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  1. Same on my system. I attach a short track so you can see the generated mission. As additional information, the unit icons in the map screens (Headquarters and Mission briefing) also have issues: the player unit is not shown, and sometimes the other units in the map don't appear either. Track_Carrer_wrong_unit_placing.zip
  2. You can finish the mission already at that point (do it before it freezes). It will be acknowledged as completed, and the next will be accessible. It's a pity to not be able to enjoy the way back, but as far as I understand from previous posts the freeze problem lies somewhere in the game itself, not in the mission code.
  3. Brief description: U-2s are only visible at very short distance or high zoom. Detailed description, conditions: U-2 3D model disappears beyond a very short distance from the camera (it can be seen again by zooming in). I have observed this in Ice Ring campaign missions. Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): v4.501 Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Attached short track from mission 4 of Ice Ring campaign (needs to display icons to see where the plane is when not zoomed in). Track_invisible_U2.zip
  4. Congratulations @Gambit21 for the spectacular work you've done with this campaign. To me the most enjoyable GB missions I've played so far. I don't know how you managed to keep such a good performance with all that action and scenery. And I thought I didn't like flying bombers... ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you
  5. yeikov

    LAGG-3, La-5 4K Cockpits

    For JSGME you need to create a folder for the mod (with the mod name you like) under your JSGME MODS folder. 'data' must go inside that new folder, so the final folder structure looks like this: [game folder] > MODS > [theModNameYouLike] > data > ... If you directly put 'data' in the MODS folder you will have a mod called 'data' in JSGME, and it will not work.
  6. yeikov

    LAGG-3, La-5 4K Cockpits

    Great mod, I really like the new textures, thanks @Eee3 for sharing!
  7. Brief description: Pe-2 (ser 35 and ser 87) instruments show reflections with cockpit reflections set to off. Detailed description, conditions: The Pe-2 cockpit instruments (in both series) show reflections even when the "cockpit reflections" graphics setting is Off. I have not seen other planes showing this behaviour, but I haven't tested all of them. Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): v4.501
  8. yeikov

    Work in Progress

    I have always had the feeling that image looks smoother in game when HDR is enabled. So after your post I have checked an scenario with and without HDR (using Ultra preset), and indeed banding is much worse when HDR is off (mostly visible when looking at the sky, sea/rivers, or god-rays). To me it's almost not noticeable with it on. @HappyHaddock, I guess you have it off in your screenshots?
  9. yeikov

    Work in Progress

    The picture with the bridge looks really good. I don't see obvious banding, only some slight patches of colour in the mid-right section of the sky (in the mid-dark colours), but I don't know if those are only jpg compression artifacts. In the unmodded game there's a lot of banding at night anyway, most visible while moving; the picture certainly does not seem to make things worse in that regard.
  10. yeikov

    Work in Progress

    I see 1, 2, 3. Each number has a different background: - 1: Very dark (black) background - 2: dark grey (bluish tint maybe) - 3: less dark, with green-blue tint. Shows most visible compression artifacts around the number I hope it helps! ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Have you tried those settings in the Kuban map? I think the sea is 3D (and chaging its looks with weather) only in that one, and that Rheinland's uses the same textures/properties as lakes and rivers.
  12. I would try the suggestion from FlyingH (deleting your devices.txt file), if you did not do it already. Do not replace it with any other file, let the game re-generate it.
  13. No idea. Can you zip and post your input folder? It's under [game folder]/data/input As I have the same controllers, I can compare the files with mine to see if there's something strange. And if you did not do it already since the update, disable all mods, restart your PC and try again. Some times I've had issues with joysticks not being detected, but it was in all programs and in Windows, not only in IL2. In those cases changing to a different USB port (if possible, direct to the motherboard, not through extension cards/USB concentrators) and restarting the PC always worked. If it worked before, a game re-install may solve it too. And contacting support may help too ๐Ÿ™‚
  14. I have a Warthog joystick (not the throttle) and MFG pedals, and both work in the current version (and in past ones). I don't use TARGET, just the driver and all the axes and buttons are recognised. Does anything happen when you try to map controls in IL2 to those devices, or you just get no response? Can it be that you have "mouse control" selected as control method? (in the input devices configuration)
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