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  1. Ran into the same problems. The best advice here is any time you create a mission, set the map and place one plane in it that you know you have, mark it as player and test the map. If it is there continue making the mission. It seems my problem was not setting the map correctly in the beginning, and once you do it incorrectly, it is very difficult if not impossible to correct it. Thanks to the help here I copied the mission to a file and placed it on a correctly set map and recovered.
  2. Vander, it seems to be working now, and I can't pass up the mission if it works 😄 so, if it happens again I will record the specifics. This makes the game for me Vander! Your work is really awesome!! Thank you!
  3. I am getting '#10034 this skin was modified and cannot be loaded in the current game' error on Stalingrad map only Anyone got any ideas?
  4. I am getting all paint schemes locked on some generated missions. I can go right into quick mission and they all appear. Any idea what I might be doing to cause this?
  5. I am getting a '#10034 This skin was modified and cannot be loaded in the current game mode' error. I verified files, but still won't play a generated mission. I can still play missions I made or quick mission though. Any ideas? Edit: Well I downloaded the current version and it fixed itself.
  6. Thank you Vander! This is an awesome tool! I am amazed at all the things going on during these missions. I have played around with the mission builder, but it would take me weeks to do what your mission creator can do in one minute!
  7. I have used separate waypoints and the same waypoints. The fighters just refuse to fly as slow as the Stuka's top speed. I'm going to have to make the fighters flight a more crooked path to the battlefield. At least they will stay in formation.
  8. JimTM, I looked at that mission example. I can get that to work, but the fighters fly to the way points like a bunch of drunks. I want them to stay in formation and not fly back and forth over the bomber formation until they get to the target. The Stukas fly so damn slow, the fighters refuse to go that slow (even though it is above their stall speed). I tried everything I can fight. Looks like they may just have to zig zag from waypoint to waypoint to slow their progress towards the target. Its a lot of waypoints though. Lines everywhere in the mission builder, it ridiculous. This mission builder is much better than IL2 original though. Many more variables.
  9. Okay, Thanks JimTM, I dl'd it and will take a look at it tomorrow. I appreciate your help.
  10. JimTM, I have tried the cover command. And it does work, but it also completely destroys any sense of formation, even when I also use the formation command. Though I haven't tried reversing the order. Formation and then cover doesn't seem to work. I'll try reversing the order and see what happens.
  11. How do I get the fighters to not go off and leave the bombers? I set the waypoint speeds low for the fighters, higher for the Bomber and still, the fighters just go off and leave the bombers. This mission I am building has the fighters taking off, so I cannot target link the fighters to the bombers or chaos happens of the runway (bombers are airborne). I have the waypiont speed for the fighters at 180, and they do about 245 mph.
  12. .... and it's a time suck. 6 hours go just like that! And a bit more addictive than crack it seems.
  13. It's fixed! Wow, great update too. Getting much better frames.
  14. Got the same issue. Okay, as longs as they are working on it. amd 380 4GB here, with a i5-4690k and 8GB. I just updated the latest drivers too, before I got the update. Oh, there's a Christmas tree!? :D
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