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  1. Yes if I dropped any bombs that far away from a building in IL2 I would do 0% damage to the building. And this is what i am getting at with some of the bigger bombs and they have casing on them as well so you would expect it to just flatten some things that are close to one another if you drop between them. If the bombs of bigger size can not take out more than one target then what is the point of taking them. I have yet to find something I was unable to level with a smaller bomb. So a bomb that is 5x or 10x the size should do a lot more damage and you should be able to destroy structures t
  2. Sorry where should I have posted this? I will have to take some screen shots when I remember. But I agree with you that it was corrected but feels a bit overcorrected mostly with the bigger bombs for me. At least I know I am not the only person who feels this way. I know i have talked to others and they also thing the bigger bombs almost feel useless now. I understand that and I will try to get some photos. But if I drop a 500lb bomb between two fuel tanks and the crater is touching both fuel tanks I find it hard to believe that would not have taken out both fuel
  3. Does anyone else feel as the bigger KG bombs seem to be a bit weak? Before a rework on the damage model for bombs it used to be possible to take out multiple targets with a larger bomb. This does not seem possible anymore and now I feel it is more useful to take smaller bombs than bigger bombs. As I feel like the bigger bombs do not do enough damage. E.G. if you drop right next to a building or multiple buildings and part of the crater is touching the building / buildings it will not take out the building. So if you need to be 100% on target even with larger bombs then you might as well just t
  4. I do know more people were being talked into coming over to IL2 based on the patch. Now that one of the better features turned to 0 it might turn them off. Hopefully they find a middle ground.
  5. HOLY COW I have been fighting with this for like 3 hours now same issue. I checked in Windows and everything works fine. I fire up the game and check configuration and throttle looks fine. When I am flying the throttle will go to O or 100%. If at that time I go check on the calibration it will not move. I have reinstalled the game today as I had a hard drive issue. But this is the only game I play and same issue I am going to disconnect my 16000 throttle and test it. Ok I figured out my issue I was playing in single player and if I have the settings on Custo
  6. Yes you can have one user host and others view. Whoever is going to host has to start a new stream. Lower left corner icon above the trash can. They name and give stream a password. Then have the others click the same button and connect to stream. Sometimes I have issues when the main person makes a change to the flight plan and the viewer has to drop and rejoin to view the changes.
  7. Anyone else getting an error when trying to stream? I get NOSCRIPT No matching script. Please use EVAL. Am I doing something wrong?
  8. Amazing missions. Only played for a short time but had more fun on this server than I have on wings in a long time. Love the dynamic maps and the having to spot your objective targets makes it very interesting as well. Also love the visuals stuff I have never seen on wings. I also have heard the day night cycle is awesome as well.
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