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  1. As a 109 junkie, I'd love to. However devs have limited time and resources and these modifications might not bring enough revenue they would need.
  2. Since we will have tactical war scenario G10 would make sense, but G14/AS unfortunately not. There is no high alt scenario, even though fighting above 5km happens rather often.
  3. I would be happy too sitting in this sexy beast having such air supremacy. 😄
  4. Is such porn in this form allowed on these pages? Those planes are ridiculously sexy.
  5. All .50 cals going into one place, but desynchronised. With a precise aim just a trigger touch is enough to down a german, I'd rather rely on my own skill, than on randomness of the gun spread.
  6. Give that man a Pony! Now seriously, I want it, not only because I react to it's shape like Pavlov's dog, immediately biting my teeth in it's juicy wings(when flying German planes), but for it's required fighting style which suits me. I will definitely learn it, fly it and hopefully be successful with it.
  7. SCHWALBOLOLOOOO worked last time, lets try similar tactic. MUSTANGLOLOOOO MAPLOLOOO
  8. I am using 400meters for everything, works well for me. Leading shots are rather easy against heavy maneuvering targets.
  9. I tried to fly this plane yesterday. I setup a SP mission against 4 A20 and 4 Pe2. It was almost impossible to line up the shots and I had to go from low 6, being exposed to the superhuman Pe2 gunner. Will try that today again. It feels nice though.
  10. Yesterday on Combat box at alt of 1500m I couldnt catch P47 in straight line in 190 A8. I was rather surprised. I have no idea if anything changed though.
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