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  1. I'm sure I did. That starts the saving process where I tell the mission to reside. I restarted the ME and this time the trees are on the ground.
  2. This particular situation hasn't happened to me before. I started the STEditor fresh, no previous work loaded in this session. Started with unpopulated default Lapino Winter map in viewport. After naming the mission and setting the author I set the following; Mission Type: Deathmatch Map : Rhineland Spring Terrain Presets: Rhineland Spring GUI Map : Rhineland Spring Season: Summer (no spring options) Area: Ludenschied, Grid 1828-8 I saved it in data > Multiplayer > Dogfight with mission name same as editor name. This is the result: Is there a way to set scenery on the ground like Objects? Every time before it was done by the ME. What did I do wrong or forget to do? (or is it all that acid I took in the 60's kicking back in and the trees really are on the ground?)
  3. @ Hotwaffle; 👌 @ Reggie;_Mental: "... Thinking of getting Flying Circus now..." You should. I'm mostly a ground pounding WWII fan but FC is tons-o-fun! (you learn Situational Awareness real fast!)
  4. Had a thought. Could I trigger the second plane by sending the START Timer for that plane an Event Message "On Killed"?
  5. Thanks. You know, I might learn this game after all. 😉
  6. Sorry to be so thick, what is a D Server? Is that the one you use when you "Create Server" in Multiplayer? That's what I use to test and host Dogfight missions.
  7. Beebop

    Work in Progress

    O M G! That's beautiful!
  8. And is the mods folder also in the main game folder and not a sub folder? The mod works fine for me and that is how I installed and enable it.
  9. A friend asked for a practice mission with two 109's to practice air to air combat. He didn't want to use the Quick Mission because the two planes worked as a unit so while he was attacking one the other came after him. So I put together on Lapino a Dogfight map with two planes. See attached. Plane 1 and Plane 2 waypoints and logic are separated for clarity Plane 2's complex trigger radius was originally right under Plane 1's. Plane 1 is triggered by the player entering into the complex trigger's radius. If Plane 1 sustains enough damage it will head to the "Common Landing Area", so called because the other plane goes there too if damaged. Both planes are set up using a Counter MCU and Activate/Deactivate MCU's for the damage logic to return to their home base. "AI Plane 2" is a clone of "AI Plane 1". Initially I had the two complex triggers right next to each other, not overlapping. It occurred to me that during his engagement with Plane 1 they might drift into Plane 2' trigger area. I though that maybe I would just set Plane 2 to not trigger for 10 minutes or so but realized that the player might still be engaging Plane 1. (after all it's a learning tool). Then I thought how about Plane 2 doesn't spawn until Plane 1 is damaged enough to head for home. Problem with that was the player might continue to engage Plane 1 on it's way home and get ambushed by Plane 2. Realistic but not what the client wants right now. Then my "Eureka!" moment, have Plane 2 spawn after Plane 1 was destroyed. Right now both planes spawn "On Object Entered". But what if I change Plane 2 to "On Object Destroyed"? How would I link Plane 2's complex trigger? Event Link to Plane 1? Would I still Object Link Plane 2 to it's complex trigger? If it helps I can post the mission. Thanks in advance.
  10. These tanks will be intended for AI only. Proof that "The Force" governs AI here just like in 1946.😁
  11. Magic trees! OK, thanks. I may still put in a couple of waypoints so they don't just barge through in case the player comes upon a tank driving through a tree and thinks their days of using psychedelics have come back to haunt them. LOL.
  12. I have a question about vehicles going Off Road. I am building a tank column. For a portion of the trip it will be On Road. ( I am familiar with this process as I have successfully created several truck columns. My question is, when the tanks leave the road how smart is the AI? Will I need to plot waypoints between the lines of trees that outline fields and go along roads or is the AI smart enough to figure the route itself as long as I put waypoints reasonably close to visible breaks in the tree line? Neither manual address that in particular. They're examples appear to have the Off Road vehicles in an open area free of any obstructions. In addition I have noticed that unlike 46 aircraft do not overshoot waypoints the turn sharply like a semi making a turn. They seem to "Cut the corner" so they stay on route better. Do vehicles do the same thing? i.e. will they "cut the corner" and make a smooth turn at a 90 degree turn or pivot abruptly? Thanks in advance. (for once I'm not crying "My 'X' won't move. I'm learning, slowly, slowly...)
  13. BY JOVE I think that worked! I've given up on starting the train with a complex trigger. It's the Lapino map and at 40kph it takes a good long time to traverse the entire system. However, I did as you suggested with my AI enemy planes at it works! At least once. I removed the Mission Begin and Event Linked the complex trigger to the timer that is Target Linked to the first enemy plane waypoint. I entered the radius and VIOLA! Enemy fighters. The attacked the s**t out of me but hey, they spawned and they attacked. Just what I wanted. I'll need to test further to see if it's consistent. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!!!! You have restored my faith that I can get enough brains to figure this out. If I had my way and won the lottery, I'd offer you a handsome sum to update and clarify the ME manual. 😉 I'll let you know if I run into any issues. Until then.... 🏆🎖️👌👍 ~S!~
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