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  1. My condolences to Tom's family and friends. Thanks for all the great work that you put in over the years. I think it's the mark of the man that you won't just be missed by this community but also many others who have been lucky enough to enjoy the fruits of your labour.
  2. There's a wonderful story about the Hawker Hurricane which always brings a smile to my face. I believe it was No.1 squadron who were due to be supplied with the brand new Hurricane fighter. One of the test pilots flew a Hurricane down to Tangmere airfield so the pilots could get a good look at it. With the pilots and ground crew lined up, the Hurricane landed at Tangmere and taxied off of the runway. As it turned, 1 of the landing gear collapsed leaving the Hurricane resting on its wing. Upon seeing this, the gathered crowd started clapping and cheering the spectacle. The test pilot calmly stood up on his seat and called over the ground crew. He ordered the ground crew to lift the Hurricane's dropped wing and once level pumped down the raised undercarriage. He then simply restarted the Merlin engine and continued to taxi as if nothing had happened, much to the amazement of the crowd.
  3. 'we were at one with ourselves and our machines. It was the Hurricane, really, which gave us our immense confidence, with its mighty engine, its powerful battery of eight guns and its feel of swift, robust strength and the ability to outdo our enemies. Months would go by before the real test of combat but we believed in the Hurricane. Performance figures - those of the Me 109 and the Spitfire were in many respects superior - did not in the least dismay us. The Hurricane was our faithful charger and we felt supremely sure of it and ourselves.' Pete Townsend of 43 squadron
  4. Hi Jade Monkey, just a quick heads up for you. It appears you've duplicated the P-47's "Operation features" onto the P-51's page. Yes I had the same thing when I tried to download the PDF file using a mobile device. When I downloaded the PDF file using my PC, it was fine. After emailing the file to my mobile device, it would open just fine.
  5. You learn something new every day. I feel like a chump but I'm a safe chump at least!
  6. Hi Jordan, just to let you know I've had exactly the same issue with my Thrustmaster T.16000M joystick whilst using the TARGET software and the new patch. I had already made a backup of the current.map file so it was quite easy just to make it read only. When I go into the settings I can still see the game trying to alter the settings back to joy3 to no avail.
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