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  1. Hi templargfx. I put this file to LuaScripts folder, but it does't work. In side this staticexplosions.txt file is path to folder with Emitters and some files (LuaScripts\WorldObjects\Emitters\DummyGroundExpl_0.txt) I don't have that Emitters folder in my Box. Where to get these files ?
  2. Kiwi, try to uninstall all bos, and install new. I had this problem and now it works great.
  3. I was the same problem. I had to turn off all MODS, and after that start again. You should see on main screen login options, Steam or non steam
  4. Thanks for answers guys. I'm using Opentrack, but to have beeter feeling, I want to buy bigger monitor with WQHD or VR. How long can you use VR googles, I mean how long can You play IL until Your eyes get tired? Have you noticed any negative effect on eyes?
  5. So, grimm862, In Your opinion, VR is the best solution to play sim game ? I am asking because I have a dilemma, what to buy... VR or monitor
  6. You can see more here: This game was created by Polish programmers, and will be released probably in 2018.
  7. Everybody know this, but this low pass is awesome
  8. Sure. I creating new fighter campaign. Print screen is attached and eng file: 0:Ludwig Herflig 1941-10-01 INTERCEPT 1:<br>III./JG3 stationed at Temkino<br> 1.10.1941<br>Primary Objective Intercept enemy aircraft near Kozlakova. 2:Brought to you by PWCGCampaign Edit: when I do a clean installation is the same and exit to menu in end of loading mission.
  9. I have problem to start any mission. After creating new mission and loading in game, returns to the menu...
  10. In Settings You have camera control, and the end of the table You can find: Camera: head-unlinked cocpit. To back from gunsight You need to press reset camera. Best Regards
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