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  1. If you are ballsy enough, you can set his cockpit on fire by flare gun. Nothing smells better than some BBQ with avgas in it.
  2. My personal favourite is this: 1) dodge the stream of bullets coming from them 2) get some separation 3) zoom climb away 4) keep the initiative, because you didnt lose energy 5) ... 6) profit
  3. War Thunder had rather pleasant thermodynamics for their engines few years back. It worked surprisingly well. It was simple, short term overheating was good as long as you let the engine rest for a while. But if you kept it in high power settings(overheated) for to long, it would gradually lose the power for duration of the flight, depending on the level of abuse.
  4. For technocrat to be removed we need removed timers and work purely on the temperatures and liquid pressures.
  5. Mate, everything has certain margin. 109s and every soviet plane have ~100kph margin above dive speed. When people complained, they were told to shut up. I will not do the same, but I will recommend not taking it as Allies vs Axis, but compare each nation's planes with each other.
  6. As if I didn't spend enough money on this -_- I NEED IT!
  7. Yeah, premium Kuban somehow landed in my hangar 😄 In exchange for rather pleasant amount of money.
  8. Flying P51 is rather simple, stay high, stay fast and abuse your high G tolerance compared to German airmen. I managed to get on tails of many Doras and K4s just because thay didnt think about the G load ahead and overcommited into their turn.
  9. As I was searching for an old post of mine, I found this topic and remembered I had an interesting dogfight to share. I know, by reviving this topic, I've become a necromancer. Once upon a time I've decided to jump into my favourite pony. I was patrolling above our bomber base at the altitude of 7km(~22K ft in freedom units) when I noticed a dot closing in, I thought to myself: "Meh, some pony joining in formation with me." Oh how wrong I was. I noticed it when I saw flashes in the prop hub of that small dot. I yanked the stick into my guts to dodge those tennis balls lobbed at me by that 109 K4, but as I dodged those, I almost stalled. I forced an overshoot, tried to go after that K4, but I was too slow to do so. He tried to boom at me again, but I was too maneuverable for him to hit me, so he disengaged and I didnt follow for enemies were close. As I reclimbed to 7km, I thought: "Uff, at least no more enemies here," and as I checked my 6, I saw a small dot slotting in the firing position. I was like: "Aw sh*t, here we go again." I engaged him in rolling scissors. Even though I tried to throw off his aim, he managed to pepper me with his 13mms, fortunately it was nothing serious. As I tangled with him up and down, fast and slow, when I got him in my sights, a Tempest stormed in. With this unexpected help, we forced him to dive away and as I was diving behind the Tempest to cover him, the Tempest blasted that Jerry into oblivion. After regular climbing routine, this time at 9km(~30K ft in freedom units) I was thinking: "Yeah, nothing except TA-152 H1 can challenge my mighty pony up here!" As a regular habit, when I was to happy about my situation, I expected a slap, so I checked my rear hemisphere. Nothing there, everything was nice and clear. Sun was shining, contrail emerging, Merlin purring, so I looked back to the front only to see 2 contrails 1.5km higher, diving in my way. Since no sane German would fly at this altitude when the sky is swarming with P47s and Ponies, I though that they were ponies or jugs. The moment long noses of enemy Doras were flying around me, I started to do chandelle to gain energy advantage. It felt like eternity, trying to turn into them, climb above them and get my guns on them, especially when I was in a disadvantage 1v2. When I tried to hit one, the other one got on my tail. We were swinging at that altitude to and fro, spinning, rolling, tail slipping, barrel rolling, rope'doping, nobody managed to hit anyone. When I finally got sufficient lead on the leader of the Doras, I, thankfully, checked my 6, to see a Schwalbe getting into firing position! I had only fractions of seconds to react, so, knowing that the 262 cannot slow down and follow me through some crazy ass maneuvers, I yanked my stick to the ballz, kicked full right rudder, the pony spinned around like a truly crazy horse and I prayed that the Jerry in that Schwalbe cannot put his nose down quickly enough to hit me with those 4 tennis ball launchers. As I was trying not to vomit my virtual lunch into the virtual cockpit, tracers flew past me, directly in the place where I was mere fractions of a second earlier. I was spinning like mad man, upside down, trying to make this crazy ass horse flying straight again. After many, seemingly eternal seconds, I managed to stabilize the plane and manage to get back into the fight, on the defensive side, again, but I was back nonetheless. With 2 Doras and a Schwalbe after my sexy ass. I have decided to spam the chat for help, but knew, that the help might be too late, I dove to the deck, utilised my high speed roll rate against Doras to force them to break off, because they saw few contrails above our heads. Since I was clear for few seconds, I didnt care for my engine, pushed the throttle fully forward and decided to disappear, since I was running low on fuel, ammo and sweat. I knew the Schwalbe will run me down so I got prepared. As he closed in, I forced an overshoot and watched him go up for another attack. At that moment my heart jumped with relief, as a mighty Jug stormed by my left wing after that daring Schwalbe, blasting from it's 8 brownings. Freedom intensified and I was watching this spectacle with my mouth open. The schwalbe was damaged, Jug and I happy, and when I landed, I couldn't even get my head around what just happened. This game is just awesome. Sortie here: http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/199173/?tour=15
  10. I found nothing bad about damage model of P51. They burn beautifully.
  11. As a 109 junkie, I'd love to. However devs have limited time and resources and these modifications might not bring enough revenue they would need.
  12. Since we will have tactical war scenario G10 would make sense, but G14/AS unfortunately not. There is no high alt scenario, even though fighting above 5km happens rather often.
  13. I would be happy too sitting in this sexy beast having such air supremacy. 😄
  14. Is such porn in this form allowed on these pages? Those planes are ridiculously sexy.
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