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  1. My first flight sim ever was Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002. And I remember to this day, the first plane I picked was the Beechcraft Baron 58 from the default Meigs airport, and I thought the artificial horizon was some sort of altitude indicator, so I pulled up and up and crashed. πŸ˜„ I've played sims since I was 5 pretty much.
  2. I picked the "make new planes" option personally. But in reality the real priority is probably working on developing the new expansion and getting the new collector planes ready for release. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜„
  3. I enjoy flying the Ju-52 from airfield to airfield, or even just doing patterns and touch-and-go's. I made some short missions with it just doing some cargo and staff relocation flights. Its nice just flying from time to time.
  4. Since anything based in the PTO in Il-2GB is at best probably years away and at worst not possible, I wanted to know what people thought of my little idea. It would be a very small and very simple PTO expansion. It would only have two flyable planes. The F4F Wildcat and the A6M Zero (depicting early war versions). The included Pacific map would be very small. About the size of the Lapino map we currently have. It could depict either fictitious Pacific islands with convenient airfields on either end. Or it could maybe depict a small sliver of a real island, simply making sure an airfield for each side would be on each side of the map for missions and multiplayer. This would allow for a Pacific map without needing aircraft carriers. As for land or sea vehicles it could perhaps only be a set of one or two vehicles and/or ships for each side. Just to have something to shoot at us from the ground and to shoot at. This could be something simple to develop along side a full module in development like Flying Circus was. And my thinking is it would be better then nothing. And if there ever was a full PTO module, it could use different versions of the Wildcat and Zero and sell them separately (think Bf109G-6 and Bf-109G-6 (Late)). Would you like something like this since something is better then nothing, or are you not this desperate yet and want it done properly?
  5. Thanks, fixed. When I get in front of a computer again I'll update it.
  6. I've noticed I know almost nothing about Russian aviation history. Including the aviation engines used in Russian planes. I know a little about the Merlin's and BMWs and what planes they were in. But I basically know nothing about Russian aero engines. So this is as much for my own study and enjoyment as it is yours. I've decided to simply look up what the engines are for the current Russian planes that are in Il-2 Great Battles. = = = Klimov M-105 = = = https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klimov_M-105 Notes: - Liquid cooled, 12 cylinders, 60 degree V configuration, internal combustion. - Based on Hispano-Suiza (Spanish) engines. - Around 1100hp depending on versions. - Multiple versions of Klimov VK series engines, VK-100/107. Major Applications - LaGG-3 - Pe-2 - Yak-1 - Yak-7 - Yak-9 = = = Mikulin AM-38 = = = https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikulin_AM-38 Notes: - Liquid cooled, 12 cylinder, V configuration, internal combustion. - 1700hp depending on version. Major Applications - Ilyushin Il-2 = = = Shvetsov ASh-62 = = = https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shvetsov_ASh-62 Notes: - Nine cylinder, radial configuration, air cooled, internal combustion. - Developed from the American Wright R-1820 Cyclone. - Licence made in Poland and China. - 40,361 were produced. - 1100hp Major Applications - Polikarpov I-16 = = = Mikulin AM-35 = = = https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikulin_AM-35 Notes: - 12 cylinder, V configuration, liquid cooled, internal combustion. - Gave a high altitude advantage in a theater where most combat was at low altitude. - 1,350 hp Major Applications - Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-3 = = = Shvetsov ASh-82 = = = https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shvetsov_ASh-82 Notes: - 14 cylinder, two row, radial configuration, air cooled, internal combustion. - A development of the M-25, which was a licensed version of the American Wright R-1820 Cyclone. - Lighter and more compact then the cyclone. Converted to metric dimensions and fasteners. - Installed on a LaGG-3 airframe to effectively create the La-5. - Over 70,000 ASh-82s were built. - Has between 1570hp to 1900hp depending on version. Major Applications - Lavochkin La-5 = = = Shvetsov M-11 = = = https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shvetsov_M-11 Notes: - Five cylinder, radial configuration, air cooled, internal combustion. - Produced in the Soviet Union between 1923 and 1952. - individual camshafts for each cylinder. - Early versions suffered from a short service life of only 50 hours. - Different versions possessed between 100hp to 140hp. - 100,000+ built. Major Applications - Polikarpov Po-2 (U-2)
  7. They are eager and rabidly consume every rumor because they are passionate and they are squandering that. These sims have such nasty, hostile, gatekeeper communities and so little go get hyped about it's no wonder flight sims are a niche thing.
  8. The dev's need to communicate better. You ask questions and the only real response you get are gate keepers ripping into you for having the audacity for not knowing what is going on and for daring to ask what is going on. You have to dig just to find laughable tidbits of information, only to find out even those were made up by people that have about as good idea as you do about what is going on. Mum dev's and gatekeepers that RIP into people asking questions. It amazes me this game has so many passionate people chomping at the bit to know more about it but they don't do anything about it. Or they even don't think we should.
  9. Giving the Bf-109G-6 collector plane some love and attention in the FMB. Should have a pack of missions out for it soon.
  10. The future looks bleak for anybody who want's anything other than the most pristinely documented aircraft. Not just In Il2 but for any sim. I think I've spent enough money on this anyway. With the money I've spent on flight sims I could have made a nice RC model of a Japanese plane. I'm still debating weather or not to buy into BoN. I doubt it. I still have Christmas gifts to get.
  11. I've more or less given up on it.
  12. It's a free to play MMO with gameplay intentionally designed to be a miserable grind so it can tap into your gambling tendencies and make you pay for premium time and currency so you can grind for and unlock the next "shiny" that you won't be able to enjoy and will in fact cause you even MORE misery as you have to upgrade that vehicle and be abused by other players as you do so, again by design. It has very little single player content, by design of course. Why grind and be killed endlessly over and over by other players when you can just play single player and actually enjoy the game? That of course doesn't make them money, so they intentionally limit the single player content to force you to play MP. No. Warthunder is NOT the game for me. Its miserable by design. And there are better and quicker ways of abusing yourself then by playing it. I hate WT with a passion, and I'm tired of people pointing me to it. Its garbage. No. Il-2 Great Battles is the best of the lot. It has great gameplay. Your free to do whatever you want, however you want to do it. I'm just sad how hard it is for the dev's to make it and add to it. Its tragic in my mind. And I wish it was different. And I can't help but compare it to other things.
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