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  1. Another great skin. All credit goes to pjmack11377. I just shared a few observations.
  2. As you may remember, most of my ME questions concerned MP/DF missions. Well I am now diving into Single Player missions. Stupid Question 1. So on my first mission the player does a single plane recon. However during testing I realized that the waypoints past the recon target were further away than needed so I cut directly to the return path. When I landed I got a "Mission Failed" message. I did not put any success/failure message logic in. So I got to thinking, was it because I did not fly over all the waypoints? Stupid Question 2. Do I need waypoints if the mission is just one player with no friendly AI? I also made a followup mission where the player leads a flight of planes. Stupid Question 3. I assume that waypoints would be needed for my AI wingmen along with takeoff and landing logic for them? Stupid Question 4. I made the rest of the flight 'On Runway' like the Player plane. Of course I linked the those planes in the flight individually to the Player plane. But when the mission started I was in my plane with the engines running ready to go but the rest of the flight were acting like I had made them 'On parking' with engines not running. That necessitated my having to circle the field once before they began taking off. Did I do something wrong or is this 'normal' behavior? Otherwise I'm finding that SP mission building is very similar to MP/DF but a slightly different logic set is used for certain things. This is where the Manual has been very helpful so thanks JimTM. (here's hoping for an update to keep up with the Dev's undocumented changes). TIA
  3. Now THAT is a nice RAF PRU even if it's not historical. Is it?
  4. Any time. If you want something special I'll see what I can do.
  5. Thanks. As you know I am a big fan of your work as well.
  6. By the way, I'm really liking your "Going Solo" videos.👍 Signed, "Th'Bopster"
  7. In the 'Atmospheric conditions' menu find "Precipitations > Type" and set to to "Snow" then set the "Level" between 1 and 10.
  8. Patrick, Please understand that I am only expressing my opinion. I do not claim to be any kind of historian or expert. I truly appreciate that you are trying to make the most accurate skins possible and you are doing an excellent job. Although I do skin I do not consider myself an expert there either as there are many others more gifted and talented. My comments are NOT criticism. My own work can be rightly criticized on many levels but that does not give me any credential to criticize the work of others. BUT...you may have been more correct on that color of blue that I thought. From http://www.theworldwars.net/resources/resource.php?r=camo_usaaf Paint guide: Haze / Synthetic Haze: ...Any generic deep sky blue fading into a sky blue underside should be good enough for Synthetic Haze, while a lighter less saturated blue would work best for Haze, fading towards white on the sides and undersides. According to this photo all you need to do is make the blue a tad lighter and much more matte. Maybe no Alpha layer over the color.
  9. IMO, the blue photo recon shown above is too blue. The underside, a lighter blue/grey, looks closer to what I would imagine. But it is a very pretty blue and excellently crafted. Not every skin needs to be "1000% Historically Accurate". We play this game to have fun, not resolve grievances. I really like the 'Aluminum 5' skin.
  10. That link goes to one of your RAF skins by name.
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