4.501 Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Attached short track from mission 4 of Ice Ring campaign (needs to display icons to see where the plane is when not zoomed in). Track_invisible_U2.zip
  10. Congratulations @Gambit21 for the spectacular work you've done with this campaign. To me the most enjoyable GB missions I've played so far. I don't know how you managed to keep such a good performance with all that action and scenery. And I thought I didn't like flying bombers... 🙂 Thank you
  11. For JSGME you need to create a folder for the mod (with the mod name you like) under your JSGME MODS folder. 'data' must go inside that new folder, so the final folder structure looks like this: [game folder] > MODS > [theModNameYouLike] > data > ... If you directly put 'data' in the MODS folder you will have a mod called 'data' in JSGME, and it will not work.
  12. Great mod, I really like the new textures, thanks @Eee3 for sharing!
  13. Brief description: Pe-2 (ser 35 and ser 87) instruments show reflections with cockpit reflections set to off. Detailed description, conditions: The Pe-2 cockpit instruments (in both series) show reflections even when the "cockpit reflections" graphics setting is Off. I have not seen other planes showing this behaviour, but I haven't tested all of them. Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): v4.501
  14. I have always had the feeling that image looks smoother in game when HDR is enabled. So after your post I have checked an scenario with and without HDR (using Ultra preset), and indeed banding is much worse when HDR is off (mostly visible when looking at the sky, sea/rivers, or god-rays). To me it's almost not noticeable with it on. @HappyHaddock, I guess you have it off in your screenshots?
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