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  1. Good Day, Just found your message... Do you need Russian speakers who live in Australia only? If you looking for people from Australia time zone, our group consists Rus speaking pilots from different countries and time zones (Russia - different time zones, Canada, USA). Check our site: virtual-pilots.com Добрый день, Нашел Ваше сообщение... Вы ищете русскоязычных в Австралии только? Если Вы ищете людей из-за часового пояса, то в нашей группе есть рускоязычные с разных стран, т.е. разных часовых поясов (Россия - разные часовые пояса, Канада, США). Вот наш сайт: virtual-pilots.com
  2. Our group celebrated Victory Day in an appropriate way: More photos you can see on our site. Victory will be ours! Join us! Our site: http://virtual-pilots.com/ How to connect our TS: HERE
  3. We offer a flight along the ALSIB in honor of Victory day More details you can find HERE. JOIN US!
  4. A cooperative flight for bombing enemy ground forces. LOL we are speaking in parallel in two TS clients simultaneously... My brain was really overheated! 🤣
  5. Our group continues to fight the enemy... TAW server. The fire concentrated on the cockpit of the enemy bomber... A survivor is trying to escape, but too late... Victory will be ours! Join us! Our site: http://virtual-pilots.com/ How to connect our TS: HERE
  6. Yes, I really understand you. But in general, this could lead to making the server even less popular for REDs. In most cases, our group and I see the unbalanced forces (towards blues). As you understand, we think "how just to survive" very often... If the new rule will appear, it would be more easy to switch to another server for us. Numerical superiority of blues + technical superiority blues + additional punish VS love of history and RKKA aviation and grandparents stories (for me)... LOL.. I watched that episode (seconds) it seems they together decided to kill the parachute. A friend of the man who streamed that video suggested him to kill the parachute, but the man (sorry don't know his name) complained that he is stalled and cannot do it... Interesting, why the killing parachute makes them happy in the game? Probably they have low self-esteem... 😭
  7. The server immediately will lose a lot of pilots (especially not "enough experienced" pilots). If smb thinks that the server is always overloaded it is not true, it could be full for example of your time of flying ONLY - evenings in Europe for example... Moreover, the server is becoming less and less popular for REDs. I don't know why... Now reds are often in minority, for this reason, this "new law" will additionally punish reds and it is possible that the server will lose MORE REDS.
  8. The BEST COORDINATION WILL BE VIA TAW TEAMSPEAK. When our group is flying on TAW, we can run two TS clients: 1st - TS of our group 2nd - TAW TS A couple of days ago we flew with coordination of people who were on TAW TS (3 Pe-2 + 2 Mig-3) and this was really nice. BTW I have a video of this event (but in Rus), probably I will publish it later.
  9. I just surprised why TAW became not popular for RED side? I don't mean this exact time when reds have only one aifield... I mean in general, all the time I see a lot of blues and some red pilots! Really sad... 😒
  10. Hi all, Our group decided to switch from DCS to Il-2 Sturmovik ( WWII topic ). We are inviting you to join our international group for casual flights. RED side only Your experience is not important You fly when you have a time. There is no obligation to attend on particular days in the style of – “you must present on Friday evening …”. We don’t have the strong hierarchy. We practice command on a rotational basis Different time of flights because we are from different countries. How it works and more details you can find on OUR SITE
  11. Hi, due to a lot of bugs in DCS we are switching WWII from DCS to Il-2 too.. Our guys are waiting for P-51 and P47. Our group site HERE.
  12. Bonjour, Je suis canadian aussi! Не верите? I'm from Montreal.
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