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  1. I know how this is going to end. But this kind of statements makes my blood boil. First off. First planeset is historical accurate, maybe with 109F2, and i am going to remark this, WITH 15MM ONLY, is lacking. Because 109F4 its a plane of December 1941, and the 20mm mod is added later, and i have to check if it was after early 109F4 entry in production. (Yes, those 109F4 limited to 1.3ata) The complain about MiGs, P-40 and LaGG as unfairs planes, in the way you described it, has no base. Why? First off, MiG-3 were available for the first days of Operation Barbarosa, and that plane was a surprise for the high command of the Luftwaffe since they NEVER expected a plane wich such characteristics in performance, even less a plane wich were outperforming 109E and the recent early 109F's in speed on high alts. Those another 2 planes you mentioned are historical correct as well. And i'm shocked by the fact you mentioned the P-40 as UNFAIR. It sounds like you want I-16 only for the VVS, wich is an irony, because you are telling that "force blues to fly the worst planes is unfair" but it sounds like you pretend that but in the opposite way. Also, complain about "worst planes" with Germans its quite... Something considering December 1941 - June 1943 period. The only period of real disadvantage, also with the history on his back up. Its June 1943 - October 1944 period. Then you have K4 and things are on balance once again. Also there is no 1944 Russian planes (Yak-9U April , Yak-3 July and La-7 October) but the trick is always the same with them. Up to you if you fight on their rules while you can dictaminate the fight.
  2. Yesterday there was a huge discussion on chat about the balance. And for balance are not the planesets wich are realistic and totally ok, maybe lacking 109F-2 on first map with 15mm only, but the rest is ok. The main question was the side picking balance problem. Because there is a lot of times when ppl enters on the side with more numbers and that ends on a difference of 10, 15, 20, god even 30 players of difference between one team and another. Mostly of the times, ppl joining german side. But it can happen with allies, and that kinda destroys the fun. I have to be honest, when that happens with the allies doesn't bother me to much off course, because it is historical and performance questions, specially on 1941-43 period. While the Germans when outnumbering on those periods its almost... Death sentence for the allies flying, even with coordination. But that is not the biggest problem at all. I saw a lot of times 2 persons flying against 20. And yesterday i was flying ALONE in my team against 25, that litteraly its no opposition flying, completely overruning the map in just a few missions and making the thing not enjoyable at all. And that can happen with allies overruning the maps even it is historical. But lets fair, that happen with german side completely outnumbering the allies most of the time. Now how to solve that since its a community related problem? In my mind the best thing for try to calm down this, is add a system like on TAW when a side is full and doesn't allows you to take off from frontal airfields and take off itself, putting you in a queue until ppl on the team starts to go low, and this should be working when the difference its on 10 players of difference (10 for allow squads enter when even) And that its, very unpopularish on itself, i know that i went on discussion thousands of times with this, since its trying to force you to pick the outnumbered side or wait, also locking the frontal airfields for making the trip way longer to the objectives in order to prevent the overrun of that map in just a few minutes, and i'm not joking i saw maps running only for 35 minutes and its ended because of this. And for worst, this method only seems to doesn't solve the problem in its entirety, but it reduces the problem. It is sad really, i consider this server the best around, and ppl spamming the side with most numbers, specially when that side has the best planes around, kinda kills the will of fly and i'm not joking. And i hope this discussion can be taken seriously and not as a crying on my part, because true, i pointed the german side but true i said this can happen with allies, specially in some mid-late maps
  3. Question. It could be possible add the Spitfire Mk IX at the same time as the La-5FN to the allied planeset? First Spitfires LF Mk IX with Merlin 66 were in service back in March 1943, even before the La-5FN combat debut. I've been told this was like that once in the planeset of the server, but i can't confirm really. But if is that the case could be possible add the Spit IX in that date again?
  4. Lo que venga a mi cabeza. El otro dia estaba escuchando Nightwish mientras volaba.
  5. I'm trying to do this post in order to try to compress my thoghts after play with this new DM in this months In general, my opinions are good. This DM is superior than the last one but i think already saw with the new DM. Off course the good things are noticeable, the aerodynamic impact is better than before, behaviour of 20mm are better than before, and the damage inflicted to the internal modules of the planes are better. But, i think the problems are related to 3 key questions now. Machine guns, big cannons, over 23mm, and the 109 tail section, for worst this 3 things are interlinked one each other and ends to overshadow the good things of the DM and give the exact opposite impression when someone is frustated. The most remarkable one is at this point, the infamous 12,7 problem. So i will divide this in 3 points and explain my thoughts one by one Weak Machine guns and Overpowered Machine guns The problems with the machine guns are the next ones. Or they are to weak, or very OP. And i gived the example already, the best point of reference of this issue are the American M2 12,7 compared to Russian UB 12,7 or the German 13mm wich is, also, the most acused one of behave like a cannon instead of a MG, when the Russian 12,7 does the same. Both guns are capable of do an insane drag penalty or aerodynamic penalty. In the worst cases, can nullify your options of maneuver like in one hit. While the American 12,7 doesn't do the same. The only excuse one can provide to explain this is the "HE" in Russian 12,7 and German 13mm, and the lack of it in the American one. But that thing doesn't apply very well when you do a 3 second burst in a 109 or a 190 and the plane is able to maneuver like nothing happened, well, not exactly, the structure is affected but the aerodynamic impact cannot beign noticed, and this is noticeable when one is was hitted with a critical burst and does high G turns, that will end in wings ripped off and i can tell that happens, but that is off course a contradiction. Besides that, one can check the guncams of WW2, even if someone tries to criticizes that claiming that "guncams are biased" because it shows the best shoots, you can see how the planes are can be damaged if someone hit them well, and the damage is no joke. Its a good point of reference. Besides that, the lack of API-APIT (M8 and M20) ammo belt are noticeable, but that only applies to 1944-45 American planes. Not before. Big cannons This is the easiest and self explained one. 30mm and 37mm behaviour is weird since new DM. Now rip off wings and fuselage with those cannons is pretty hard if not impossible. And the wings can only be detached from the plane by make them explode with the 30mm or do a good hit with 37mm, and them pray for the guy does a turn and the G's will do the work. The problem with this is that the 30mm and 37mm were able to do that with only hit the fighters. There is plenty of photos of the 30mm and 37mm trials, also pilot reports wich tells that a hit of those cannons were equal to critical structure failure. But in game, you can hit twice, or 3 times a guy with those beasts and the planes are flying. If the pilot is not dead or the plane is not on fire. 109F/G/K Tail section problem The problem is well known. Not by me, but by everyone. The tail section of a 109F/G/K works as a sponge damage. The best way to check it is put the 190 and the 109 tails to the test, just by seeing how the vertical stab of a 190 can be ripped off with a good 20mm burst can be ripped off, and the 109 never will happen. And by checking with all the guns of the game the 109, shoting from a certain angle, wich is often, dead 6 to pure 6, wich is off course the Tail section from below, the 109 will behave very sturdy. From the high 6 off course will end in dead pilots. But what is the worst of this problem. This problem only enhances the other 2 things wich i already touched. This weird mix of a 109 beign a flying tank and the problems of the 12,7 are the perfect mix for a lot of complains. In my personal experience with the 12,7 109s are the hell itself for try to shot them down, while the 190 are piece of cake besides the null aerodynamic impact. Off course if i'm attacking from pure 6 to dead 6. And how this is affecting the cannons? The same. But with a cannon you can, at least, start fires, inflict aerodynamic impact, make the 109s "wobble" by themselfs, not induced by pilots trying to save their lifes by that trick. Or you can kill pilots because the fragmentation can kill the pilot. But as i said, you never will be able to rip off the stab, or, as i already told, you will not able to rip off the fuselage with huge cannons like 37mm, or 30mm in some weird 1 v 1 in Berloga, for give an example. But that last point is related to the big cannons problems than 109 tail section problems, since the fuselage can detach, one can see that by ramming the 109, the tail stabs will not separate from the plane, but the entire fuselage maybe yes. In general, this is the most problematic issue of all, and as i said. Is knowed by everyone. I think this is are the more noticeable things i noticed in this months. You guys think the same?
  6. Mandame PM y te lo paso. Esos links tienden a caducar si no les cambias los parametros
  7. There is a little problem with do that "buff" in order to fix the problems given by the lack of aerodynamic penalty and the 109 tail section problem. We all know that an a little ammount of HE makes the 12,7 and 13mm practically OP. I mean, there is no sense in the damage they can do. If you add HE to x6 12,7 or x8 12,7, one possibly will, if not going to make the 12,7 an overpowered monster deadlier than a cannon. Based on what i'm seeing about the 12,7 the most important thing to fix are the aerodynamic impact, incendiary and higher probabilities to rip off surfaces of control like ailerons or tailrudders with the propper burst. Structural damage and penetration are ok, but the curren problem of the aerodynamic impact and no incendiary tends to show a 12,7 way less powerfull that it should. Not talking about the difficult of ruin someones rudder or aileron.
  8. I missclicked in the poll so i will explain myself here. The devs wants our opinion anyway. I like the current G system. Maybe the positive G forces could be resisted just a little bit more, but not to much. But as @MeoW.Scharfi said, there is something wrong in negative G. A lot of ppl is abusing of negative G rolls since is more tolerable than positive G forces.
  9. Few days ago in the DD it was stated that Yak-1 Yak-1B and U2 will have female pilots as an option because is historical. Therefore is not a big deal add black pilots for allies or as the red tail P-51 exclusive thing in the BoBP era, because G-Suit is already in use. For Normandy and before that you need a model without G-Suit wich is already in work. I think this is not that different as the female pilots. Is just if there is time for the developers for do that. I'm sure we will have black pilots sooner or later in IL-2 BoBP and BoN
  10. I think is the answer, no, for a time in order to fix some stuff wich are important, like spotting, DM and FM etc. But after that period of time i mentioned it, best thing is end eastern front Battle of Berlin Yak-3, Yak-9U, La-7 (Collector plane) Tu-2, IL-10 (Russian Side) Bf-109G-10, Fw-190A9, Do-217J, Do-217K, Ta-152C (This is because i don't have any idea of what Germany doesn't have in the current planeset)
  11. This "G is Biased " topic is getting annoying guys... There is no bias for no side with this. I heared it now both sides. Wehraboos and Alliedtards. Complainings are basically the same, always is in short speech "This G system is making fly Germans harder and unfair or killing Red side" and more similar words i won't bother to add. What i can appreciate always is the lack of a video with the maneuver wich they are trying to perform and how they are permorming it and nothing much else when you are not flying planes with G-Suit wich gives you a sustantial advantage in combat, like IRL as well. Off course, there is a sensation of Allied planes "weaker" to the G, but i can guarantee its all psicological rather than a fact. Why? Usually the allied planes have better authority in his elevator for the initial turns. And that its all. A day i was discussing this with a friend wich believed this and we did a pretty simple and fast test wich solved and ended the discussion: We grabbed the 109G-14 and the Spitfire IX and we did a "comparative" test. There is "-" because there is no difference at all when you the same turns in the same speeds, and same results when you apply tu much G suddenly and the same results when one applies the same G as well but with beign less agressive, because in the end, you cannot feel what the pilot is feeling even with that weird G-Meter. To end, yes, the G-Model should have a recheck in the way how the body is responses to the rate of onset seems to be little bit to much, but i could be wrong since i'm not an expert on the human body.
  12. If someone ask yes, but i only have the files with my personal number and name on the planes
  13. Non historical and Semi-Historical things
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