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  1. Really good post and funny idea!
  2. Dont worry Sturm and thanks for your reply. I’ll read the forum and I’ll try to understand rules. Thanks
  3. Yesterday, I created my profile on J5 forum but I didnt receive yet confirmation. Is it normal? Maybe I could fly next mission with you.
  4. Maybe they used their ears, listening the sound of their engine. Or maybe they used a standar setting for every altitude, for example set for 1000m, set for 2000m and maybe one setting for combat. About the speed, they had an anometer instal on their butt: butt is excellent speed and attitude sensor eh eh
  5. Thanks a lot for your reply. Ok, I'll download the rulez and sign up to the forum. I hope to do this today (I'm working now). PS.: I have not preference between Entente or Central.
  6. Nice video! Well done! Black screen can create a lot of suspance!
  7. Is it possible to join? I would like to participate in the mission scheduled to April 18th...
  8. After several test, with different setting of AI skill or AI plane, different altitude or place and so on...I arrived to this conclusion: it's seem like, once behind AI, AI no longer sees you.
  9. Yes...Are you my killer??! Eh eh
  10. Yesterday it was my first time in your server. It was amazing: a lot of player and a lot of aces in the sky. I have been hit from long distance by a Spad 13 during its dive... Really really glad to join in your community. See you soon!
  11. No, it happens in both case: 1 vs 1 or multy-aircraft vs multy-aircraft.
  12. It happens to me right now...QUICK MISSION, with SPAD or another Entente planes. Face to face with the enemy, AI goes to intercept me but, when he pass me, he goes straight away...
  13. I'm the last person who should speak about it (DM), but I dont think it's possible to have a different DM for wwI planes and another for WWII planes in the same sim.
  14. From last update: AI Improvements 77. The AI pilots of the high-speed aircraft now try to use their advantage over significantly slower aircraft using the hit and run tactics; 78. The AI pilots of the high-speed aircraft aim better when firing the guns; 79. A failed bombing run won’t cause an AI-controlled bomber to fly beyond the map borders; 80. An AI pilot estimates the time required to destroy a ground target better; 81. The AI pilots won’t try to move the control surfaces of a crashed aircraft; 82. P-51D AI pilot will always close the canopy before taking off; 83. Gunners won’t do unnecessary motions when bailing out; 84. Additional improvements were made in the ground vehicle obstacle avoidance algorithm; 85. A rare issue that could cause vehicles of a column to move directly North after an emergency stop has been found and fixed; 86. AI-controlled ground based guns and MGs aim better in heavy wind weather conditions; 87. 76mm and 77mm AAA of World War I era aim better;
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