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  1. El_Oso

    FW 190 D9 Stabilizer Question

    Yeah, i was recording the game track for this issue. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qjLizhjC_9HkdNa10x6CbxQm1NjxU-ao?usp=sharing Here is my track about it
  2. El_Oso

    Tactical Air War

    Well as i said, thats the problem.
  3. El_Oso

    Tactical Air War

    Yeah thats the problem, the risk of lose a significant number of participants and anomalies product of a random system of inscription. Another choices to balance TAW its being more historical accurate, with more slots for reds and more resources, planes and pilots, forcing Germany to be always outnumbered by 2:1 as maximum
  4. El_Oso

    Tactical Air War

    As alyaws, problems with teams getting outnumbered. Balance teams its difficult from my point of view, and even, after hours thinking how admins can solve, the only solution i've reached this: Force the players to randomly select the side where inscriptions are open, avoiding any bias selection for germans and russians for equal. But how we can solve this to squads? Simple, squad leader inscribes the squad, squad its sended without question to Russian side or German side by a random selection, and then, by invitation the squad members can enter on that squad on that nation, but only by invitation of squad leader on a squad on a side. Its random, 50/50, its fair to me. But its a totalitarian solution on my opinion, i know they are players and full squads who doesn't fly X nations because reasons i personally don't know
  5. El_Oso

    G-6 Crosshair is to big

    Change head position to your personal adjustments, press F10 for save our camera config and done. If you don't have TrackIR like me, i personally recomend you put the head a little above, almost nullifying the movement to below of head on high G maneuvers and letting you shot. You must see the crosshair like a old fashion sniper rifle scope. (No like a T, like a Catholic cross) Almost like this (It's an F4, but can be applied on G-6)
  6. El_Oso

    Yak series Dive and high speed behabeour too good?

    Made another trials. This time i made it with Bf-109F4 G4 G6 G14 K4 and Fw-190A3 A5, also included all Yakovlev's, Lavokchin's, and MiG-3 Trials with Lavokchin fighters LaGG-3 Plane starts to freeze at 650. Flutters starts at 700 Plane lost surfaces at 750 or above Trim 100 is required to recover the dive after 650KPH Energy retention after dive: If you don't reduce RPM the drag will reduce your speed very fast, even if you do that, speed will fall fast until reach 510 Trials with La-5 Plane starts to freeze at 650 Flutters at 700 Plane lost controls surfaces at 730 Trim 100 its required to recover the dive after 680KPH, not guaranteed a succes on that work. Engine will overrev on dive Energy retention: Speed falls to 580, then will fall slow Trials with La-5FN Plane starts to freeze at 660 Flutters at 700 Lost control surfaces at 750 Trim 100 its required to recover a dive above the 710 Engine overrevs Energy retention: Speed on low alts its stable on 600KPH, on hight alts no. Conclusion: LaGG-3 its more durable and can escape from a letal dive. Trials with Yakovlev fighters: *Yak-1Series69 excluded, see DerSheriff video* Trials with Yak-1B Plane starts to freeze at 650 Fluttering starts at 700 Plane lost surfaces at 730 or above Trim 100 is required to recover the dive after 680KPH Energy retention after dive: Reduce RPM or drag will reduce your speed, on 2500 rpm speed falls very quickly to 590, then speed will fall at mid-speed to 542 and will be stable Trials with Yak-7B Plane starts to freeze at 700 Flutters at 730 Plane lost surfaces at 760 Trim isn't required Energy retention: Speed falls very fast, you must open radiator or engine blows up. Conclusion with Yak planes: Yak-7B its the only plane with problems. Trials with MiG-3 Plane totally freezes at 650, TRIM 100 ITS NEEDED Flutters at 730 Plane lost surfaces at 750 Energy retention: MiG-3 its quite good on this, 530 and stable on 5000mts (Full thortle, mixture and RPM) Trials with Germany Bf-109F4 Plane starts to freeze at 700, trim its needed to recover with no effort to pilot Fluttering at 860 Lost of surfaces 900+ (No reached the break point) Energy retention: Keeps for a very very long time 700+ at 1.37 ata Bf-109G4 Plane starts to freeze at 700, trim its neede to recover, again, no effort to pilot. No fluttering, even at 850. Lost of surfaces, possibly 900+ Energy retention: Keeps for a short time 800 at 1.37 ata, then speed falls slowly. Bf-109G6 Results: Equal to G4, but better on energy retention. Bf-109G14 Results: Same on dive limits and recovery, Better than G-4 and G-6 on retention, MW50 helps a lot. Bf-109K4 Results: Better dive limits, reached 900, keeped 800 for a decent time on 1.98 Trials with Fw-190A3 and A5 Plane freeze after pass 700 Trim is needed, but not at 100 No fluttering detected Energy retention: 700+ both cases. If you do with Russians planes the things that say the manual you are fine. If you don't its at your own risk. Most people who follows germans on dives crashes his planes or results damaged on dive. Personally, i never follow germans on long dives, only in short dives when is possible
  7. Estoy siempre que ustedes esten, tengo demasiado tiempo ultimamente
  8. El_Oso

    IL-2 Battle of Italy (43-44)

    It's a little suggestion, i think its already requested. It would be cool an italian front on 1943 to 1944 ALLIED FORCES P-51C P-47D-22 A-20G P-38 F or H Hawker Typhoon AXIS FORCES MC-205 Fiat G-55 RE.2005 S.M 79 Sparviero Do-217 Plane list its short i know. But most of the planes used on Italy are already in game. Like Bf-109G6 and G4, or Fw-190A5. Axis planeset its centered on Italy planes. Mostly. So. What do you think people
  9. Yo me sumo cuando quieras Geito.
  10. El_Oso

    Yak series Dive and high speed behabeour too good?

    Well i made 6 test by my own. Yak-1B and Yak-7B using as base the Sheriff trials with Yak-1s69 MAP: Kuban, Autunm Yak-1B First test ALT: 9000 Trim -72 RPM MAX Results: Loses all controlls at 750. No overrev. Second test: ALT: 9000 Trim: Variable, it reached to 100 RPM MAX Results: Recovery at 5000, with a fatal structural damaged. Break point 750, trim reached 100 and it was impossible to recover the dive after 680. No overrev Third test: ALT 9000 Trim: Variable, it reached 100. Again. RPM: 2500 RPM at start, it reached alone MAX RPM, no overrev Only thing i consider wrong, its the engine no overreving. But follow no a 109, a German in dives with 1B its nearly impossible without break at 650 or 620. Last 3 Test i made it with 7B. Fist test: ALT 9000 Trim: -44 RPM MAX: Results: Can recovery the dive at 750 but it reachs 800 on the recovery, structural failure. Engine overheats. Second test ALT 9000 Trim variable RPM MAX: Recovers the dive, but the blackouts. Keeps overheating the engine. Third test: ALT 9000 Trim variable RPM: 2500 Results: Reached 800, without advised the plane lost all controlls. several structural failure Only Yak in game who cans follow a 109 or 190 for a long time its Yak 7B. And ok thats weird, but it pays a high cost. Overheating the engine and possibly for nothing, because the german planes reaches those speeds much faster than the Yak does, on my trials all those speed with a i reached them at 5000, with a 109 at 5800 and at 5000 it was going at 950. And a 190 possibly can do it better. So, for me the Yak-7B its... Weird reaching those speeds. Someone has to check that.
  11. El_Oso

    Bf109 3D cockpit model not accured

    I hate to revive this topic. ¿Devs are already aware of problem?
  12. El_Oso

    Tactical Air War

    I'ts been. 84 Years...
  13. El_Oso

    Strong cannons now weak?

    Yeah, all cannons are strange now. The best way to kill somebody its shot to the canopy and engine area, because the engines are easy to break now for all nations
  14. El_Oso

    Prop. Pitch

    Si, le sacas mas potencia al motor al aumentar las RPM al limite maximo para acelerar, pero para una picada es mejor aflojarlo para que no haga resistencia al aire, igualmente, desde mi punto de vista es una cosa arriesgada e inútil porque eso sirve nada mas para la dogfight, que con los alemanes no las hago ni con un sueldo, con la velocidad que gana un 109 en la picada o un 190 en picados decrecer el pitch para acelerarlo mas al no ejercer resistencia al aire con lo que tarda en responder el ajuste manual es algo muy jugado. Yo que vos dejo el pitch ahí donde esta... ademas hay que cuidarse de no sobrepasarlo de 2800RPM porque ahí ya va a dejar de rendir o lo vas a romper. Ademas, no es de velocidad constante, por lo que entre mas rápido vas mas tenes que tocar el ajuste y te distrae de lo importante. El otro tipo que enfrentes en el caso de que te mandes a las dogfight. Para vuelo nivelado... No lo uses. Ahi el RPM se ajusta bastante bien