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  1. I always did like the look of razorbacks better.
  2. Still having this issue in the Bf106G6. Flew a mission. Landed at an airfield with rearm and repair. Engine wouldn't restart.
  3. If Il2 was an online only game I wouldn't have spent a dime on it. Not a lead cent. I'm not into the "competitive" horse shit and I'm not going to pay for somthing that forces me to play in a way I don't like. Thats why I hate WT with a passion.
  4. No he needs to drag this community down to Call of Duty/Fortnite levels. At least he didn't call him a r3ta*d. I guess we don't stoop that low yet. 😄
  5. More payed for content = more $$$ = More content.
  6. Or if your not inclined to play MP in the first place. I'd rather buy somthing then play with it any way I want then only be able to play it in a mode I'm not interested in for free.
  7. I really like the idea of "collector maps". They could be smaller maps with higher detail for areas maybe outside of the scope of the Great Battles expansions.
  8. Beginning to play through the Achtung Spitfire! campaign. Working on a pack of missions for the new P-47D-22 Thunderbolt. Since the Normandy map is still a ways off and I wanted to minimize the amount of Il-2 expansions one would need to play them, I'm using the free Great Battles maps, so all you would need is Il-2 Battle of Normandy to play them. This means they are going to be Russian based missions for the time being.
  9. Il2 BAT pretty much has everything you could want (though sometimes of questionable quality). That and making actual plastic scale model kits of the planes I like. At least I get to actually hold them in my hand. 😄 My point is if there is a particular plane that catches your fancy, there are lots of ways to get your fix, all for a lot cheaper then getting a requested plane added to Il2GB I'd imagine.
  10. Looks like a photo he took while shooting Flying Tigers. One of my favorite John Wayne movies. It actually has some pretty fun dog fighting scenes.
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