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  1. I've been flying in VR for around 2 years now and the new visibility system was quite welcome, despite some quirks to be ironed out. As for the current state, it's a nightmare. I'm not sure how they adjusted it exactly but visibility seems to be waaaay worse than before the system was changed. In addition, it seems like sometimes some units just turn totally invisible: I was training in quick play with Hs129 attacking some ground vehicles, and some vehicles were visible while I pressed VR zoom, but turned invisible when I released it. I was approaching perpendicular to a road to the last known position of a vehicle but couldn't see it. When I zoomed it, it suddenly appeared. I believe I was less than 1km away. I tried to reproduce it (in a Fw) but couldn't. Still, it makes me wonder...
  2. Nope. You could only rotate your head, but no front/back or left/right translation. DK1 as sold to people (I owned one) was not 6DOF. The DK2 was. Anyway, what the OP asks for makes sense. And the solutions offered by different people in this thread are workarounds. The funniest suggestion being the one of getting out of VR to establish settings the use them in VR... It might work (I haven't tested) but that's clearly not ergonomic...
  3. Following my flights yesterday: - I didn't feel any update in performance. FPS was lower, but maybe because of the amount of planes on the ground on Allies side (usually around 40, here 25). - Visibility is indeed waaay better. However, as stated by some, at certain distances zooming in makes the planes smaller for some reason.
  4. This is great news !! Can't wait to fly tonight
  5. Bump this. We need this. That and the modifier key. DCS has these functions and they are VERY handy. Big QOL improvement.
  6. Bump ! This would be super useful and I can't imagine this being too difficult to implement... it's a low hanging fruit ! grab it, devs ! :)
  7. Hi, I didn't have time to try out the new update yet. I'm wondering if maybe some people with VR had tried it and could share their opinion - any performance update ? - how is the new plane visibility in VR ? any other comments / remarks are welcome
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