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  1. Exactly, post a recording next time. - Stick Jerker 9000
  2. I wish this guy tried to hold significant negative G for 3+ seconds and then significant positive G for 3+ seconds a few times in a row at sub 450 km/h in a 109, do you guys think he could do it or what? Of course he can, and no stick forces aren't that heavy at those speeds and instantaneous turn is nothing compared to a mirage 2000, so there you go. While we're at it why don't we talk about the absolutely BACK BREAKING maneuvers that are possible on a SPITFIRE? How about the La-5 at high speed or the P-39? Yet here we are talking about the sluggish control locking 109. Hah you guys are great
  3. You're probably right, it's a pretty snug fit inside these aircraft. I also believe it's worth it to headless chicken experiment until you see what works and when it works. I think timing is everything, looking for timing cues in the opponents movement. Eventually you learn what discombobulates the opponent and even more down the line it becomes just a feeling, not that I'm anywhere close to that. Pure speculation here.
  4. The 109 has some decent resistance to initiate the motions I'm not sure how to explain (even at low speed). It's also a plane that often relies on the rudder-induced snap/stall to increase it's ability to roll faster, it doesn't have to be that erratic or even last that long for you to gain a significant improvement with roll rate..it doesn't feel like something that would be physically challenging for a real life pilot considering what jerking around a 190 must feel like...or an extra 300. I'm a serial offender of pushing down hard, rolling in one direction, waiting, rolling in another, waiting, then pulling up at the right time (in the 109); I wonder if the level of negative G I hit is unrealistic. Either way what you described makes the 190 an easy target for quite the long period of time, and it also kills quite a bit of energy unlike what you said. I think screwing someone's shot up is more about timing, you can do it with just a few degrees of motion if you know when your opponent is likely to fire right? In CloD your virtual neck/head moves when you roll harshly and you lose the sight for a moment, this effect isn't present in BoS....something that affects the person firing more than the person dodging...food for thought I guess.
  5. Being shorter vs. being skinny and tall...body fat percentage..muscle mass. Being a starved commie/jerry vs. a well fed brit/murican ... sanitary conditions/sickness/exotic parasites... amphetamine use abuse and withdrawal... # flight hours/stressful missions...lol. I think this implementation (without considering anything I just said) is pretty daunting. I wonder how flying will feel after. Hopefully we assume a default Olympian pilot for everyone xD EDIT: Oh and yeah, having your airfield relentlessly bombed day and night vs....that not being the case...
  6. I wish convergence settings would be saved per each different aircraft model because I forget what I use sometimes (for some planes)
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