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  1. Of course I would like a heavy bomber, but I think they are not able to implement the position of navigator in the A20, it will be impossible for them to develop a B17 or a B 24 ..... my thoughts. Cheers
  2. The only one that interests me in the new battle is AR 234, I will buy it individually, the fighters are more of the same. Repetition and repetition of fighters ..... (Mosquito and Me410 do not attract me) Too bad they forget the bomber pilots. With the position of the pilot, navigator, bomber and tail gunner, satisfied, ... I do not need more gunner positions. The decision is yours .... the desire is ours. Cheers El unico que me interesa en la nueva batalla es el AR 234 , lo comprare de forma individual , los cazas es mas de lo mismo . Repeticion y repeticion de cazas.....( Mosquito y Me410 no me atraen) Es una lastima que se olviden de los pilotos de bombarderos . Con disponer del puesto del piloto , navegante ,bombardero y artillero de cola , satisfecho ,.... no necesito mas puestos de artilleros . La decision es suya ....las ganas son nuestras . saludos
  3. Thanks for thinking about the bomber pilots .... We don't get new bombers, but we get new fighters to get us down. regards
  4. pregunta del millon ....como se hace para reinstalar otra vez ?
  5. Hi. In this edition, I am noticing that it is very difficult to destroy targets on the ground (depots, buildings). With the PE2 and 4 pumps of 250 kg, I barely get success, even dropping the bombs very close to the target .... Are they harder ??? Depot results ... only 1 success (( greetings to all .Ala13_Antiguo
  6. HI I believe that it is not asking for something "new", it is asking for something that is left aside and very important for a bomber player and for the bombers themselves ...... the position of the navigator. regards
  7. HI . Geramos I have flown PE2 almost exclusively, and now the gunners are not as before, sometimes they do not even respond to fire ...
  8. A partner developed a MOD, it is fantastic, but it can not be used in most of the servers. (It is in the MOD section) I do not think it is very difficult to implement the position of the navigator in the A20. Another thing is the official willingness to do it. I ask that you include it in a patch please ... I think it would be fantastic for the users that enjoy the bomber planes. Godspeed : we need more bombers ....wowwoww.....YES regards
  9. A20 navigator position? Hello Since the beginning of this fantastic saga, the ALA 13 squad, we have flown the bomber planes with great satisfaction. HE 111, JU88, PE2 .... but we miss a paramount detail in a large plane, A20 the position of the nose, or navigation. A member of the community has developed a MOD, in that position, but it is restricted in most of the servers. I think that many pilots want that "position-nose". I ask: are there plans to implement it officially? (by the development team). Please, if you do not plan to implement it, please reconsider your position. Greetings to the whole community Ala 13 Antiguo , Ala 13 Kokakolo , Ala13 Chinodecai , Ala13 Merodeador , Ala13 armanGt , Ala13 Super , Ala 13 Unopauno , Ala 13 Enanorrojo , Ala13 Knightcrow , Ala13 AnacondaTiesa , Ala13 Cordobita , Ala13 Juanjo1967
  10. Thursday 9:37 pm spain Server : 84/ 84 Web : Blue 42 players Red 31 players 11 seats without being able to use regards
  11. 17. Ground object markers on the map have been made smaller; too small ... from my point of view. In the bombsight, I have problems saving the map once used,. To save it and see the bombsight again, I must press the ESC key, (I used to press the map key again and it was saved). regards
  12. Hello. When I am the position bomber, every time opens the map to navigate, you have to re-position it in the flight path ... is a nuisance. For when the position of nose in the a20? ..... thanks for the update going well ..... greetings
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