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  1. Motherbrain

    Yak-1b (Series 127) skins

    A fictional red skin I made based on the Yak-3P. Still needs a little tweaking.
  2. Motherbrain

    Pe-2 impossible to land on 1 engine

    Pe-2 is deceptively tricky to land. It's so easy and enjoyable to fly in almost every other way.
  3. Motherbrain

    Zeppelin really in FC?

    I still hold out hopes airships will be taken seriously. I haven't seen a good zeppelin airship simulated in a flight sim since playing Dawn of Aces, which was a game from 1995 or something. The X-plane series can simulate them sort of. But its very limited and I'm literally the only one that uploads them to the X-plane community. Not a single decent model of one exists, let alone a payware one. In Flying Circus, it wouldn't even have to be player controlled. It could just be AI only. That would be more than enough for me.
  4. Motherbrain


    I noticed in the Mission Builder manual the Rearm/Repair/Refuel options are given in the airfield object but "aren't implemented". If they plan to add this feature at some point I really look forward to it.
  5. Motherbrain

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

  6. Motherbrain

    Developer Diary 198 - Discussion

    Awsome! Looks amazing guys! Enjoy your vacations.
  7. Motherbrain

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Never fun having to land sideways in a crosswind.
  8. Motherbrain

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    I cant remember off the top of my head who did them, but he did a great job.
  9. Purchased Flying Circus in a heart beat. Thanks guys!
  10. After the patch I've had to rebind my joystick every time I play. Even though the binds show up in the menu, they don't do anything. I have to go thru each one, rebind them, then they work fine. I have a Thrustmaster Attack 3 on windows 10... if that helps...
  11. Motherbrain

    Additional Yaw Control Settings.

    Ghost try this, unplug your pedals. If you have a twisty stick, unbind the Yaw function, and either use keyboard or joystick buttons to control the rudder. Go to quick mission and play the Bf110. WITH auto rudder. From parking. And try controlling it that way. If your still not convinced, try playing a full campaign mission or try to get a couple kills in multiplayer. If you don't feel handicapped, I don't know what else to say... I have to use mouse control because I cant make it thru a campaign mission without ground looping, dragging wings, and crashing on takoff. It ruins the immersion, its lame, its dumb, and its a handicap for me. This is the stone wall I come up to every time I try to get a handle on these kinds of simulators, condescending, unsympathetic, uncompromising hardcore players. "is it because you prefer mouse control" NO, its because I DON'T prefer it and would rather be able to use my joystick. "Then go back to War thunder dumb***". Well I'd like to enjoy the same game you do but If I'm not wanted here theirs no sense staying... I've found that most of the simulator community has this sort of attitude to amateur aviation enthusiast. Its not a good way to promote your brand.
  12. Motherbrain

    Additional Yaw Control Settings.

    Auto rudder is fine in Quick mission but in campaign or multiplayer you cant use it. But the only thing auto rudder does is counter adverse yaw. But its the actual control of the rudder thats too slow. Even with it on taxiing and taking off and landing is still very difficult. And yes the way you control the rudder now feels more like trim then actual rudder control.
  13. Motherbrain

    Additional Yaw Control Settings.

    Controlling yaw in simulators is the most discouraging thing for me. It was in Rise of Flight, and it still is for Il-2BOS. You have four options, petals; which can be expensive and useually have to be ordered online. A twisty stick, which not all sticks have. Mouse control, which is great but your limited in what you can do and is really intended for beginners but defeats the point of flying a simulator. But its the last option I want to talk about. Keys on the keyboard, and/or binding keys on your joystick. In Il-2, you hold your key down, and your rudder SLOWLY deflects in a given direction. You release the key, and it STAYS THERE. Then you have to either bind a key to center your rudder or hold another key to move the rudder SLOWLY in the opposite direction. For me, its a struggle just to taxi and on some planes like the Bf-110 and the Pe-3, playing them is miserable and sometimes impossible. You cant move the rudder fast enough to prevent ground loops and to taxi properly. The rudder with key binds moves too slowly and you have to center it every time. What we need is a Yaw control setup like what Warthunder has. You push a key, and your rudder QUICKLY, SNAPS to either direction. You release the key, and it SNAPS back to center. This would be much better then what we have now. Right now, I cant enjoy the game with my stick and I'm more or less forced to play the game with mouse control. Yaw has always been the most discouraging and frustrating thing for me in Il-2 because of the way the rudder is controlled with a keyboard. Even though I never have a problem with it in almost every other game. Warthunder, Il-2 1946BAT, never have a problem with them. Because they control the rudder the way I described above. Having the option to control the rudder this way, and being able to select how quickly the rudder snaps would help me a lot. Thanks. 07 PS: please don't get a condescending attitude just because I use mouse controls or cant afford pedals. Not everybody has VR sim seats. And not everybody has the same issues with the game. Thank you.