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  1. It was easy quote my entire post and not pick things in particular. About the 51, even i said that P-51 was the not balanced option, but was the historical card. If i go to historical cards even i can put Spitfire Mk XIV over the table from the #5 planeset and i wont, the Spit IX with 150 octane is easy to face with G-14s, is just easy as not turn with them maybe? Just like face the Hurricanes with a 109F-4 or 109F-2, 109G-14 and G-6L still having better sustained climbrate and better top speed at certain altitudes, remembering that 109 has that advantaje in his compressor shouldn'
  2. Again with the complains of limited 262. No one seems el realize that Me-262 Is a meta breaking plane since there is not the real circuntance factor here. Tempest might be dangerous but still a prop plane with a specific advantaje. Turn. Because climbrate and speed are eclipsed not by top axis prop planes but allied as well. To be fair 262 shouldn't be in any multiplayer planeset by example. But there is another issue ppl has been talking about and is the balance of the planesets to. Imho i think there should be 10 planesets and new mechanics as well.
  3. That talks about the average Wehraboo mindset. I can't say anything about fly only fighters because that is what i do. But i fly both sides at least 😄
  4. In order to beign considerated with the ppl i will response in english. Don't complain to much about German Planeset, and you can't even talk about bias since in the first planeset 109F2 is added, with 15MM which is OK. Then in all the first half of the rotation Germany has an historical advantaje which is obvious, untill 5th planeset, when its probably mid 1943 and Spitfire IX, P-47D22 and La-5FN arrives. And even with that is not unfair since Germany in that point has 190A5 190A6, if you don't know how to handle them is your problem not planeset's. Also i don't hear you comp
  5. Eso del bug de armas era general en el juego y fue parcheado. Ya no pasa mas hace 3 años eso
  6. Despues de darle 1000 vueltas al asunto y probar mucho, creo que el asunto pasa por 3 cosas. Un repentino mal funcionamiento del servidor cuando conectas debido a sobrecargas (esto porque cuando el Finnish esta muy lleno pasa seguidisimo no seguido) Perdida de paquetes cuando conectas MS Muy alto cuando conectas. El problema solo parece arreglarse al reloguear y teniendo suerte. Es algo remanente a un bug mucho peor que habia antes que solo un avion se volvia invisible para todo el mapa y cuando disparaba volvia a la vista de todos, pero exactamente no se que lo provoca ya
  7. Timer strict limit are the problem in a whole. True 109 is one of the planes affected by the "to attached to manual" timers. Like P-40 which is the most affected of all. Thing is how to do an entire overhaul to that old system
  8. .50 is the only problem, which are already known problem, lack of aero penalty, and API and APIT. P-47D22 is really fast in comparison to D28 because aerodynamics and the different prop. Is faster than most of german planes in game. Is one of my personal favorites. P-51 is not outperformed, in fact, P-51 outperforms a little bit in the low speed turn aspect. But is nothing from other world. Maybe you feel that because 109K-4 is actually overmodeled at sea leve only, going 30km/h faster than IRL, but i repeat, SEA LEVEL ONLY. both engines, but with the rest of german planes, P-51 is
  9. I've been thinking 2 ideas which i hope could be added to server after see a bunch of comments, externaly to discord and here, and my own gameplay, one server gameplay related, the other one is my personal opinion about 7# planeset. First one, there is a lot of talk about "Finnish is Berloga over tanks sometimes" and even if i don't want to admit it, in certain points is real. But i think that is related to the chance of take planes wich bombs and bombers from the temporary airfields, instead of only fighters with no bombs. I mean, a temporary airfield is that, is just recent
  10. Oh trust me i did a lot of "training" in QM. And still very dangerous even with the safest approachs
  11. What about do the same thing as in Tank Crew. For having gunners, you must have a crew. In short words, No more AI gunners as an option in multiplayer, and use HUMAN gunners, since AI gunners has that accuracy, propper of an AI, which makes bombers a pain to attack and sometimes unrealistic due to the inhuman reaction of the gunner. I know is unpopular, a lot of ppl doesn't like use the gunner. But that should solve a lot of problems related to gunners like 1.- Most important, AI insane accuracy which tends to increase with server difficulty, giving the gunner the insane reac
  12. Could be the M8 Round, is earlier. But i read once than M8 with M20 were used later. And some damage reports of M23 round even, but that is for 1945 only and very late war
  13. Take in consideration, those reports are WITHOUT the API-APIT ammo belts which were more common in 1944 (M8-M20 bullets)
  14. I will repeat myself over and over untill there is a change. There is always the same 2 versions of M2 .50 cal problem. "It kills my pilot everytime, the armor of german figher / bombers are wrong" (Most common in ppl which doesn't use allied fighters never, or only one time per month) "I suffer for shot down a single target with .50s, if i don't pilot kill them" And in my opinion, and based on my experience, the second version of the complaining is the correct. Since i think the problem is the lack of structural damage, aero penalty after
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