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  1. CSAF-D3adCZE

    DD today?

    Wololooooo! Wololooooo!
  2. CSAF-D3adCZE

    Bf-109 Defensive fight

    Faucon: it is hard, but it pays off. Most of the time I engage it in steep climbs where there is no chance to overrev the engine. However the very moment you nose down, you must enable auto pitch.
  3. CSAF-D3adCZE

    Bf-109 Defensive fight

    Except that extra RPM translates into roughly 3 meters per second better climbrate, which is the difference between doing a hammerhead on a stalling Yak1b or stalling into it's gunfire. It saved my ass more often than I'd like to admit.
  4. CSAF-D3adCZE

    Bf-109 Defensive fight

    If you fly a 190 or 109(except G6, that is slow as hell) having somebody on your 6 in gunrange means you f***ed up pretty bad. Stay high, stay fast and do not let enemy get on your in gunrange. Utilise your shallow climb rate and you should be OK. Now, if you are already in this situation, learning how to properly execute scissors is crucial to surviving this encounter. Working with flaps, throttle, elevator trim and most importantly, utilizing your P:W ratio is crucial as well. My advice is: Go to Berloga, hop into the G6, prepare to be handed your ass on silver plate and enjoy close quarter knife fights. Be careful, since most reds can helicopter on you like AH-64D. I will post few tips below. Rule of the thumb is: The later 109, the less turning you want to do and the more vertical you want to fight. Later 109s require a lot more discipline as well. Lose discipline, you die, stay disciplined, club every enemy in sight. Utilise your power:weight ratio. Dont forget that speed is your friend. Heavy engine torque as well, it can be used to do some sick maneuvers that enemy cannot follow. Tail slip for example. 109 F-4: Stab trim: For dive use -85% to -95% For cruise use -75% For maneuver fights around 450kph IAS use -55% For stallfight use -10%, that thing turns like crazy Flaps: 5% for light turning 10% for continuous turning 15% up to 25% for slow speed maneuver fight - care, here you are really slow and even though flaps generate some lift, they are draggy as hell 35% up to 55% for hammerheads etc. basically for any maneuver that consists of prophang 109 G-2: basically the same as with F-4. However I recommend staying as fast as possible, because this plane is not that nimble and lacks automatic WEP. It has manual WEP where you can overrev your engine to maximum of 2800RPM using manual pitch and it will last you around 3 minutes. It gives really great power boost. It has better E retention though. I personally like it more. 109 G-4: Dont own, dont know, I guess similar to earlier, except it has WEP so it can do tighter turn when in close quarter knife fight. 109 G-6: The ultimate teacher of E fighting. Do you want to know how to conserve your energy? Fly this plane. Do you want to know how to work with drag of your airframe? Use this plane. Do you want to be frustrated as hell and emerge victorious? Use this plane. It is slower than G2, climbs a tad worse, maneuvers a tad worse. But man, when you start consistently shooting down LA5FNs and Mk IXs, man that feeling is addictive. After you master G6. You will be unbeatable in any other 109. You do not want to use that much flaps, because of the drag and it's weak engine. Learn how to fight in G6 and you will learn how to fight in every energy fighter, including 190s, Ponys, Jugs etc. 109 G-14: G6 on steroids. More nimble, faster, better climber. Stay below 5km, your engine chokes above that quickly. 109 K-4: The ultimate high alt 109. It is heavy as hell, but that power! Use left hand turns to use that heavy torque, roll counterclockwise, abuse your insane power:weight ratio. After flying G6 that plane feels like a homesick angel who wants to get home. Care though, Spitfire Mk. IX can and will outclimb you in low IAS climbs. Stay fast, use your status of fastest aircraft ingame. That mk108 is deadly as well. Hard to aim, but man, when you hit, they evaporate. I love that plane.
  5. CSAF-D3adCZE

    Too many Bf 109s in the game?

    Every 109 is different, as well as every Spitfire, Pony, 190, etc. There can never be enough planes.
  6. CSAF-D3adCZE

    Hype about ME262

    262 will be beyond abyssmal as a fighter. It is fast, but that is everything it got. Other fighters hold every other card available. And since we do not have strategic bombers which are big, juicy target with inferior speed to any contemporare fighter, 4x mk108 will be almost useless. K4 is an example. Put same skilled pilots in spit mk IX and K4 and nobody will be able to land a hit on the enemy.
  7. CSAF-D3adCZE

    Strong cannons now weak?

    Balance has no place in simulator.
  8. CSAF-D3adCZE

    Strong cannons now weak?

    Frankly, I like the new damage model, even though the minengeschoss do not work as they should. It forced me to improve my aim, right now, I hit center mass(canopy mostly) with my burst and the planes go down shortly after that. Thanks to this I became engine sniper and more importantly, pilot sniper.
  9. CSAF-D3adCZE

    You know you are addicted to il2 when.......

    So, another symptom. My friends and I are going to a ball. We have reserved whole table. Table number 109. I imagined myself lifting on that table to shoot down the tables 40, 47 and 51!
  10. CSAF-D3adCZE

    DD today?

    Wolololooooooo! Ok that doesnt work, lets try something else. Musta Krakish!
  11. CSAF-D3adCZE

    DD today?

    So lets start. Wololooooooooo.
  12. CSAF-D3adCZE

    P-47D Level Speed

    Engine limits are at least disappointing. But when I went 1v1 Jug vs K4(I was in Jug) I had no problem keeping my energy advantage, I just had to watch not to go below 21k ft. If I was shotdown by K4 it was only because I went below 21k ft.
  13. CSAF-D3adCZE

    P-47D Level Speed

    Thanks. So if I understand it correctly, P47 should kick german asses above 5ish 6ish km of altitude, unless it is K4, where the Jug gets advantage above 7is or more likely 8ish km of alt?
  14. CSAF-D3adCZE

    P-47D Level Speed

    Sheriff, do you have climb rates as well?
  15. CSAF-D3adCZE

    Help for aim

    Wait what? D9 is out? For how long? I MUST GET ON ASAP! Technically HE(most importantly Minengeschoss) shouldnt depend on kinetic energy of the projectile so much, since their damage potential is comming from it's chemical energy contained in the filler. AP(I) on the other hand need high velocity to do some damage.