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  1. S Fellas . Greetings from 334th . IL2 league is seeking good old USL type squadrons league format. Maybe we should joint our forces to have good end solution.
  2. Registration and event info: https://www.facebook.com/groups/il2leaguepilots To register you need to join this group AND add comment below this post with your Tag & Nickname from the game. ( registration open till 25.02.2021 Thursday 19.00 GMT) Ladder will be announced on Friday evening around 19 GMT) Other registration method is via discord. https://discord.gg/mm4bkv6A Top Dogs 1vs1 tournament 28.02.2021 ( Sunday ) Brief 19.00 GMT (15 minutes) Connection check at 334th TS135.181.212.241 pw letmein Fir
  3. TOP DOG ! What is it ? Top Dog events are a monthly dogfight competition organized by il2 League. TOP DOGS will begin with 1vs1 and 2vs2 fights. So, Heads up, next Top Dog event date is all ready set. The format is one of five fights which determine the winner of the rounds (numbers of rounds are dictated by participant numbers) in a knockout fashion. Winners will go through to the next round and losers are out of the competition. This continues until the final where the eventual ”Top Dog” winner will be decided. Each round is decided on a gainin
  4. 334th S 6FG ! 334th is looking for Co op squadrons/Groups to organize events and squadron matches in future. 334th_Virtue 334th CO
  5. S Fellas Good to see you here ! If you have events coming or just want to inform something here is our Email 334th_CO@334theaglesquadron.com You can also find us in Facebook groups 334th_Virtue 334th CO
  6. Behalf of 334th Eagle squadron i thank you for nice server . 334th_Virtue 334th CO
  7. Good ideas and feedback fellas. Generally icons on IS way too arcade for our liking and icons totally off seems bit too expert my personal opinion is that reduces pilot numbers . It is bit too Extreme to suggest eye surgery to Squad members. I hope there can be find a way to golden middle path since More servers and new groups joining to new IL 2 age. 334th_Virtue 334th CO
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