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  1. As far as I know, G2 can be manually pushed to 2850RPM for around 2 or 3 minutes.
  2. Do you have any information about this, that can be published? Especially minengeschoss implementation.
  3. Everything depends on your convergence settings. I personally am using 400m convergence, since I find it perfect for 8mms, 13mms, 20mms and 30mms. But I am shooting at around 50 meters distance.
  4. Flying at 0.01 ATA over maximum combat will destroy 109s engine in ~3 minutes. That is totally unrealistic, and unless we get rid of this unrealistic mechanic, no way in hell.
  5. Richer mixture keeps the engine cooler at the expense of high fuel consumption. Some planes give most power at full rich settings. Some’s boost is wasted if not using full mixture etc. That is all I know. happy hunting mate
  6. If you are ballsy enough, you can set his cockpit on fire by flare gun. Nothing smells better than some BBQ with avgas in it.
  7. My personal favourite is this: 1) dodge the stream of bullets coming from them 2) get some separation 3) zoom climb away 4) keep the initiative, because you didnt lose energy 5) ... 6) profit
  8. War Thunder had rather pleasant thermodynamics for their engines few years back. It worked surprisingly well. It was simple, short term overheating was good as long as you let the engine rest for a while. But if you kept it in high power settings(overheated) for to long, it would gradually lose the power for duration of the flight, depending on the level of abuse.
  9. For technocrat to be removed we need removed timers and work purely on the temperatures and liquid pressures.
  10. Mate, everything has certain margin. 109s and every soviet plane have ~100kph margin above dive speed. When people complained, they were told to shut up. I will not do the same, but I will recommend not taking it as Allies vs Axis, but compare each nation's planes with each other.
  11. As if I didn't spend enough money on this -_- I NEED IT!
  12. Yeah, premium Kuban somehow landed in my hangar 😄 In exchange for rather pleasant amount of money.
  13. Flying P51 is rather simple, stay high, stay fast and abuse your high G tolerance compared to German airmen. I managed to get on tails of many Doras and K4s just because thay didnt think about the G load ahead and overcommited into their turn.
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