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  1. Viola! "Draw Icons In Group" was the trick. It was unchecked and when I checked it there they were. Gazillions of green group icons! THANKS Zooropa_Fly!👍👌
  2. At first I thought I did something wrong and maybe I did but.... When I loaded the Moscow Autumn map into the ME I made sure I had the correct GUI map and Terrain presets. But when I started adding template objects (from data > Templates) for the map, I didn't get the green icons for the various groups (towns/cities/bridges/airfields etc.). But I did get a ton of icons around Moscow. A friend suggested that in one of the recent updates when a map is populated all the imported template groups are automatically grouped together like when you group 'Lapino_ALL'. However I could find no central map icon I could ungroup. I selected all the icons around Moscow and deleted them but I still have the towns/bridges/airfields etc. populated and no way to remove those that I don't need. Moscow is a pretty big map and removing un-needed objects allows for quicker load and rendering times. Attached is what I am seeing. all towns/airfields etc. have objects. I have not attempted to group anything. The only text tags that show are for things I have added. Interestingly enough when I added bridges/airfields/towns on the Stalingrad map the icons peppered the map as expected. So, the question is, is there something I should have done differently? Enquiring minds want to know. TIA
  3. No_85_Gramps, I think those are the Arrow Groups that are now dead links in the "How to add a front line and other things to the map" post. Thanks! JimTM, Thank you for the reference. Somehow while going through the manual I overlooked/bypassed that. Now bookmarked for future reference. (there is SO MUCH to learn and absorb). Sorry to hear that updates are on ice but I understand Real Life. After all this is only a computer game, you're not being paid to make the manual and I, along with many others, appreciate what you have been able to explain. Hopefully you will have the time at some point to publish updates to the manual.
  4. I'm trying, (unsuccessfully so far) at adding "Attack Arrows" to my mission map to show where the enemy is attacking from and toward. I've looked through both ME manuals and scoured the posts and YouTube but cannot find how to make those big arrows like you see on maps that show troop movements. I found something in a thread called "How to add a front line and other things to the map" by WWSittingDuck who had made some examples that could be opened and studied. However the links are broken. I also found a post by Sim in "Attack arrows on GUI map" where he said "The trick was to use 5 connected attack icons." I tried that using Translator Icons with Enabled checked, Icon ID: None, Line Type: Attack and Coalitions set for Neutral-False Allies-True Axis-True Entente-True Central-True (don't know how to change the Coalitions settings if it makes a difference) I connected the icons from back to front thinking that would make the arrow point in the right direction. What shows on the map is an odd looking 'X' shape, wide and fading on one end and two pointing away from each other narrow spikes on the other. What am I dong wrong? Is this explained in either manual and if so where, as I couldn't find it. Thanks for any and all help. P.S. Any news on an updated Editor manual? So many things have been added/changed (like MCU types) plus there are several mentions about items that 'will be explained in the next version'.
  5. Thanks for giving another reason to go there as a Christmas present to me. I too heartily recommend if you live anywhere near Seattle or are planning a trip there, to visit the Boeing Museum. It is amazing and has a very comprehensive WWI collection, second only to (in my experience) the US Air Force Museum in Dayton OH. Thanks for posting this video.
  6. Do you have the destination for missions set to your main game folder?
  7. Beebop


    OK. Sorry if I didn't quite understand, so you are saying the "silvers a,b,c,d" found in the "new effects-1" file you uploaded in the Nov. 7 post are the best files to use?
  8. 1. As I am learning the ME I have come across a somewhat frustrating object placement issue. When mission building not all the trees are visible in the top down 2D view. For instance, I find an area at the end of a rail line (Lapino Map) and decide to make a freight station there. From the top down view there is nothing but bare brown ground around a few assorted buildings. I place my freight platforms next to the rails, aligning them with a boxcar to avoid any possible collision incidents, and then I go to "Ortho View" (3D) and there they are, trees, lots of them, growing in the middle of the platforms. And they are so close together that a realistic looking platform cannot be made. Why aren't they showing in the 2D view? Am I missing something that would allow me to see them when placing objects? Is there a way to place objects or at least move them around, (more than the limited numpad moves), while in 3D view? 2. This relates to the above question. It seems that every road and rail line is, for the most part, lined with fairly dense trees. Is this how all Russian transport paths are in real life? I ask not only from the mission building perspective but also from a player perspective because it's really hard to see convoys from any method save "in line". You can easily miss a convoy unless it's passing by one of the rare areas where the trees are not as heavy lining the road. Trains are a little easier because you can see the smoke. During attack you will hit more vehicles if you are inline with them but a side on attack gives you a better visual target especially if you want to target the engine or an AAA platform/truck. I'm not necessarily asking to thin the trees along roads and rails but it does seem odd that every road and rail line is so heavily populated with trees. Is this a "Euro thing"? I've seen short stretches in WWI and II pictures in France where the roads are like that but not many other places and rail lines seem to have a comfortable "right of way" clearance on each side, I thought was so maintenance and support vehicles could access a stalled/derailed/broken trains and to cut down on potential fires from burning stack cinders. Just curious about this "feature".
  9. Beebop


    I couldn't agree more. Mind you, I like the complexity that this Mission Editor can give you but all to often I feel like I need to take some advanced programming courses and at least Introduction To Cray Computing For Astrophysicists just to make a convoy move down a road or a train move down the tracks in a simple mission, not to mention that even with that knowledge it can take all day to get AI fighters to interact with the environment you're creating because there are so many variables. Even with familiarity it still takes a long, long time to make a good 45 minute mission. (thank god for SYN_Vander's Easy Mission Generator).
  10. Well what you've done so far is amazing. You deserve a break, so take it. And when you do return, slow down a bit. We're big boys and know the value of waiting for good things, or at least most of us are. All quality things take a while to get done right. Plus you have been super in getting things that are broke fixed and giving us more and more diversity in mission making. The wait is always well worth it. In the meantime you've given us a very, very powerful tool for making missions that doesn't drive ya' nuts. THANK YOU , take care, and Happy Holidays. Th' Bopster
  11. Beebop


    IL-2 Great Battles 2020? Hey meplanes1969, I really like your work. You continue to do what you can, when you can, and I'll be a happy, grateful recipient. If all development stopped now on your mods I would still be pleased that I have what you made available. This whole game is like a giant Beta Test in so many ways with new "issues" creeping out of the woodwork with every "improvement". You, along with a few dedicated modders have helped this game improve visibly and make it an even greater joy to fly. Thank you and keep on truckin'!
  12. OK. That's kind of what I thought. Some screenies taken above and below the "better overcast", various times of day and weather.
  13. Is this separate from "better clouds"?
  14. Ah-HA! I did not know that! Let me test some more then. Results a bit later. A Bit Later: Right you are! The "bumpiness" is back and in the second shot I have my "sky with character". My life is now complete (except for no flyable B-25 yet) 😁 Thank you!
  15. First, the good news, flickering is almost non existent! It's still there but you really have to look for it. great modification. Now for the "bad"... and this is personal opinion only.... Here are two screenshots, the first from version 7, the second from version 6. Map info: Time: 0930 Map: Lapino Winter 2000M clouds viewed from 3000M As you can see the clouds are "bumpier" in v6 than v7 and the sky has more character, in my opinion. From below 2000M in this setting the clouds look fine in either version with v7 winning due to decreased flickering. I realize how hard it is to tweak. Change 'A' and 'B' gets affected. Fix 'B' then 'C' needs tweaking. At this point I am happy with both and have both in JSGME so I can switch as desired. You are doing excellent work here and I look forward to any other tweaks or mods you come up with. Thanks for your efforts.
  16. With most recent version and "gpreset" installed I'm getting slight flickering at bottom edges of clouds where the cloud line meets the distant fog. It's hardly noticeable and frankly I'd rather have that than the stock clouds this mod is that good. But if I could get rid of the flicker I'd be in Hound Heaven. Graphics Settings: see attached startup.cfg gamma set to .7 Lapino Summer Map Mission weather: 10AM Heavy clouds at 2000m
  17. Set the date to a winter month. You'll have to hitch the reindeer to the grader to clear the runway..
  18. The problem is you are using objects designed to sit on a dock. Note the name "ort_up_group_cargo..." etc. Choose the same item(s) without "up" in the name. Then they will appear on the ground.
  19. Skyplow Mod! 😎 Is this how to plant a rain forest?
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