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  1. Hey Zebra I'm sorry you deleted your channel over my delusions. Watching one of your videos now without all the symbolism in my head....trippy. Weed's a hell of a drug I suppose. Take care
  2. I can no longer get drunk because the medication I'm on blocks the high. I miss getting drunk : (
  3. The answer to your question is yes, you can lean for example over the top of the sight to gain some more lead on the target. Or you can lean to the sides to see him over the nose. In both cases you'd lose the sight at least partially if not all together depending on how much you lean
  4. I haven't read the paper(s) this model is based on, I don't understand the parameters that went into making this what it is, this makes it difficult for me to judge realism. Don't get me wrong, the implementation of this system was impressive; you can pull harshly and let go before your screen goes fully black but then it's already too late and you black out all the way because you applied at too high a rate. In the words of the devs, the G-load depends on its duration and rate of G applied and the delay comes from the "hemodynamics" of the cardiovascular system. Seems really legi
  5. The most memorable part of CloD for me was the ballistics, it's almost like you feel your inputs flex the wings and mess your shots up, you have to be smoother have more finesse to hit things. Not only that but the flashes and holes it leaves in the plane just look way more detailed, damage model more detailed, you can actually see which internal components you damaged. I'm not a pilot, I don't know anything about flying I just like to see things blow up. I think as a flight sim game BoS is waaaaaayyyyyyyy ahead of CloD with its archaic interface and mega niche servers. CloD has n
  6. I used the mouse for pitch and yaw motion (pan camera??) and hatswitch-right to recenter (snap view?). Hatswitch-up was move pilot head up (y axis), and hatswitch-down was move pilot head down (y axis), hatswitch-left was to move the pilot head backwards (z axis). I did not have a button to move the pilot head forward, my initial position would have to be as close to the sight as I'd ever need it. Mouse right click, move pilot head to the right (x axis). Mouse left click, move pilot to the left (x axis).
  7. The hurricane was the first plane I ever flew...against a TB-3 a few millennia ago. It's a super slow plane so I'd probably get rekt alot but y not give it a shot Thanks anyways
  8. Not surprising to hear their criminal infamy was also overstated; I was mainly talking about the way they portrayed "relationships" and schizophrenia. I think the real deal wouldn't be too appealing for the public
  9. Basically, the movie is nothing like reality ... just fun to see how completely twisted it'd be if you were an unsuspecting viewer Yeah man... movie vs. reality really really really far off
  10. Stats are good, when I had my uhhh bout, stats were the only thing keeping track/helping me stay motivated
  11. blllyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Pro tip watch the movie Legends then read about the Kray Twins
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