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  1. Ala13_Antiguo

    Tactical Air War

    Mi escuadrón, alterna el bando, una campaña de rojo, azul, rojo, azul, rojo, azul ... Vuelo exclusivamente bombarderos (a veces Jabo , y rara vez combatientes). Muchas veces volamos en grupo, dependiendo de los asientos disponibles. Pero a veces hago vuelos en solitario , y no por eso soy un Kamikace, como algunos de ustedes quieren hacernos ver . No todos los pilotos que hacen un vuelo en solitario son Kamikaces. ..... y por supuesto, aquellos que bombardeamos bases a 6000m, atacamos puntos de defensa a 6000m, intentamos destruir trenes a 6000m ......... NO SOMOS KAMIKACES ... Valorar más vuestro tiempo en volar y tratar de ayudar a vuestro bando . ... cuando no es discutido por A ... es discutido por B. My squad, alternates the side, a campaign of red one of blue, red, blue, red, blue ....... I fly exclusively bombers (sometimes JABOS, and rarely fighters). Many times we fly in a group, depending on the seats that are available. But sometimes I make flights alone, and not for that I am a Kamikace, as some of you want to see. Not all the pilots that make a flight alone are Kamikaces. ..... and of course those who bombed bases at 6000m, we attacked defensive points at 6000m, we tried to destroy trains at 6000m ......... WE ARE NOT KAMIKACES ... Value more your time in flying and try to help your side. ... when it is not discussed by A ..... it is discussed by B. MERRY CHRISTMAS . regards FELIZ NAVIDAD . FELIZ NAVIDAD ♥ ️ Saludos
  2. Ala13_Antiguo

    Tactical Air War

    + 4 week ....
  3. Ala13_Antiguo

    [MOD] Mannable navigator position in A-20B

    Hi , Thanks for sharing, it's fantastic .... it is a pity that the servers do not allow it and in the game they did not implement it originally. regards
  4. Ala13_Antiguo

    Tactical Air War

    I do not know ... I just defended myself as I could...😱 regards
  5. Ala13_Antiguo

    Tactical Air War

    Ala 13 ....Red
  6. Ala13_Antiguo

    Pe-8 anyone ???

    Have you been able to bombard a target at 6500m? ... render very bad, hangars and buildings ..... Imagine you do loose at 10000m or more .... I think the problem is that, the rendering of high-altitude targets. (see them in the crosshairs, make corrections and drop the bombs) As always is my personal opinion, without the intention of creating controversy or anger I hope the B25, B26 is implemented ... greetings
  7. Ala13_Antiguo

    ¿Que musica escuchais?

    pues yo.....enyte muchas otras ...... Besitos a ....tod@s ....salud
  8. Ala13_Antiguo

    Tactical Air War

    Hi ... Shvak ... with your theory, with the attack planes, ... what about the medals that were given to the dead in action? Without people flying on the ground and without bombers, that boring would be the TAW ... if you do not risk it, nothing is achieved 👍 Trying to survive is my premise 👍 but sooner or later I run into someone who knocks me down (I usually fly bombers and I usually loose at a level of 5000 m more regards
  9. Ala13_Antiguo

    Tactical Air War

    A great campaign, thanks to everyone. I hope the next .. regards
  10. Ala13_Antiguo

    parachute kill en TAW

    Hombre , Gerrero ....es una forma de hablar , por supuesto que no lo publicaré aquí ......imprimiré su foto y se la pasaré a la interpol
  11. Ala13_Antiguo

    La Fundación

    Lo siento Manu ....Kokakolo no me quiere dar la carta blanca... Me alegra veros-verte saludos
  12. Ala13_Antiguo

    parachute kill en TAW

    Estoy con vosotros ...a un piloto que salte se le respeta , el combate ha sido ganado . En la TAW , una condición de victoria es quedarse sin pilotos , lo malo que no se especifica si muerto en combate o una vez que ha saltado en paracaidas , de ahí que cada uno la interpreta a su manera . Aunque es una causa perdida , creo que debería prohibirse . saludos PD: si algún piloto me mata a mi muñeco una vez que halla saltado , lo postearé aquí .......para escarnio público
  13. Ala13_Antiguo

    Tactical Air War

    Ala 13 ....Red
  14. Ala13_Antiguo

    Tactical Air War

    For my part, I support the elimination of the technochat and the virtual compass. I think it would help the players to know the plane they are piloting. ........ it is enough to dedicate a time to him, all those helps you will not need them again. regards
  15. Ala13_Antiguo

    A-20 nose position

    HI... I miss it too