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  1. Fw-190 at high speed has been significantly affected Honestly. I feel like it's easier to pull G in the F4 now than it is at let's say a Yak. I feel like I can more or less thoughtlessly pull on the stick on the F4 while on the Yak I have to ride the wave of near-g-loc screen blackening. It's really easy to ruin your entire flight in a fw-190 at speeds of over 600 km/h. One false harsh pull on the stick and you face plant into the ground
  2. Wow You can't possibly still be referring to me at this point can you
  3. Please tell me what you mean I'm begging you do you really mean it
  4. Can confirm, appropriate approach
  5. Hey do you guys fly allied too? Am I allowed to try and join ?
  6. The venturi effect. Kill yourself choke yourself, is that what you're telling me?
  7. I understand now what this means. It means the cap is popped off, it means you want me to pop my cap off you want me to kill myself? Hemorrhages? GRE? I dont know man I'm not going to drink though
  8. I was expecting it to feel like a Fw-190 but it's actually very different, it can lock up at higher speeds but and it turns much better than expected
  9. On the surface his frame doesn't exactly inspire G-tolerance but I'm pretty sure he had enough muscle to squeeze the blood up there, no way around it. He had to go through basic like everyone else...and the whole vibes of the time period kinda stressed physical fitness. As far as his exercise routine, I always got the picture he tried to give off this "I don't care" vibe by smoking drinking partying showing up late not respecting his superiors pranking people etc ...while actually being pretty obsessive with his score and being part of the boys; I also suspect he was the type to burn through relationship after relationship and have a general problem with commitment ... his father looked like the military career oriented type of guy who was largely absent. His mom ...well she seems like she was probably helicopter mom, probably suffocated him a little, totally guessing here but his behavior was a little troubled at times so something must have been up. He had a bit of a need for admiration ...and a bit of a death wish...I'm pretty sure there was a conversation where he was like "I'm touched by God" and his buddy was like no Marseille, you're just touched in the head, jokingly of course. My two cents on Marseille, an interesting character for sure. History and psychology should marry into one subject, that'd be pretty cool.
  10. I'm honestly amazed at the implementation of this pilot physiology model. I played it for some time before reading this bit on their update and wow, it's exactly what it feels like! It's all about the rate of G incurred, and the whole "hermodynamics" effect. Bump the stick harsh and pull those G in that little time, and you pass out in that little time. Lose consciousness once, lose it again right after and you pass out for longer, it's all really happening it's no illusion!!!!! Very awesome work guys.
  11. Krisu

    My first dogfight

    Hey man we flew together at one point, I took a long break was wondering if you're willing to the same some time? I'm eager to learn.
  12. The 190 was the most difficult one from my quick mission attempts, compared to any other plane. Consider the speed you're going at, at 500+ the instantaneous pull rate of the 190 destroys the slow and stiff 109 so it gives you more stiffness not to screw up. The 190 you feel like you went too far, THEN you let go of the stick, THEN you pass out, there is quite a large delay if the speed is large and the motion is harsh.
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