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  1. Everything Is like whaaaaa
  2. I'm not very aware of that i guess lol
  3. I want to ask if this is possible because the new 109-G6 on BoN is basically a 109G-14, but with another name, and correct me if i'm wrong. So, because of that thing i mentioned, can be possible this time add the AS Modification on new 109G6 and if it is possible to 109G14 in the future?
  4. Duuude. Calm down. I'm just giving examples. Just think about how that wheel actually works and how an axis without propper limitations can do.
  5. Try to deploy flaps on a Bf-109 at 450Km/h IRL Off course you won't. Air resistance won't allow you. That wheel would be really hard to move. And on a certain point is impossible Even on low speeds you can't move that wheel fast as you want... An axis Is needed on other components like P-51 and Spitfire compensators if you have the correct hardware because that trimmer are controlled both by a wheel. A wheel wich with the buttons is are hard to control And the trimmer of German fighters Is not the same as allied fighters. On the Bf-109 the trimmer is an stabilizer and the whole surface of elevator Is moved. So move trimmer wheel Is not that easy as well. And what about 190 flaps and trim? You have 3 positions of Flaps and trimmer is controlled by a button. So there Is no point for axis or a sensivity on the buttons
  6. Claramente nos metieron un dedo en el orto con eso. Tengo que posponer BON por un ratito jeje.
  7. MG-151 Is not OP with the damage wich can perform. What Is exagerated Is that huge explosión. I tried to do some testing with the German and Russian cannon all over Russian planes. (Spit V and P-40 are out) Results, even if is not 100% accurate. I used half of my ammo on the Yak. I think i Made some pretty serious hits on Center fuselaje and wings. More than 5 on the Center for sure. Result? No structural failure. The plane went down due i cutted the control tractions. With Germans i was able to shot down him with less efforts and ammo. Cutting a wing with 2 HE shots ir 3. And another one cutting His rear fuselaje off. Okey. It makes Sense its made of wood but it should happen the same with ShVAK in that case. Then i tried with Hispanos. Plane went down in a few hits. And for end my testing 12,7 of P-51D. Wing went down. The problem is not the German OP cannon. Is the weakness of ShVAK. For example on Berloga i catched a 190 with full HE round of La-5FN on His wing. More than 4 impacts. Guy was able to fly. Now i can do that with a Tempest or Spit and guy is in flames and with no Wing. ShVAK has something weird. But i didn't Track it since actually want to keep steady the AI its imposible he he
  8. Con 150 Octanos en el Merlin 66 del Spit hay que usar cambios manuales. Después de determinada altura se activa el compresor de manera manual y funciona como siempre. En el P-51 por más que es un Packard Merlín V-1650-7 (El Merlin 66) a 150 Octanos va en full auto todo el día. No hay stage manual para despegar o volar muy abajo. Que se yo, pelotudeces del Packard. Además que el V-1650-7 va limitado a 75" de Manifold. Eso son 22lbs y moneda. Solo algunos P-51K Británicos (Mustang IV) y los P-51C Británicos (Mustang III) se mandaban con 81" de Manifold que son las 25lbs y ni idea si el manejo del compresor cambia
  9. Tenés 2 dependiendo el combustible. A 100 Octanos el compresor cambia a una altura mucho más alta. 15.500 pies. A 150 Octanos es mucho más baja. Es a 12.000. No sé cómo ajustaron el compresor. Debería ser posible hacer el cambio de stage de manera manual. En el Propio tablero se ve que se puede poner en MANUAL. Pero lo realiza de forma automática con un preseteo dependiendo el combustible. Mas allá de eso. El avión anda lindo y es complicado. La .50 se respeta pero no me convence nunca porque no es un arma poderosa como un 20 inglés. El tema es aprender a saber cuánto picar y cuánto controlarle el picado, el P-51 se presta para hacer hit and run o BnZ. El tema es pasar la velocidad de fallo de la compuerta del tren. Son como a 505 millas. Si el P-51 pasa eso esa puerta vuela y se vuelve un avión lento como el G6. El avión no está roto. Es un avión competente que no le envidia mucho al mejor avión alemán. Ahora todo lo que no hay en el P-51 va a estar en el XIV menos llegar a 630KM/H A ras de suelo. En el resto le va a ganar todo el tiempo. En especial en las grandes altitudes. Va ser lindo de ver el XIV. Yo solo espero que le den e 21lbs porque si no es igual que tenerlo al IX pero súper rápido en altas cotas
  10. Lo he volado bastante. Sinceramente no le veo mayor problema que la altura donde comprimia. Que estaba mal la altura de cambio de supercargador con el 150 Octanos. Ahora switchea mas bajo y el 100 se mantiene
  11. KOTA seguro por esa política de usar todas las modificaciones. En Combat Box se usa en detrrminados mapas. Pero no hay lloriqueo. Hay lloriqueo con los P-51D de que es OP va demasiado rápido y es intocable etc etc.
  12. I told this before. G Effect Is well implementen according to average tolerance of a NORMAL person. Not pilots with actual training for high G Is accurate but to low. 5G Is your limit before have issues with blackout... 6G is the top someone can ask for the historical context.
  13. Guys. Most important thing Is the actual underperforming of Russian 20mm because by experience most people complains about it. What i didn't saw is an actual gametrack on the clomplaining. What i suggest Is test every cannon on every Russian plane. Its a task to do. But then you can see the difference between English American and German 20 and the Russian one. Pretty simple.
  14. Ok lets see some points from both sides. I-16 can't outrun E-7. And since Is not using the DB-601N engine, Is like the Emil 3 and still faster than I-16, specially after 2500mts. That Is not wrong. G limit. I discussed this before with squad mates and friends. G limit is low? Yes from a certain point of view. Average G tolerance of a person is 5G. Then you can go to sleep. Now 5G IG Is the "safety" limit. After 6G things gets dark and after a few seconds K.O. Now why i said point of view. It all depends of the pilot training and experience to solve that. And since that time was not the Jet era is hard to imaginé a pilot with G training. Taking the historical facts to apply the physiology on the sim is quite hard and problematic because that can give some periods when some nation has better G tolerance than other because the experience of the pilots at that moment in particular. Its ok 5G Is frustrating. Is like "YOU" are flying the plane and not someone with a little experience on high G movments. 6G should be the top in all honesty without a G suit. The German guns are fine. There Is nothing to complain about it. Don't know why people still clomplaining about German 20's. They are no OP, soviet fighters are made of wood. Il-2 case Is something totally different. Engine was the one of the easiest ways for shot down those things by words of German pilots. Don't know exactly how the Wings are behaiving after get a hit and i should investigate that. But a thing wich i'm absolutly agree Is the DM of German planes against the russian cannon Is way to high. For serious you need to almost drain the ammo for tale care of one. ShVAK was not the MG-151 or the Hispano in terms of HE power. But still a 20mm cannon I survives pretty nice stuff against Russians with a 109 and don't get me start on the 190 The DM of Germans can also be object of discussion but on the Engine durability question. Way to hard to kill the engine, even with a weapon like the 12,7 of P-51D or P-47. Short speech. Game needs 6G tolerance at most And Russian 20 a little bit more powerfull And recheck if 109 and 190 engine durability Is ok Why "RECHECK" the engine durability of Germans? Because for survive most of the times you have to reduce a lot the throttle. But there Is some exceptions. Flying germans i was able to push K4 to 100% with engine damage and it taked a while for fully break the engine. That Is what i can add
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