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  1. Ju 52 vs P40 Sopwith camel vs p40 Wet piece of tissue vs p40 Kudos to you if you can get any kills with a p40 in this. It's horrible. La-5 is also overrated. It's turn is pretty poor. "buh buh buh speed on the deck!" Great, hope you enjoy getting boom and zoomed all day by 109s.
  2. Why is identification such a problem in VR? The resolution is still greater than 1080p right? It's it better if you use the pimax?
  3. It's amazing that we have a 4 page thread in something that, for technical reasons, is difficult to model when there are significantly bigger things that aren't modeled for technical reasons. Like: The effects of forces on your body. Force feedback. Temperature inside the cockpit.
  4. I sold my Warthog HOTAS (no extension) after getting a Gladiator Pro. Although the plastic stick initially felt cheap I have not regretted my decision in the slightest. The difference in accuracy is huge.
  5. I have been outturned in this game by a 109 on the deck whilst I was flying a yak. In fact he got behind me after only a few circles. Not quite sure how he did it.
  6. SLI seemed to go through a resurgence a few years ago when a lot of games supported it, presumably because nvidia was pushing the tech. For a while SLI was the only way to get 60fps in Witcher 3 at 1440p. In the last 18 months support seems to have fallen off massively with most companies just not bothering at all. At this point I would say it is a huge waste of money. You are better investing in a new card and selling your last one.
  7. There is another thread on this: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/29255-sliupdate/ It seems that SLI is not working on a number of nVidia cards e.g. I have 980s. You can try the changing the SLI bits but beware of false positives - when I did this, RivaTuner started showing "SLI sync" but if anything my FPS was lower.
  8. Curious why VR would make a difference.
  9. I dont think anyone in the community disagrees with you last sentence. This game differs a lot from resl life, for example you can't even feel G forces on your body. Some how we find ways to get by and carry on.
  10. Ah so this explains why the A5 is not the best fighter in the game.
  11. Nice try but your smug comeback completely missed the point. Try again.
  12. This is what gets me. Multiplayer isn't a simulator (certainly on WoL), it is not even close. If you want a simulation play single player or one of servers that organises periodic private games where players are divided into sqns with objectives. WoL is for the most part a bunch of randoms flying around with no support and with no defined objective other than bump into the enemy and engage them. Just because you happen to be flying in a sqn doesn't make it realistic either, you are still flying against people who are not. If you are kidding yourself it's a simulation it is not sur
  13. LW players have their perspective. Whatever that is they value that more than flying in a balanced multiplayer game. To a large degree that is already the nature of there game when the sides are so asymmetric (at least in terms of fighters). I must admit even I fly LW every now and then when I want easy mode
  14. I have that monitor and it is supported fine. Your screenshots are normal, just on max zoom out.
  15. Your screenshots look fine to me, just zoomed out. The dials are all circles, not ovals from what I can see.
  16. I haven't modified the Inspector bits in 2.010, but SLI is definitely not working for me. Rivatuner/MSI Afterburner reports that GPU 2 remains at flat 39% and "SLI Sync" does not engage at any point. I have tried in both windowed and fullscreen. Even after the DX11 update you could get SLI Sync using the 0x0000005 bits however performance was arguably worse, normally when moving the camera around quickly. Hopefully this information is of help to someone. Edit: 2 x 980s here.
  17. Thanks. Great that there is clarity about DM in point 11. 1 bug that still exists from a while ago is the SLI/Crossfire always deselects itself in the launcher when restarted. Pretty sure it means that the DM has been changed such that the BF109 and 190 are now more robust (harder to kill). 109 is 20% less than soviet fighter, 190 is 20% more etc.
  18. I don't disagree if you are escorting bombers, but if you are pure dogfighting higher is always better no matter the plane. Even if a yak performs better relatively speaking at 4.5k, it's better to start at 6k, plus at 4.5k you are going to be cannon fodder for the large number of LW pilots that fly at 6k, especially on the summer maps where it is hard to pick out planes that are above you but easy if they are below.
  19. Perish the thought! A quick check of WoL stats shows that most people complaining about Russian fighters exclusively fly LW. They must really just enjoy the challenge of flying such inferior planes.
  20. Very happy about SLI and now the P40 becomes slightly less useless.
  21. To me performance at a low altitude is red herring. If you are preparing to fight at low altitude you have already lost.
  22. As has already been stated, no Russian fighter has the advantage against a 109 F4 who has a smart pilot. The Russian planes are very manoeuvrable, but there is only so many times you can dodge a boom and zoom on the deck. Fortunately, many LW pilots in multiplayer do recklessly get involved in dogfights. My other point would be fly high. Most Russian players seem to scorn flying above 3k, but if you can equally boom and zoom a German plane that is below you, and a yak that starts a dogfight with higher energy is likely to win.
  23. Ok I have noticed that actually it does assign the correct skin to everyone else in the Sqn, but the player still has to select the skin on his own?
  24. Unfortunately I am still struggling to get it to work. I have edited the squadroninfo file as below: Naturally the skin bf109f4_jg51_03.dds is available in the BoS data/graphics/skins folder. I then started a new campaign as II./JG51 in 1 Aug 1942 and my plane still has the default skin selected. I also selected "Squadron" in skin sets but also didn't make any difference.
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