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  1. This one time I met a pesky La-5 doing fancy things before trying to make me overshoot, the fancy things worked. Had I known his tactics I'd have just dropped my throttle nice and early but I decided to keep speed and climb rather too aggressively as I usually do, the guy shreds my elevators with twin 20mm fire. I'm coming down thinking is my tail gonna come clean off because my controls are totally messed. On the way down I pull out of a dive for a shot at him, my pitch controls are totally discombobulated...I score a MASSIVE fluke hit on his engine, I'm like this guy is probably so mad at this point that was his win with the fancy moves but nope DENIED Did I land on that flight? I don't remember I think I did, I just remember it was Krupinski. He knew it was a fluke too on the chat but I didn't say anything LOL
  2. I have nothing to contribute here.
  3. Cmon... just post it here... pretty please with sugar on top?
  4. @pjmack11377 I think it's gonna take a lot of work to take a picture from the movie and make it suitable for the plane. Thanks for the offer though, really kind of you : D
  5. For the love of god why are there no beautiful series of flashes when my .50s connect, why is it some lame puffs xD
  6. Can you tell me how I'd go about maxing my speed in a Tempest?
  7. "This video has been removed for violating YouTube's policy on hate speech. Learn more about combating hate speech in your country" wowzers, a little too Orwellian for me
  8. Omg imagine if someone made a Pulp Fiction Honey Bunny version with Yolanda brandishing a revolver, that would be so troll
  9. I like how the cat in your picture is ready to bounce lol
  10. On quick mission, I've made fireballs of 109s with convergence .50 hits, like explosions as if something ignited. However, aircraft rarely present themselves like that on MP
  11. In Cliffs of Dover hurricanes have the wing come off more easily and spitfires rarely have the wings fully come off. I like how much more fidelity there is to the holes punched, it feels as if right where my shell struck there is a hole punched and I can see through it, something you don't get as much here. You also get more of a feel of the plane getting slowly and slowly more beat up with the propeller half heartedly spinning and all the optical illusions involved modelled. Planes also feel like they leak different stuff from different places more. Moreover Cliffs lets you see what part of the plane you knocked out which I thought was pretty cool. If they spice up the detail a bit more and leave full wings coming off as rare for 20mm hits and hit/miss with 30mm that'd be nice. I kinda liked that DM with more robust planes. If you could see cannon ammunition ignite and explode on wings coming off especially if you're peppering them with .50s or something that'd be kewl (we all know which American gun cam clip I'm referring to where a 190 violently loses a wing to .50 fire) From reading the Big Show though, the author makes it seem like Fw-190s did make huge fireballs of their targets at times. You can only imagine what that'd look like at convergence distance irl ... phew, makes me moist. With the video gamy attitudes aside, can you picture getting bounced from one 190 who shoots down one of your wingmen on the way down, and the other on the way up, terrifyingly surreal experience to find yourself in. I digress. That's what the first DM revision felt like but it had its drawbacks in other contexts
  12. Ah well .... whatever Thinking about it in those terms, if you had a vagina as the surprise....well, that would be way more terrifying than a penis
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