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  1. Ah well just tried a different computer at a different location and it still fails. Steam sale next year it is.
  2. Me too. It would seem that Xsolla is the in between issue here as Ive never had payment issues with the 3 methods I've tried. As I mentioned I purchased BOK through IL2's website and paid with PayPal without a problem last year. I'll try again at some point I'm just frustrated at how awkward stuff can be that should be easy My post is mainly born of frustration with how annoying buying games is turning out to be these days. It's mainly frustrating because I'm trying to do the best thing I can and give the devs the best purchase I can but it feel like I'm just being given grief for it. It seems gone are the days where I just pressed purchase in steam. I understand that just using steam isn't the best as they are monopolizing the industry... but it sure is convenient. In the hundreds of games of purchased I've never once had a payment issue. These days there are a million game launchers and stores and they all want passwords and payment info and they never really work as smoothly as they should. I know it sounds like a small thing to whine about but at the end of the day I just want to click buy and be playing by the time I make a cuppa coffee. I really don't want to have go through support to do it. Im just getting cranky in my old age and anything that is less that convenient really rubs me the wrong way. I'll give it another shot at some point when I'm more chilled out P.S. Just want to say that its really awesome to see you giving back to the community like that.
  3. Man do I love Il2 and I own BOS BOM and BOK now I'd like to own BOB except you wont let me pay you for it 😠 Start rant! I understand you want to maximise the money you receive to fully go to development, I originally purchased BOS and BOM from steam but later thought "hey Ill just give you guys the money directly for BOK". I've just tried to purchase BOB and the stupid payment authentication you use will not let me pay, I've tried Amazon Payment, PayPal and even Directly entering my Visa details they all fail because of Xsolla. Ive just had a quick browse on the forums and there are TONS of people having similar issues with Xsolla. I'm to the point where its already made me so angry that I don't want to jump through hoops and contact their support just to try and give you my money. Its almost like you are tying to make it as awkward as possible to give you money you deserve for a great product. What really makes me annoyed is now I'll just have to wait for it to come to steam and pay more for it because of having to buy collector planes separately... Thinking about it like it I may just pass all together and wait for the steam sale. End rant!
  4. How has this issue still not been fixed? I've avoided flying this plane since release and It has been months now and the camera movement is still bugged when moving to the left. This issue is present even without TrackIR its actually easier to see its effect when using the head side to side keys. Here are steps for reproduction. 1 fly the P39-1 2 move head position left and right 3 observe the difference in movement speed s the position crosses the mid point. Left of the mid point is slow and sluggish and right of the mid point is normal speed.
  5. I only just started flying the p-39 and this issue is immediately apparent. It's still present in the very latest build of the game (3.006) How on earth has this gone unfixed for so long? Are we just a minority that are getting this or has there been some sort of tweak I need to do that I'm unaware of to make this issue go away. It makes looking around the cockpit feel really weird to point where It speeding up and slowing down of camera pans just makes me not want to fly it.
  6. @LF_VictoriSV I've seen a post about this somewhere but I can't seem to find it now...think i may have seen it on the steam forums. It is an issue but is definitely a different bug to the one I reported about the planes flickering. The issue you are describing looks something to do with the game not rendering the clouds in at the correct depth. I'm guessing the clouds are some very fancy volumetric effects that aren't rendered to the z-buffer in the same way that geometry is and they are being rendered over the top of the planes at a certain z depth.
  7. This a known issue with that particular plane. I started a thread about disappearing planes and had it confirmed by the devs, they have said it should be fixed in the next patch. Here is the thread if your interested...
  8. Thanks Sneaksie I'm super happy I can continue playing knowing I'm not going to get jumped by cloaking fighters
  9. Hmmm I think it was the A-20B. Here is the track, I had to rar it up due to file size. p.s WOW I had no idea tracks were so huge in file size! IL2_plane_flicker_track.rar
  10. I just recorded a track to see if it happens in replays too and it does. Interestingly in the track player you can see that the markers do indeed show planes disappearing that are well within 10km. Excuse the potato quality it was quickly recorded on my phone. The zoom is me adjusting FOV.
  11. This is now fixed as of version 3.002 First I'd just like to say thanks for hard work on update 3.0 Is anyone else having planes flickering in and out of view when in large groups? For example in escort the bombers missions where a large cluster of planes are together some of them disappear only to reappear depending on the view. It tends to happen more with distance, note they they are definitely in range as planes that are closer in the formation will disappear and I can see planes further ahead in the same formation. Its incredibly immersion breaking and as much as I hate to say it... borderline game breaking. It makes me not trust the game at all...I mean how am I supposed to know if enemy planes are there or not now Ive started noticing planes disappearing and reappearing. Its almost like the game engine is exceeding the maximum amount of planes that can be rendered and its turning some off. This was while playing single player campaign while flying the spitfire on Kuban map. Front line activity set to dense and graphics set to ultra. Its a real shame as I just bought BOK and what with the new features of the patch I was super excited to play but this is ruining my other wise excellent experience :-( Specs are i7 4770k @ 4ghz 16 gb ram GTX 1080 Running on SSD Win10 All drivers and updates are latest.
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