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  1. I WANT!!!! Sorry. Got carried away there. That really does look good and exactly what I (and several hundred other folks) were wanting for some Faux Pacific action. The colors look right and the treatment of the "Kuban Field Checkerboard" gives it a "Cultivated Pacific Farmland" look. And were those trees around that airfield in the last screenshot? Perfect! An airfield cut out of the undergrowth. A great Faux Pacific challenge. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE continue with this work. You already have my eternal gratitude for your 'Full Snow' treatment of Kuban but this will garner the eternal gratitude of a lot more folks. You have proven yourself talented enough to pull this off. Thanks for working on this.πŸ‘
  2. Hey co199, don't beat up on yourself. Nobody becomes a genius in this, or any, game, just because they've played it for a while. (Although there are always a few who think they are). This is a very complex game which is why it's one of the best, (if not the best IMO), WWII flight sim. Yes, we all learn something new every day if we are trying to become better at what we do. I figure I'll be learning something new about this sim for many, many years to come and that is why I like it so much. Finally, only apologize when you do something you knew you shouldn't have done, (and then don't do it again).
  3. You can if you choose "Parked" or "Runway" instead of an altitude.
  4. Beebop

    Mod Wish List

    My new desktop thanks to Liz's "Moon Stuff" mod:
  5. Beebop

    Mod Wish List

    Just discovered this. (and here i thought a senior moment was something you had in high school) But, who would fly in a blizzard? Now if we could get moving weather fronts it would be a different story. However for Tank Crew it would be a cool (pun intended) scenario.
  6. Beebop

    Mod Wish List

    πŸ˜²πŸ‘ Question, I have the "Sun Size Correction" mod enabled. Should I disable it before using this?
  7. Beebop

    kuban winter

    Thanks for simplifying using this great winter repaint. πŸ‘
  8. Beebop

    kuban winter

    Do you mean the "mendtextures" fix folder or the main "Kuban_W_full" folder or to drop "kubanwinterfix" into JSGME and enable after "Kuban_W_full" and the "mendtextures" fix folder? ADDENDUM: I just noticed there is no longer a link to the "mendtextures? fix folder. So does this replace that fix? (I'm not trying to be difficult, just making sure I'm getting the most out of your excellent repaint). Suggestion, repackage everything and put everything into one folder and update the whole mod in the original post (?).
  9. Beebop

    kuban winter

    Quite right. The blue might be hard to see at a distance or under unfavorable light conditions. The white could be mistaken for a reflection. The red was like, well, a red flag to Allied pilots. No Allied country that I can think of used any red in their aircraft identification insignia (roundel) during WWII in the Pacific/Far East Theatre's.
  10. Beebop

    kuban winter

    Works like a charm! Now, can you make it so that the rails and roads are covered in snow but you can attach a snowplow to the front of vehicles and trains and as they pass the roads and rails appear behind them? 😁 I mean you're getting so good at this I'm beginning to think nothing is impossible for you. (after the snowplow add could you send me winning lottery numbers please?) πŸ˜„ Seriously, great fix! THANK YOU!
  11. The "Support Ship" is a river barge from Flying Circus if I'm correct. In the Ships menu they are called "peniche" There are 4 flavors, "penichea" "penicheb", Armed British, "penichegb" Armed German, "penicheger" Peniche a and b are unarmed. The British and German peniche mount 20mm (?) AA guns and are quite deadly. The armed barges fly flags so that makes sense to have one of each but I don't understand why we needed an 'a' and 'b' unarmed barge when you can just set a coalition for it. All of them look exactly alike. There are British and German peniche with an "80_" prefix. I don't know what that means. If you place one on a map there is no visible object. (when choosing planes in a Complex Trigger you also have ones with an "80_" prefix.) I can find no documentation of what the "80_" prefix objects are for or how to use them. The "peniche" in the screenshot is an unarmed one.
  12. There's a Summer map for Velikiye Luki? Where? My QM/ME only has a Winter version. Or is this a Tank Crew only map?
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