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  1. Fantastic. There's no such thing as Karma, there's only choices. I made some poor choices, I'm still making them even though they may well lead to permanent psychosis aka schizophrenia, that's why I thought this was somehow related to me at the time. More than one psychotic episode later and I still choose to do it. I also choose to write messages like these to avoid taking responsibility and to feel like something was accomplished.
  2. Hello just dropping by, simple question about your post. Did I cross your mind at any point during the writing of that message. Regards, -nobody
  3. lol...the drama on this forum is pretty entertaining sometimes
  4. Oh the classic "it's just joke bro", sure thing
  5. Hah I love Russians. "Don't make fun of the sick" Yet post and upvote this kind of picture, real top notch display by all of you
  6. This one time I met a pesky La-5 doing fancy things before trying to make me overshoot, the fancy things worked. Had I known his tactics I'd have just dropped my throttle nice and early but I decided to keep speed and climb rather too aggressively as I usually do, the guy shreds my elevators with twin 20mm fire. I'm coming down thinking is my tail gonna come clean off because my controls are totally messed. On the way down I pull out of a dive for a shot at him, my pitch controls are totally discombobulated...I score a MASSIVE fluke hit on his engine, I'm like this guy is probably so mad at this point that was his win with the fancy moves but nope DENIED Did I land on that flight? I don't remember I think I did, I just remember it was Krupinski. He knew it was a fluke too on the chat but I didn't say anything LOL
  7. I have nothing to contribute here.
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