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  1. It certainly has nothing to do with quality of air sims! Today's top shelf offerings are first class. As many posters have mentioned it is a case of demographic shift and interest. The baby boomer gen grew up with comics based on WW2 and moved onto history books and movies of that time when they got older, not to mention their family connections who actually served during the war. Most of the current generation have little to no interest in WW2 and no personal connection to those times. The trend in Oz education is away from actual history to little more than an
  2. Thx DM0383 for the time and effort you are putting into the server. It would be nice if we could get Oz/NZ timezone players to unite around the server but good numbers of players attract other players, so WOL ect rule in this regard. And the local online player-base is obviously not that strong and most (all?) of the old outfits eg Real Aussie Air Force, etc have "augured in". Maybe at some stage promote a COOP event and see if locals would support that. Anyway, agree with the policy of AI on the server to supplement the numbers. Good luck with it!
  3. Brief description: Cowls, Outlet OPEN/CLOSE Detailed description, conditions: The Cowl outlet open/close commands (LALT -/=) operate correctly when joystick/throttle Saitek X65F is NOT connected, ie keyboard only. When the X65F is connected the command (LALT -/=) is activated by moving the joystick axis commands, ie pitch and roll input opens and closes the cowls. Game Version: 3.007 Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): i7 3820 @ 3.6Ghz, W10(64), NVIDIA GTX 960
  4. Finally figured it out! Although only at 2000m you need to go to Supercharger 2 (LSH+s) to get the manifold pressure correct. Cruise Setting
  5. Thanks for having a punt, but definitely on Expert. Strange that water rad is manual but oil is auto?!
  6. After a long break from the game I decided to pick up Blazing Steppe in the recent sale. So it was back to flying the Yak1 s69. Using Expert setting. Consulting the various guides for engine guidance reveals normal operation at 2000m to be 1850 rpm at manifold pressure of 850. I can achieve one or the other via throttle/prop pitch but not both as recommended. Tried RSH+p in case I needed to set manual prop pitch - not applicable. Supercharger at level 1 should be correct for this altitude. Water radiator is manual but oil seems to adjust automatically (?, thought
  7. Informal gathering of Australian pilots on Thu and Sunday evenings from 2030hrs - Wings of Liberty, official BOS TS Server IP: Password: bos2014
  8. Good luck Jason managing the expanded team. To date the team has always delivered what was promised (plus surprises!) and on time so I have a lot of confidence in the management. Looking forward to the balance of Kuban and an update on the Pacific project. Hope the move to the west is a profitable one so we can see the Pacific realised.
  9. Hi DM0383, Thx for the Oz server. Is there a sqn "attached" to you server activity?
  10. Nice effort Darbzy! Sound is a little patchy. Caldwell's story is an interesting one and I have ready a couple of books about his exploits. Also provides some interesting background on the "office" and social politics of the time.
  11. Southern hemisphere servers don't get as busy as northern. So AI is a pretty good idea IMHO.
  12. I have been on the il2 BoX bandwagon from the start and it has been a very interesting journey. Something of an eye-opener on what a dev needs to achieve at different time-frames (not necessarily what they would like to achieve given time and cost considerations) and to offer improvements as technology becomes available. Big Kudos for keeping BOS and BOM in-line with current standards. The refinement of the FM on the journey has been impressive just to name one aspect of the project. Looking forward to the Pacific series.
  13. Maybe to keep with the times we need a fake Dev Update to keep up with the fake news! LOL! Great effort guys, hope the commercial side rewards your work.
  14. Just to recap - Problem - When installing Saitek driver, the USB does not recognise the device when plugged in. Solution - Device manager, Identify the Saitek Quadrant, Update Driver, manually select Universal Serial Bus Device - not the Saitek driver.
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