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  1. Hi . After so much testing, it will be best to put all the default options in the Nvidia control panel. Thanks to LuftManu for his help Cheers
  2. No, ... I have it disabled, Gallahad. I have been these days, after the last patch, going back to do more tests ...... the results I get are pathetic, Whatever sawtooth does (in rivers, roads, the horizon, on the Kuban coast ...) are still there, it is impossible for me to correct and improve it (according to what I modify, it makes changes, but I am not able to eliminate the "distortions" or "vibrations", something that I didn't have before, everything looked perfect even from a distance) I changed all the settings of the game and AA, I tried them one by one, without symptoms of improvements ... I am already tired, we will have to live with the "vibrations". What I have also noticed that the distance of 150km, ... is laughable ... The cities I can not see more than 40km ... I think that the rendering of the ground at a long distance has worsened. I hope to make a video about it soon. regards GTX 1070TI .446.14
  3. Thank you for clearing things up for me . regards
  4. Thanks for your answers, I understand perfectly. It is a pity that there are people who use the resade to cheat, it is a great tool to improve colors and contrasts. Especially on winter maps, which is where I use it the most. Geramos, I have 2 facilities, one with the resade and one without it. regards
  5. Hello Seeing that there are people who do not have much idea of what the Resade is, I made this little video, trying to give a little light. I don't understand how they can say that using it is cheating or playing with advantage. Feel free to make your comments with sanity and respect. Regards .
  6. Now for bomber pilots, implementing a zoom on the bomber sight, (as VR users have), would be great ...... (for monitor users). This new update is a great step forward. Cheers
  7. Hi . I leave you a video that shows how bad the AA works, seeing the horrible saw teeth in the landscape, the horizon ... I have tried several options without getting any improvements, whatever I do never changes for the better ... (I consider it impossible). The previous version of the game did not have these problems. GTX 1070 TI. Cheers VIEW ON FULL SCREEN
  8. Hi . The same thing happens to me, whatever changes on the graphics card, it does not have any effect in the game, roads, rivers, horizon, continue to "vibrate". Before the update, horizon, rivers ..... it was very soft
  9. Hi . Also with the 1070ti, I have been testing different configurations for days ..... impossible, it still looks "jumpy". I just hope they correct it, it's time to wait
  10. The game does not load me, black screen. I don't use steam or VR , no Migoto MOD
  11. and ..... improve or correct the "automatic" mode of the German bomber sight. I don't know if you suffer it, opening the map when you are in the bomber sight and then closing it, it becomes almost impossible (you have to press the ESC key). I also suffer from the "jumping" sight error. Almost always flying the second mission and the only way to solve it is to exit the game. But if I would love more level bomber planes, I think we are a little "abandoned" group of pilots ...... waiting for the "fighters only" trend to change .... Greetings to everyone who, like me, loves bomber planes.
  12. It would be desirable to also remove the compass, which is in the left corner of our screens .... !! full of realism !!
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