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  1. In a Bf109 one would jettison the canopy before making a 'kleiner Rutsch' (emergency landing).
  2. The only excuse for not having Infantry would be the limitations of the engine or serious blacking manpower in the programming team. imo. The Infantry was the major player in the war, even when we have only the game about a sideshow, the airwar.
  3. Flap setting for take off is 40% or 20°, set before t/o roll, hold brakes until reaching 1,2 ata and trim to the right and keep your feet on the rudder to hold her straight, because it will turn to the left otherwise. push the stick a bit to get the tail up asap, that helps with accelerating. rotate around 170 kmh and retract the gear as soon you have a positive climb rate, then gradually retract the flaps until she speeds up. reduce power to 70 % and climb with 220 to 250 kmh. That works for me with 100% fuel, armor and 1000kg bomb load.
  4. aren't there any 'anecdotes' from the Spitfires flying in the east how they compared to yaks and la's there? where the Spitfires really so much worse then their red counterparts? 'anecdotical' evidence from the west comparing to what is happening in this game seems to indicate just that.
  5. Well, one can't expect to win a race with cut off toes, me thinks. I know that the high speed stall in tight turns is a fact acknowledged in the official sources, the other flaws we experience in this game aren't, afaik. It really would be better, if the devs would reveal the reason why this plane especially deviates from the fact based expectations of so many.
  6. As the RL 190 was known then as a 'beginners' plane, not as demanding as the 109, I wonder if the Corsair, known as 'ensign-killer', should it appear at one time in this game, would be flyable at all. :D
  7. Wasn't this way that the forward firing MG81 in the windshield of the Ju88A4 could be arrested in a fixed position when not used by the observer and was then pilot controlled? I remember to have read something along this lines.
  8. While you are so ardently propose that BoS / BoM is everything every CFS-player ever could wish for and absolutely for sure know what Gambit21 would like to have, maybe you should show him how to do it, instead of telling him there is no problem.
  9. I have no problems taxiing most of the time, I only have problems with, imo, dumb and not helpful posts.
  10. Sorry, but starting to spin during slow taxiing despite opposite rudder and braking the opposite wheel is a glaring defiency!
  11. As long as such glaring defiencies are answered in the Form of "suck it up and learn to taxi" those threads will always derail sooner or later. To improve something first it must be realized that improvement is necessary. Saying all is well, i'll take what i have and find a way around the problem is not helping to improve!
  12. As ludicrous as thinking that being a Founder makes one something special? But then, everybody has the right to believe in something, even I believed what was told pre-beta. Btt, it would be great to know the "sweet spots" for all planes for a hassle free taxiing.
  13. The way the 190 behaves in some situations on the ground i.e., is not correct and against the laws of physics, that is a fact, imo and others. That fact automatically sets all ground FMs as questionable, as the physics in the game engine are the same for every plane, the only difference is the data of the planes itself. That is something that has to be corrected, and as it has been said, more difficult is not automatically more correct or realistic. The normal replacement pilot then had not so much experience and still was able to do a "Alarmstart" in a hurry without circling and crashing his plane. My two cents.
  14. I still have a little bit hope left that some things will be made possible, i.e. the possibility to use the Lotfe at 6000 m AND to see the targets soon enough to aim properly. Or that the wings dont come off so often, that is really overdone from everything that i have learned about wwii aviation.
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