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  1. At the very least it's entertaining; you might even consider it a music video for the song!
  2. This looks really interesting. I'll have to stop by this weekend.
  3. Super excited for another TAW, I had so much fun on the last one! Keep an eye out for that Big Red Red Flight!
  4. IngegnerTommy that's a nifty idea. More fun for players and more ease on the devs of the server. Has this been discussed before? I would be all for it!
  5. Red Flight takes to the skies in Fw190 A5/U fighter bombers. Shout out to [ER]Nordseefischer, he was the guy in the He 111. He was unaffiliated with our group, but was patient enough to let us block the runway for a few minutes while we formed up. He ended up hitting the same target just as we did, so I found it fitting to include him.
  6. I think GPS should stay on. I'm a newer player to IL-2, and I'm still learning how to effectively fly my aircraft. If I have to watch all my gauges and keep a constant eye on my map while also keeping an eye out for enemies, it'll be too much for me. I consider GPS to be my "pilots memory". I am just plopped into the middle of a battlefield that I've never been to before, but my pilot character know she the nearby area and should have a basic idea of where he is. However, if it wasn't made so that GPS updated after 15 seconds of looking at the map I think that could be a fair compromise as the pilot would "get his bearings.
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