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  1. I am using 400meters for everything, works well for me. Leading shots are rather easy against heavy maneuvering targets.
  2. I tried to fly this plane yesterday. I setup a SP mission against 4 A20 and 4 Pe2. It was almost impossible to line up the shots and I had to go from low 6, being exposed to the superhuman Pe2 gunner. Will try that today again. It feels nice though.
  3. Yesterday on Combat box at alt of 1500m I couldnt catch P47 in straight line in 190 A8. I was rather surprised. I have no idea if anything changed though.
  4. Wait, it worked? Praise the Schwalbe! And the devs.
  5. It is incredibly ugly, and yet incredibly sexy.
  6. Then not enough SCHWALBOLOLOLOOOOs have been used. SCHWALBOLOLOLOOOO 262 can arrive any day, my body is ready.
  7. We need to stay calm, go to Winchester, have a pint and wait for it all to blow over... Or... SCHWALBOLOLOLOOOO
  8. I shall have a drink in his name. Do widzenia.
  9. From what I know, T/W ratio and wing design plays huge role in turn rate as we can see in 109 G6 vs G14. Those are basically the same planes, but G14 has more powerful engine which allows it to sustain tighter turns. It can be seen in flat turns against La5FN where G6 will get outturned, but G14 will outturn it. It is just a guess though.
  10. When WOLOLOing doesn't help, we must turn to the metal way of summoning:
  11. We are men, we are kids till our death. Deal with it and give us an update. WOLOLLOOOOOOO
  12. Gun solutions: shoot when closer than 100m. That means that their wing span fills your reticle circle. I personally shoot at distances <50m. Which mathups are you asking about? I can link one of my older posts about fighting russians in 109s, 190s are a tad different matter.
  13. When you check your 6 every few seconds while walkin on the streets. I just noticed this.
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