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  1. @lefuneste Thank you for the quick update! You make the best modifications for IL2 and DCS. Now I can discover distant objects again @SCG_Fenris_Wolf Perfect settings for Rift S
  2. THANK YOU!!! The bug while zooming is fixed! Where can i vote 4 modOFtheYEAR?
  3. thx 4 the fast update! i always load the mod with OvGME, now i get error while zoom with oculus rift 1. original vr zoom 2. 5x 3. 10x
  4. Same here, the support ask me for a screenshot from paypal with the last transaction. If i dont want to send a screenshot i can use a creditcard (thats truly SECURE! ) LOL! Last week i bought the ju52 over steam and was angry that i cant use the DLC with the standalone version. Now i want to buy directly from the webstore and get this trouble... *edit* even if i send the screenshot to xsolla, my feedback promo code is now marked again as used. I will wait for the next steam salte, after i bought the last DLC from there i need to start steam anyway. *edit2* By buying the game here, you’re making sure that 100% of your investment go to the IL-2 development team. Thank you! I TRIED IT!
  5. Same happend to me with the promo code and i can told you after 12 hours its the same situation. On top i want to buy now without the 25% and the new payment service provider dont want my money payed with paypal. Confused
  6. yes of course, yesterday with my own code the 25% appears. Thanks for your help Big THX to Gordon200 who send me another code. Same Problem, no bonus:( i ask now the offical support for help!
  7. THX, but i cant use it. The 25% didnt appear in the order
  8. I did a mistake at the order of the bf 109 g6, now the store system says my promo code was already used. I dont want to spam to all the kind people here with a pm, if someone has a code for me, i would be really happy
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