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  1. All that says is that they aren't properly coded. Games are the worst by far. You won't find many big business titles that can't handle running in the background. Most of my games run in the background OK. As far as I'm concerned if you going to claim your game runs in Windows then it should be able to handle alt-tab.
  2. Yep. But they're busy, so it's OK if we wait another couple years.
  3. Well behaved Windows programs should not lock up when flipped to background. You won't find any big name programs and even most games doing this. It's really not OK, but there are bigger problems to worry about in IL2 at the moment.
  4. As far as I'm concerned as soon as your own engine(s) is running you shouldn't hear any other plane at any distance. Anyone that has been close to one of these WW II prop planes running at any speed will vouch that they are absolutely deafening and they're not any quieter inside when you're almost hugging the engine. The 262 might be an exception because it's a jet, but I have serious doubts about being able to hear other planes though a closed canopy in general with a running jet engine near you. Even small private planes with relatively tiny engines are very loud inside and out.
  5. There are a lot more problems with AP than having a new fuel system should realistically fix. Aero damage being the biggest of them.
  6. That's fine, but we've been waiting for over a year now. I don't see any harm in using the mod since it's just a config file update OR as least allowing the server managers to allow the mod. It would go a long way towards keeping people quiet about the .50s until the devs complete their "study" (whenever that happens.) Some people here have been making excuses for the devs for over a year now and seems to me that the people that want to fly American planes and paid for them to work correctly deserve a break now as they've been more than patient. There didn't seem to be a problem giving th
  7. No, but I've made that quite clear for months.
  8. The Germans found that even Hamster rounds were not enough to stop heavy bombers and upgunned their fighters to the dreaded Mk 108 Woodchuck cannon.
  9. Actually thin walled shells are better for fragmentation. Thick walls trend to break up into a few big fragments while thin walls tend to break into many small metal slivers. Of course, there are limits on both sides of this relationship.
  10. I wish I could, but the photo quality is too poor. Had another long look...it looks to me that rather than blow a hole in the skin the hit plied up the lower skin panel and part of the upper one as well. So, I think you are right, it went off between the panels and lifted them aka popped the rivets. I'm not sure if that helps the conversation much though, as AP hits from .50 and up can do this if they hit the right spots at the right angles as well. Obviously, the ideal hit with an HE round is the one in this photo.
  11. Mathematically, if a charge of 2 grams of HE in a 13mm makes a 300mm hole then a 20mm with 18 or 20 grams of HE should make a hole about 10x the area OR roughly 950mm in diameter. That's a little over 3 feet across for non-metric types. That's ridiculous. Someone find us photos of a 20mm hit that's 3 feet across if you actually believe that. If 20mm was that powerful NO ONE would have used anything else on their planes. Below is a purported real 30mm HE hit. That's 85 grams of HE. Below is a real 20mm HE hit. It's about 14 inches (350mm) across I'd sa
  12. There is a way to get close to realistic damage. All you need to do is do a statistical study of the average number of hits each weapon takes to shoot down whatever type of plane you have data for. For the .50 cal M2 MG the historical number of hits was around 15 or 20 to bring down a German fighter (don't ask me where I came up with that number because I can't find the source anymore, it's just burned in my mind from years ago. Anyway, it is something you can find with enough research.) Once you have that number you just run combat trials in the game and adjust the gun parameters unti
  13. I never had an issue with .50s in 1946. They were good enough shoot down any plane with a decent burst or a couple short ones. The German 4x cannon planes were better, but that is to be expected.
  14. Nice info, BUT at the end you'll notice he says that the .50 was effective for it's purpose (shooting down fighters and medium bombers) in this game it is NOT. It's probably because the DM is not complex enough and the aero effects are under modeled. Yes, it would more effective with the API effects added, but even as is it is grossly under modeled. On the other hand the small HE rounds are grossly over modeled. This combination makes US planes close to useless in a dogfight. That makes an entire subset of planes (nearly all the US fighters) junk in multiplayer. Planes that I paid good
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