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  1. Thanks folks...I thought there may be something along these lines.
  2. Is there a way of showing an image of the skin you are choosing in custom skins rather than just the description
  3. Thanks...that explains it! Excellent work sir!
  4. I have downloaded all the skin packs for Flying Circus successfully having rectified my connection They are installed into each aircraft's file for skins However on checking the Skin Report in the set up for PWCG it shows that I am 189 skins missing..but I believe they are in the folders. Puzzled??? Any thoughts
  5. Further replying to my own question FC 3 and 4 files when downloaded and then unzipped comes up with archive error fault..all other files OK.
  6. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\graphics\skins Replying to my own question...would this be the right place for PWCG Flying Circus Bundle of skins
  7. Downloaded all the skins for PWCG Flying Circus but where do they install to?
  8. Do these work arounds also stand for a similar problem with ROF?
  9. In starting up my Steam version (modded) of Rose of Flight I am getting to the menu screen and the mouse freezes even though normal mouse works Task manager shows me ROF (32bit) running..although I have a 64 bit computer. As I come in and out of Task manager the screen changes but is frozen and no mouse activity and then I get m_pd3dDevice-Reset(&m_d3dpp) D3DERR_Not available in an error box... Help!
  10. Thanks for this advice into it now and very happy !
  11. Thanks. I think I will have to restart the campaign as possibly I did not make that change Flying Circus Mod working well downloaded into my steam file steam apps and with the Java runtime installed as well as an app. However when I run the BOS original PWCG I am requested to download a Java run time 64 bit as I have already done for FC Does this need a separate download and into which file should it go?? Thanks again for the help.
  12. At the end of a Mission in PWCG in Flying Circus I am getting a Mission Log Error message..how do I change that or overcome it. Slowly but surely coming to terms with mods and flight sims again...many years absent from this field Thanks for all the help on the previous install issue.
  13. Got that sorted I think Interestingly when trying to open a downloaded BOS PWCG I got the message I downloaded java script even though I had downloaded in for FC PWCG Also with the BOS skin pack..which folder do they go into? Starting to get back into this modding after many years absent from Sims Thanks for the help
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