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  1. This doesnt happen to Jumos only. BMW 801 takes incredibly long time to spool up from 0 to 100% as well.
  2. Afaik the 109 tail was too brittle, falling off at the slight damage. The issue has not been resolved yet, so the structural integrity of the tail has been buffed. If I am wrong, feel free to correct me.
  3. Did you provide those logs? You did not. Do those logs specify where the plane was hit? AFAIK they do not. I do not dispute that 50 BMG is a powerful round, but without proper usage, it is useless. Proper usage is destroying critical INTERNAL components of the airplane. The only critical internal conponent of 109’s wing is the spar, which is incredibly hard to hit. One cannot expect it to be as powerful as minengeschoss regarding structural and therefore aerodynamic damage.
  4. Then I am doing something wrong apparently, because my 190 pilot blacks out really quickly.
  5. All I see is spray’n’pray gunnery. Those mustangs were hitting completely useless parts of the 109. If you want to down it shoot precise bursts into engine or pilot, one pass kill guaranteed. .50 cals are the sniper rifles of IL2.
  6. After I install the latest version, I am getting Auto Updater error. And when I try to run the client, it crashes. Any tips how to fix this please?
  7. In 190 I regularly blackout at 3Gs unless my pilot is completely fresh. Trying to not blackout in scissors is the biggest challenge for me. Anyway, I heard that there will be update on pilot’s physiology, where the sitting position will be calculated into G mechanism. Is that correct?
  8. Well, the rule of thumb is same as for Mustang. Do not go below 300MPH (480KPH). Optimal for combat is staying between 400MPH (640KPH) to 500MPH(800). Speed is life, altitude is life insurance. that doesnt mean that Dora hasn’t few tricks up it’s sleeve for slow speed fighting like snap rolls etc.
  9. It can move a tank because it cannot penetrate the armor. Therefore it transfers all of it’s energy into the target. Airfoils are thin and .50 cal passes right through it, therefore it keeps most of the energy. This is elementary physics.
  10. From my experience, the control input must be smooth, do not jerk the stick. You will eventually get better. Just give it time. Do not forget that Dora is rather nose heavy, so that is playing certain role as well.
  11. Sorry for necro, been away for a while. It adds you a few meters per second climbrate as well. It saved my sweet rudder from those pesky Yaks and Spits trying to helicopter me.
  12. As far as I know, G2 can be manually pushed to 2850RPM for around 2 or 3 minutes.
  13. Do you have any information about this, that can be published? Especially minengeschoss implementation.
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