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  1. Meh. Basically we have a plane pack to flesh out late war models (fine), and added to it a mini campaign (3 months) with the exclamation of a huge (unnecessary) map size being cleverly marketed to inflate the size of the project so they can keep/justify the £60 price tag. Absolutely not worth it this time. If it was ~25-30 then fine. Very disappointed in this deceptive behaviour, but at least they have the spit as one of the collectors.
  2. Here is one i made if anyone wants it. Just needs converting to DDS, like at https://www.aconvert.com/
  3. [edited] I've just come out of a game hunting il-2s in my g2, and after spending the entirety of my ammo on a single il-2, none of which did any discernable damage, not even a fuel leak or any problem flying, i've decided personally this is unplayable at the moment. I'm not saying the DM change wasn't needed, because the wings coming off was also ridiculous before, but 1C really need to re-tune the guns to compensate, and keeping close to historical data like Grancesc provided as a reference. Particularly, it's about time they sorted out HE shells, which have been a glaring, obvious, and commonly understood problem since the games inception, and quite frankly, a disgrace, from a game development perspective, that 1C didn't address such a fundamentally important problem at the beginning, and more of a disgrace it remains unaddressed all these years later.
  4. Indeed, even the 151/20's are like firing spitballs now. I haven't shot down a single fighter yet from one pass since the patch, but instead have to wait 5 min for them to eventually fail. Even 3-second continuous fire volleys, which before would be overkill even for a pe-2, result in nothing but one plume white smoke.
  5. Doppler effect & Audio spectrum band, you can hear other planes whether your engine is loud or not, and their engines are also loud. Also set up a game where you sit on the runway with canopy open & engine off, and listen to AI planes overhead. Planes at 500m sound like they should be at 3km.
  6. Engine sounds are also a complete fabrication and nothing at all the actual ones. Engine sounds of other planes are also far, far too low. Sounds are the the Achilles heel of this sim, but most people don't seem to care about it, but to me at least it is really important. I hope one day dev's will acknowledge and fix this, but atm they just deny anything is wrong, as jason did a while back while congratulating their current sound engineer, despite the fact anyone can check engine sounds on youtube or other games, and tiger33's mod who has already done all the work, whom i wish they would hire/or buy from him to implement).
  7. In my experience it feels like wings and tails come off more often than before (wings coming off were already too common imo), sometimes from what appears to be only 1 cannon shot. Conversely VVS fighters taking no perceivable damage after taking a short salvo also occurs more often than before (and this was also too common before imo).
  8. For real pilots here, is the hartman rolle simmed correctly in this game? From my perspective (not a pilot) it seems like it doesn't work correctly (feels like there is a lot of resistance even at c. 300-400 kph, from the plane to want to go into it making it very slow, and then ends up often spinning out of control before the first roll even completes). In CloD for example, it works a lot better (a lot faster and can pull out of the roll whenever one wants without losing control). Which is closer to the reality?
  9. So did i, which is why i bought one. Then after about a year of light use the Y axis completely stopped working. Looked online and a lot of people had similar issues.
  10. As someone who has gone through most brands searching for decent gear, don't listen to anyone who suggests saitek, they are a pile of cheap wank, same with CH products. As others have said, thrustmaster t16000 is the best budget option and a very fine stick (great rudder pedals too), and VKB and Virpil (i prefer VKB myself due to it being desk-based) for quality.
  11. Only somewhat tangentially related but i think, potentially, many here (like me) will find this interesting. The guy has a lot of other equally interesting videos.
  12. You're being pedantic. Sim's operate from a design philosophy of realism, rather than what is equal/fair in a competitive game. If something in game is modelled contra to what was historically the case (In this game), then it requires balancing to correct it, first to what was historically accurate, and secondly (which derives from the first given all other systems are modelled correctly) to create the correct balance relative to other systems/mechanics that existed within the complex. It does not mean complete symmetry.
  13. Brief description: Game freeze then crash on loading into campaign from menu Detailed description, conditions: I finished the day and when i clicked 'next day' the game froze and then eventually crashed. Now every time i try to resume my campaign it does exactly the same thing. This is on battle of Kuban and i'm currently on the 3/5/43. Additional assets: N/A Your PC config data: Windows 7 pro x64, Nvidia GTX 1070 w/ 398.11 drivers.
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