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  1. Beebop

    Work in Progress

    That's gorgeous! It's what I'm hoping to see someday. As for your now "mid range" computer, it's, in my opinion, exactly what you need to be making mods with. A lot of folks don't have high end computers so getting something to render on the "average" computer at 40~50FPS is great. It won't stutter and has a bit of headroom. Anything above 24 FPS is perceived as fluid motion to the eye anyway. I understand that VR needs at least 45 FPS for fluid perception and 90 FPS is preferred. So that is the optimal goal however not everyone, (yet), has VR go a solid 50~55 FPS should be more than good enough for most of us. If you are getting that nice a render at ~45 FPS you are doing good. Thanks again for your dedication to making this game look as perfect as possible.
  2. Beebop

    Work in Progress

    HH, you "Keep On Chooglin" (a Credence Clearwater reference) and do those things you do. Among your other works I am very interested in your cloud work. It looks fantastic! But you do what pleases you and at some time I am sure I will get those clouds. Meanwhile your continuing delving into the game engine is sure to give us many more improvements. Thanks for all your hard work so far.
  3. I will do that and report back in a couple of days. Thank you.
  4. "Using an existing mission could cost you more than it will help you, except if it's a tutorial mission. Even if we have a good understanding of the mission editor, sometimes, it's difficult to understand the mission on another builder, because he doesn't build his group like you, or didn't give information in the group/object." You make a good point Habu. I guess I was hoping I could use my previous mission building experience to help me understand the process but after looking things over perhaps the best course is to just build a mission rather than try to understand by looking at other's work. This ME is just as foreign as the 46 FMB was when I first encountered it.
  5. Gentlemen, thank you! These look like the clues I've been searching for. When I first got into 1946 the FMB was mind boggling. Yes, there was a manual but it was non-intuitive, left out some basic stuff and being as it was a translation, some of the nuances were gone. Not anyone's fault but at the time a completely foreign language. What opened it up for me was studying already built missions and some good tips from a couple of experienced mission builders. Slowly the gates opened and I became fluent in the program. @JimTM, your post is most enlightening. Certainly I would have got to those places but your guidance has shortened the course. Being able to see the objefcts/links and MCU's will give me a better understanding of how they work and how they interact. @jollyjack, I have watched that video and have bookmarked it along witht he rest of the series. Thank you for putting up the link. Others just getting started may not have found it and so this will help all us noobies. @MDS1, Thanks for the welcome. Your screenshot is exactly what I was seeing, the map with snow and hardcoded things like airfields, trees, rivers etc. but no objects/links etc. @Swallow, I shall watch this video. I had heard comments that the RoF Mission Editor and this one were similar, I didn't realize just how close they were. Thank you for another tool. @Thad, RTFM, you are right. I should get more familiar with the manual(s) but all are so large that the amount of information is staggering and I didn't know where to start looking after the basics were covered. With the tips offered I should make some headway. Thanks for the help and, as Arnold said, "Ahll be bach."
  6. I have decided to get started using the Mission Editor. I have read the first (basic) parts of a couple of manuals and watched several 'basics" videos and am getting the general idea. Rather than just make a mission I thought I should look at a constructed mission and explore via their dialog boxes the various objects, timers etc. I have a couple of simple mission I made using the Easy Mission Generator. They are very basic with not a lot of stuff happening and I thought that might give me a less cluttered mission to study rather than a well made full blown mission. And, I could practice "enhancing" the mission with objects, planes etc. and see how well (or poorly lol) I was doing. But I'm having a problem. I learned how to open the .Mission file and how to find and open the .msbin file but neither show me any more than the map. No planes, objects link lines etc. I have tried various items in the toolbars but nothing lets me see them. I restudied the manuals and videos but all either deal with making a mission from scratch or, if editing a mission, do not explain how they got to the view with planes/objects etc. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? TIA
  7. THANKS Sketch! Adventure Park looks like what I was looking for and having some guidance on which of the manuals and video tutorials will make it easier for me to stick with just one set of instructions until I get a better hang of it. And I bet I'll be asking questions too LOL. ๐Ÿ˜
  8. Thanks No601_Swallow for your vote of confidence. So as far as mission making, there are several video tutorials and manuals, I have them all but all seem so "technical" if you know what I mean. If I'm going to get into mission building which video set/manuals are going to be the most "intuitive" to understand? So far there's no "Mission Building For Dummies" LOL. I guess what I'm asking is what manual/video would be the easiest for a total noob to understand and be successful with.
  9. I love it! And the Skip Bombing mission too. (That is yours right?) And no need to apologize. As a result of having to "update" them I learned something valuable about how Great Battles works. It's all good. What I like about the 1943 IL-2 mission is I can choose different loadouts, (guns, bombs, rockets, combos) so I can practice my ground attack skills with different ordinance and use of the VV1 sight effectively. The target is close so I can spend more time setting up the strike and executing it. The skip bombing mission has been helpful too and for the same reasons, close to target and, within the limits of the A-20, various ordinance. Many of the lessons learned can be transferred to other ground attack missions as well. Plus both are fun to fly. Question, is it possible to make a "Dogfight" version where more planes can be chosen? I'd make something like that but at this time I find the ME a bit too intimidating. Coming from 1946 the difference between the two is like having two people you know, one from Planet Earth (1946) and one from an alien world. Thanks again for these helpful missions. (am now a subscriber to your channel too).
  10. ??? What old msbin? I deleted it before running RAMiF and a new one, that works with the current update, was apparently generated. All missions run fine now. Where would I find the old msbin?
  11. ECV56_Moro, thanks. That works. Everything is working now. I took the Skip Bombing mission and put it in a same named folder, deleted the .msbin file and ran the folder through RAMiF in the ME. Mission works as intended. Did the same with Night Witches. Deleted the msbin file then ran the folder with the mission files in it through RAMiF in the ME. I can now (try to) fly in the night skies if I can ever figure out where the end of the runway is. ๐Ÿ˜ Thanks everyone for your help, ideas and especially your patience with me. I am now smarter than I was and I am in your debt for that. Now I am in a position to help others with a similar issue. ๐Ÿฅ‡'s all around!
  12. Let me add Confused to the thread title. LOL OK, DD_Arthur, I only selected the Folder "IL-2 1943 Ground Attack". The ME did not allow me to go inside the folder and choose missions. For instance I checked Juri's missions which are all in one folder and I could not select missions there either. (btw they all work even though I d/l'ed them before the 3101 update.) In my current Missions folder is where the Easy mission Generator saves it's missions, al of which work. If I ust put the non-working files in there and then select 'Resave All Missions in Folder' will it mess with those too? What I'm getting from all this so far is for any pre 3101 mission that is not working delete the .misbin file then run the RAMiF function in the ME. Now, for the Night Witches mission....I just delete the .misbin file and then use RAMiF? There's only one mission in that folder, "By Fire and Canvas". Sorry if I'm being a Jethro Tull because I'm Thick As A Brick.
  13. samson, thank you. ๐Ÿ‘ The mission now works perfectly. Now, there is also a Skip Bombing training mission for the A-20 plus the Night Witches mission "By Fire and Canvas", neither of which work although I do get a detailed briefing for the Night Witches mission. Can someone p l e a s e explain how to resave/convert these missions or point me to a link or post so I'm not always dragging my hat in hand asking how to get downloaded missions to work. I don't always want to be crying "help me!" I want to say "how can I help you?" (**holding sign by freeway entrance** will work for brains) Just looked at the "spoiler". I'll try that.
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