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  1. The P47 is probably this biggest disappointment for me. I can't seem to do well at all in Bf109s ither for some reason. Two planes that DID surprise me however was the P38 and the Tempest. Both are strong, good climbing and maneuverable powerhouses.
  2. My buddies at work have their own Discord channel. I'll drop the occasional Il-2 Great Battles screenshot in there, and sure enough they have all asked me about it. 😄😈
  3. These custom tactical codes are going to be awesome. And the N28 looks fantastic!
  4. I'm kind of hoping if we ever get a 1918 version of the channel map like in RoF we could see the Felixstowe and W12 again. I'd love to see seaplanes again.
  5. Its a fun ground attacker. Better then the Stuka IMO. It has better forward firing weapons and a decent choice of bombs and gun pods. Easier pray for enemy fighters though. It doesn't have a rear turret, which the Stuka does have at least.
  6. Got the jump on a particularly unlucky La-5. 😄
  7. Loving the unloved. I noticed this was a plane I haven't flown for a very long time. I'll have a mission pack for the Hs-129 ready soon.
  8. Does anybody know what Marshall mode is going to be exactly?
  9. Here are a couple faux Italian skins for the Pe-2 Series 35. DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5f5du3ampf7j68v/pe2s35_faux_italian.7z?dl=0
  10. A faux Italian skin for the Pe-2 series 35. I'm still tinkering with it and I'll probably add a couple variations as well. I'll upload it soon.
  11. "Also, I know some of you would love to see a Zeppelin in the Flying Circus series. Me too! But if it were added, it would likely be an AI machine only. However, such a craft would be a great target and add some fun, new gameplay. Developing even an AI Zeppelin is a big job and would require development of the physics and systems for lighter than air vehicles. It’s on my long-term desires list and if I can find a pathway to make them I will. I’ve long wanted this, but it’s harder than it looks to have a truly proper airship in our engine even as AI". I had a rush of excitement when
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