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  1. Busting a weezer... Shattered some windows with that one... 😄
  2. Messerschmitt Bf-109: - "The Messerschmitt", - NOTE: Following names given for specific models of Bf109, F,G,K, etc. - "Messer", - "Anton" - "Berta" - "Caesar" - "Dora" - "Emil" - "Friedrich" - "Gustav" - "Kurfürst". Messerschmitt Bf-110: - "Zerstörer" (Destroyer) - NOTE: Refers more specifically to a class of plane rather then the name of a specific plane. Focke-Wulf Fw 190: - "Würger" (Shrike) - "Butcher Bird" - "Dora" - NOTE: Name given to the in-line engine "D" model. Heinkel He-111 - "The Heinkel" - "Spaten" - NOTE: German for spade (shovel), name given due to the shape of the wings. Junkers Ju-87 - "Stuka" - NOTE: from Sturzkampfflugzeug, or "dive bomber" in English. Junkers Ju-52 - "Tante Ju" ("Aunt Ju") - "Iron Annie" Junkers Ju-88 - "Schnellbomber" - NOTE: German for "Fast Bomber", name not specifically given to the plane, rather to the specification request for required bomber design. Messerschmitt Me-262 - "Schwalbe" - NOTE: German for "Swallow" - "Sturmvogel" - NOTE - German for "Storm Bird", given to ground attack versions Henschel Hs-129 - "Duck" - NOTE: name given in modern times, needs better examples - "?" Please feel free to submit other examples or advice. Thanks.
  3. The I-16 for the allies. Its easy to fly. Very fun for flying aerobatics. Its simple to manage. And the Ju-87 for the Axis. Always loved the Stuka. Always will. I enjoy flying it. Doing aerobatics in it. I like dive bombing. I like tank busting in it. Nice to cruise around in.
  4. I'd just like to see more bombers in general really. I get that they are two times harder to do. But I typically don't like sims where you can only fly fighters and all the bombers are AI. And I'm typically more of a bomber pilot myself anyway. The solid gun nose version of the Ju-88 would be a nice plane to have. Personally I think they should make the Ju-188 for the Battle of Bodenplatte German bomber. Since they don't seem to get a bomber in this expansion. Unless you count the Me-262 as one. The B-26 would be fantastic as well. With all the chin MGs it has it would be a lot of fun as a ground attacker.
  5. Yah pretty much. I mean I'd be perfectly happy to see AI only heavy bombers for missions and the like. But for the obscure things I'm interested in its basically a no-go.
  6. Its a little sad how people are already complaining. I mean the Hurricane has been a plane people have been begging for for a long time now, including myself. And I'm sure the Russian community has been asking for the Yak-9 a lot. Just be glad or be patient. Nobody is forcing you to buy them. And I'm sure more planes are on their bucket list. Trust me. I have a looooooong time before I ever see the planes on my personal wish list. Like... never. 😢 Not even for Il-2GB. For pretty much any decent flight sim. Its just the way things are.
  7. I don't think the Hurricane is ugly at all. The Yak series on the other hand... 😉
  8. Browning .303 machine guns. Possibly rockets (though I cant be sure). Bombs. 2.7 mm Berezin UB machine guns. Two 20 mm ShVAK cannon. Maybe even a tail gunner mod.
  9. Thanks so much guys! I probably wont get the Yak. At least not right away. But the Hurricane is a must have for me.
  10. Very impressed with the new pilot physiology effects. Flying one of the first Great Battles aircraft. The LaGG-3. A very nice little plane to fly. The Bf-110s are always nastier opponents then I expect by the way... Warming up a Warhawk in the snow.
  11. The maps stutter really bad. Especially when you zoom in and out on them in the briefing screen and the full "O" map.
  12. I kind of wish that as you play through a campaign with Ironman off, if you die you play as another pilot in your group. Which means eventually, if you die to many times, you will run out of pilots in your group and would have to either wait for replacements or start over.
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