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  1. paperkites7, that folder structure is not correct. If you are not using a MOD manager/enabler, just extract the 'Grass' folder under D:\steam game\steamapps\common\il2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\graphics. Your final folder structure should look like: D:\steam game\steamapps\common\il2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\graphics\grass\textures, and inside that the mod texture files.
  2. If you haven't done it yet, try using the VSync option. Its main purpose is to remove the tearing, although it also limits your frame rates to your screen's refresh rate.
  3. Thanks Vendigo for the update, I'm playing this campaign and I'm really liking it.
  4. You may want to try increasing camera smoothness to something between 50%-70%. 100% is very slow, but there are intermediate values that give fast enough camera movement and significantly decrease the jerkiness. 0 smoothing is not good for me regardless of whether I have FFB on or off.
  5. Well, after some tests it seems that 3.007 changed the way turbulence is set to missions. Now the Career reads the turbulence values from each date's settings (where they are sometimes >0), not anymore from the weather files (where they are always 0 unless modded). So the mod's not needed anymore, but if you'd like to know or adjust the stock values, you can modify them in the attached files. default_conditions.zip
  6. Brief description: The date 1942.11.06 is missing weather conditions in the Stalingrad Career. Detailed description, conditions: When going to Nov 6th, 1942, all weather settings appear as zero. I checked the file scg\scripts\14conditions.cfg (extracted from .gtp files) and found that there is a typo, and instead of 1942.11.06 it is written 1942.11.05: Additional assets: See screenshot below. Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): V3.007
  7. With the test version that's normal, it was just to make sure it was working.
  8. I haven't found a way to do this, although I'd like to as well. I've tried changing the daytime files but I get an immediate crash at mission generation.
  9. @thenorm Please disable the mod and test the one I attach here. You should have lots of turbulence in the next Career mission you generate. If you do, then the 'normal' mod is most probably working as intended. If you don't, please check: - the installation paths ([JSGME mods folder] > turbulence_in_career > data > scg > ...) - that you have the mod enabled in JSGME. - that you have selected Mods ON in the game settings.
  10. @thenorm If the mission is generated with turbulence >0, it will be reported in the mission description with something like: "light/heavy turbulence below clouds". However, take into account that there is a random component and a dependence on the weather type, so some missions will still have no turbulence. If you have no turbulence at all after several missions, specially with bad weather, let me know and we'll do some troubleshooting.
  11. There are files that define daylight times, so it may be possible, I need to take a look (I'm away from my PC for a couple of days).
  12. Carreer missions have pre-set turbulence values. The attached files allow to adjust these values (Turbulence = ##) for each Carrer date: [IL2 path]\data\scg\scripts\13conditions.cfg --> Moscow career [IL2 path]\data\scg\scripts\14conditions.cfg --> Stalingrad career [IL2 path]\data\scg\scripts\15conditions.cfg --> Kuban career default_conditions.zip
  13. Version 5.04: my flight doesn't takeoff at start of the attached mission. Leader requests permission to taxi (?), but it's rejected due to busy runway. In the previous mission of the same campaign (in the same airfield) it was the same, but I was number 4 in the flight and just advancing a little triggered the leader to move to its start position (he basically turned 360 deg, and nobody else "taxied"). This didn't work in the attached mission (I was number 3), so it may be something related to the start position of the last wingman. Mission_no_TO_504.zip
  14. Did you try your previous fix? ("reset all my presets and patiently rebind them all") Some of the patches or Windows updates since your last run may have re-set your assignments / device IDs...
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