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    Mod Wish List

    @Mysticpuma Thanks for the reaction. I was beginning to think either people weren't reading it or didn't care. I appreciate your support for my idea.
  2. PACIFIC SKINS BUNDLE I have gathered most of the "Faux Pacific" skins into one easy to install folder. 50 different skins for 16 different planes. They can be installed two different ways, temporarily via JSGME or permanently. Skins are in the proper folder tree sequence so installation is a snap. The following install instructions are also included in the download: JSGME INSTALL: Place the 'Pacific Skins' folder in your 'MODS' folder and enable with JSGME. When/if not needed just disable the folder. PERMANENT INSTALL: If you wish to always have these skins available, even with MODS OFF, just open the "Pacific Skins" folder and place the 'data' folder in your Main Game folder. Do Not Put It Anywhere Else! Now these skins will always be in the game . Here is the LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/file/9d8zq5ivmxgr4u7/Pacific_Skins.7z/file I hope this will be helpful to those who wish to fly "Faux Pacific" missions or are having trouble finding Pacific skins.
  3. Beebop

    Mod Wish List

    KUBAN PACIFIC RE-TEXTURE ? I would like to see a texture mod of Kuban to replicate the South Pacific. It is a natural for the map given the large water area. And, most "faux Pacific" missions already use this map. Replace the checkerboard fields with trees, lots of trees. If palm-like trees can't be done then just increase the rich green and dark green tress. In areas with not much else is happening cover the landscape with them. Now if that would be too big a hit on most CPU's could the 'Moscow Green' type textures with as few "cultivated" textures as possible work? Or just the tree textures now in the Summer mountains replacing the cultivated checkerboard area? I realize it is not a quick overnight texture swap-out but it seems to me, given the wonderful repaints we already have that it should be able to be done. And us 'faux pacific freaks' would love the stand-in until (if ever) a Pacific module is done. Last I heard it wasn't totally off the table, just on hold indefinitely. If I knew how to mod I'd do it myself but I'm already swamped with the ME and skinning learning curves to learn a new skillset at this time. Besides we have quite a few "repainters" here who are much more knowledgeable than I am. Justathot.
  4. I have been considering getting CLoD especially since the base game is so cheap so spending $40 USD for Desert Wings seems totally doable but have heard that AMD cards are problematic. Is that true or have any issues been addressed? I too, like others, would rather see all of my money go to the game developers instead a cut going to Steam which I've never been fond of and in my experiences with the guys I fly with, some of whom have Steam versions of IL-2 can be frustrating. But ya gotta go with what ya got.
  5. They do when I finish them with GIMP and export as a .dds file.
  6. I think you can put it in any of them.
  7. The game may reduce the size of the skin but not the number of pixels. Otherwise what is the point to having so many?
  8. I've noticed that too but it's just the visualization that takes a 1/2 second or so to complete. Default then custom, sometimes it looks like it's being poured on as you watch. But I haven't noticed a stutter in the game like in 1946 when a plane would spawn into a mission.
  9. I have heard that having a lot of skins can cause slowdowns in the game? Is that at all true? It would seem to me that just having the skins in your Custom folder shouldn't cause a problem but say you were flying a mission where all the planes used custom skins. Does it slow things down? And if so would 4K skins be harder on the mission than 2K? I have a lot of skins but seldom more than a few in any given mission. Most I think were ten and my somewhat modest computer (AMD Ryzen 7, 1700; Sapphire RX 580 w/8Gb DDR 5) doesn't even twitch, smooth as glass, on mostly highest Ultra settings. TIA. .
  10. A big thank you to all. I have learned a little more about the ME, a little bit more about the inner workings of the game and how that can relate to mission building. I am incrementally smarter now and that's a good thing. After much testing, tweaking and experimentation I have decided to leave the mission at the time originally set and forgo for this mission at least the land lights. It's a lot like real life, you work with what you've been dealt. You can either grouse that it should be better or you can say OK, how can I take this set of circumstances and make the best of it? Who'da thunk a game could echo reality to this degree? Thanks again all. But not to worry, I'll be back with some other question I can just feel it. LOL! ๐Ÿ˜
  11. It can be done but framerates are in the basement and it's prone to crash both the game and the ME. I know of only one person who's been successful to any degree with it and he says it's not worth the effort most of the time. Totally unsuporrted. When you can get those map editing functions to work you have to enable mods, even if you don't use them, for the result to be seen. Even then sometimes you are the only one seeing the edit(s). I think the Devs would consider tampering with the ME, that is making a working Mod, would be close to, if not actually, modifying the game code, an excommuicate-able offense.
  12. Thanks. The forums are something I'm learning concurrently with e v e r y t h i n g else. LOL.
  13. ^^^ Post 4 on this page ^^^ @ Jaegermeister: So if you make 10 checks during a one hour mission building session you've spent 17 1/2 minutes switching between the ME and the game. Is the ME a government designed program? It sure has their mark of "efficiency". @ busdriver; Thanks. You automatically advance to the Tournament of Champions. That's a little later than I wanted. Makes all of my weather moot as eye candy.
  14. @ JimTM, LOL. Right you are. I do miss the days when you got an actual paper booklet with the game that was pretty detailed about the features and functions. Let's see, that was back in the .....hmm, I forgot.
  15. Thanks everyone for the replies. I can always count on this community to come to the aid of a lost soul. @ SCG_Schneemann, I saw that post while going through every post that mentioned 'landlights". I was hoping that had been fixed perhaps under the moniker of "various other fixes..." Thank you Jim. yet another (undocumented) feature I did not know about. I need to look through more of those oddly named files in the root folder. I'll check out pg. 100 as well. @ Sketch, the video you posted for jollyjack on Twitch no longer works and I couldn't find it on your YouTube site. I've found your videos extremely helpful. Any chance it could be reincarnated? I'll try incrementally changing the TOD. Too bad it takes so long to switch from the ME to the game. As noted so many times before the ability to "test" within the ME like in 1946 would be a boon to mission builders and speed up the mission building and basic testing but the Devs seem reluctant to do anything with the ME. Thanks again folks.
  16. I have a mission set on October 10th at 5:45PM on the Moscow Autumn map. I set up some landlights to illuminate the field as the player arrived. I followed the manual's example on page 57 but changed the Mission Begin to a Complex Trigger set up for my plane. They didn't light up. At first I thought it was my logic but then I tried a test. I set some lights up on Lapino Summer at 12:30 AM. the same way with a Complex Trigger as in my mission. They turned on just like they are supposed to when the plane enters the radius. But when I set the clock back to 8:45 PM they never came on. There was just a hint of sunlight on the edge of the horizon but the ground was not easily seen. In my mission there is a heavy overcast at 600 meters and I added rain to the mix so sight distance is further limited and hampered. Landing Lights would go a long way to helping the player find the base. I want the mission to start at dusk but by the time they arrive at the base it would be almost dark but not quite. I've already tried campfires but they are hard to see under my weather conditions and. frankly, not as dramatic as I would like. I would like to recreate that feeling like when you are driving in heavy rain and a low fog and you lean forward as though it will help you see a little better ahead, if that makes any sense. In 1946 searchlights didn't come on until around 2100 on most maps. I always joked that their Lamplighters Union had a contract not to turn them on until then. Is there a similar "contract" in Great Battles?
  17. If while in the Table of Contents section you find a topic you want to read about, just place your cursor over the title and left click and you will be instantly transported to the topic. Also in the upper left hand corner of the page you will see a magnifying glass icon. Click on it and a box opens on the top right side. Type the word(s) you are looking for and click the 'Next' box. If will take you to the first instance of that word. Keep clicking 'Next' if needed until you get to the subject you are looking for. A couple of time savers I have discovered. ADDENDUM: Here are some excellent mission building videos by Sketch: https://www.youtube.com/user/Sketch5050/videos And some comprehensive videos by Vapor: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUgWNRKsYnVOtScOUBJuAKA Check out his video No. 4 for some IAI patrol info. Hope this helps.
  18. What you are seeing is how the game displays the navigation aids. These can be turned off in Realism settings and unticking "Navigation Aids" or can be modified by using modified icons found in Mods > [Mod] Icons on the forum. The in-game display cannot be modified using the Mission Editor. I think what you are referring to is the Translator Icon MCU which when certain properties are applied shows on the players in game GUI map. They can be Object Linked to each other to produce a gamut of visual effects on the GUI map. See Chapter 14: Reference, Translator MCU's, icon Translator, page 255 in the Mission Editor and Multiplayer Server Manual: I can HIGHLY recommend having and using this manual.
  19. Well Mike your explanation is more on spot compared to my off the cuff remarks. Still I have a fighter with a bomb attacking a fast moving train, so fast that over bumps in the track it goes "cartoon-ish" and cars leave the track and merge into and out of each other, then when on smooth track they move along just fine, and whether set at 'High' or 'Ace' they drop too early and shoot just off to the side no matter the approach. I will try slowing the train down and see if that helps but it takes away from the Mission Concept of a stolen train being pursued. (Producers always step in and modify the screenwriters work don't they?) ๐Ÿ˜€
  20. As I understand the priority settings; Plane AI: Ace - I will give you everything coded into my AI brain. High - Sir, Yes Sir! I will do exactly as commanded without fail. Medium - I will do what is asked but if I detect any enemy or if they attack I will clean their clock(s) first. Low - Sure thing boss...hey, something shiny, let's take a look. Waypoints: High - DO IT Maggot! Medium - Do your job but protect yourself and be aggressive. Low - I'd like you to do this but, meh, whatever. Plane waypoint targeted to Attack MCU set to 'High' Attack MCU set to 'High' I could not find the MCU "Enable Smart, Drug Free Pilots with Targeting Skills. ๐Ÿ™„ Perhaps I am asking too much of a computer game. They fly to the target, don't get distracted from attacking and attack the designated target. "Some people say I'm a dreamer..." - J. Lennon
  21. See? I told you I wasn't experienced. Probably I should have kept my mouth shut. I just wanted to start paying back for all the help I have received. Sorry for leading anyone astray. As a "child" in mission building I will return to being seen and not heard.
  22. Careful. Don't confuse me with an experienced mission builder. At least not yet, if ever. LOL! If I'm correct, if you give a bomber a command to drop bombs on a target/target area, it will drop all of them. Having it come back would be pointless as it would have no more bombs. Now if that bomber has forward firing guns, on subsequent attacks it would most likely make a shallow dive and strafe any remaining targets. However if all targets had been destroyed it would just continue to loop the target area forever. Attack planes will circle and attack without a loop like this until all targets are accounted for. Usually you have to add 'On Bingo Bombs' logic to get them to break off circling the target aimlessly and continue on to the next waypoint. For what you're suggesting you wouldn't want to use a loop like this anyway. this would be more like an airfield CAP circuit. See page 119 of the Mission Editor and Multiplayer Manual for an example of how to make a plane attack a factory.
  23. You're welcome. Glad to be of help.
  24. Here's a very Simple Circuit. Plane flies at 900 meters It starts 3 seconds after mission start and is AI. Plane is enabled so it starts as soon as Waypoint 1 is activated. The plane flies to WP 1 then WP 2, 3, 4, 5 and back to 2 and repeats until plane runs out of fuel. You may wish to change timer, add other MCU's or start options. Attached are the Group files to add to your Mission Editor. I hope this simple little group is helpful. Simple Curcuit.zip
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