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  1. It just means that certain files in the Clouds mod are being changed to give you the new cloud textures of the mod. It's perfectly normal and if you remove the Cumulonimbus mod the Clouds9 mod will revert to the original mod files. I may be wrong in my understanding but apparently nothing is actually overwritten just redirected. That is when the game calls for a texture it is first directed to the mod texture and then again redirected to the modifying texture. Thus when you remove a mod the 'path' changes back to the original. In this case you remove the Cumulonimbus mod and the path reverts back to the Clouds9 path. Remove Clouds9 and the path goes straight to the stock texture. If I'm wrong about this....
  2. Beebop


    I have used these for quite a while and really like them. Game updates have not disabled or changed them and current 2D (no VR) FPS are ~100-170. Occasionally I have turned them off for instance during testing of the latest hotifxes (I use a Radeon card) and when they are off the stock effects pale by caparison IMO. Thank You meplanes1969 for an indispensable improvement to the game. ๐Ÿ‘Œ
  3. Thank you Zooropa_Fly. I/We will look into that. There are so many things that have changed/been added to the ME. Most are learned through trial and error. This was something I hadn't considered or understood. After some testing I will get back with the findings.
  4. So tonight I was flying with my mates. We fly Dogfight maps, ground pounding, bomber intercept, shipping etc. We choose DF because when we die, (which is often lol) we like to re spawn and rejoin the fray. Hardly historical but lots of fun. So one of our mission builders made a map where the object was not to just use up plane after plane. Limitations were set with the idea we should return to base after an attack run, repair, rearm and refuel. To help 'enforce' that the default limit of planes for fakeairfields was used, 10. There were 4 plane types so there was a total of 40,available aircraft. However they also built a very well defended target and most of us died over the target, few made it home. After about an hour we started running out of planes. At first the type would be "faded out" and the counter would say "0x plane type". Fine, I chose another one. After a short while we were down to 1 of one type and two of another. That's when the fun began. I entered the airfield and found 1 plane of the type I wanted. As soon as I hit fly I spawned and immediately was kicked back out. When I re-clicked to enter that type was not available. I chose another but at the last minute changed my mind and went out and back in. Now the plane I wanted had 1 available and the plane I initially chose had 10 even though several guys had already chosen it. ???? This started happening to everyone but each person got a different availability and plane count. Finally the base got the 'No entry' sign over it indicating that no planes were left. But, upon checking the scoring there were only 26 deaths yet 40 planes had been used. ???? ???? So, the question is, what was going on? Why did different people get different readings? Why did the same person get a different reading every time they selected the base Is there some setting that is being overlooked? The manual barely covers the basics of the Airfield Properties and only mentions that you can set the number of planes for each type. Any help appreciated because we feel this style will be an advancement toward us more flying more realistically. TIA
  5. Beebop

    [MOD] Better Rain

    Awww. Then where am I gonna surf? Beaches are closed in Kuban due to COVID-19.
  6. There is a wonderful winter map repaint but one would need to be amenable to mods. Might I suggest it be made an option and the user could either consider it a "fictional" mission using the stock maps or, using the winter repaint, a more historical mission? Just a thought. I agree that Southeast Kuban is one of the most beautiful places currently in the Great Battles world.
  7. Beebop

    [MOD] Better Rain

    First clouds, now rain, what's next? Sleet? Big mooshy snowflakes? Animated dust devils? Tell me you are a frustrated Meteorological Major that couldn't find a job doing TV weather. ๐Ÿ˜ Seriously, wow! Keep these hits a-comin'!
  8. Do you have 'Navigation Markers' unchecked in your Realism settings?
  9. Oh boy! Can't wait! (but i will of course).
  10. It's the 'New World Order' to complain that the individual has not be pacified. There is a general attitude that what is right is what is right for me. I haven't always agreed to what the Dev's have done but I don't expect them to cater to me first and everybody else second. I'm not paying their salaries. And even if I was there are other players to consider, something a few folks posting here seem to be oblivious to. So while I want this and I want that, what I really want is a playable game, not just for me but for everyone interested. Will it be always perfect? Heck no. What I DO appreciate is the effort this small, obviously dedicated team is doing for the community and doing it under very trying circumstances with the COVID-19 pandemic stifling everything we are used to doing. Keep up the good work Dev's. I'll keep buying content as long as the overall quality is at the current or higher level. Thanks to everyone and have a relaxing weekend!
  11. What a shame. I have always liked AMD/Radeon's IQ (image quality) over nVidia but it's looking more and more like I need to switch back. This isn't the first game that has been "Radeon Unfriendly". Maybe they need to pick up their game.
  12. IT WORKED! Ship reaches first waypoint set at Y = 0. Screenshot 1: After passing WP1 sub begins to submerge. Waypoint 2 set at Y = -5. Screenshot 2: Sub fires torpedoes at enemy ships. Note curvature of torpedo path. (Now we need Ju-88's with circling torpedoes like 1946!) Screenshot 3: Sub passes torpedoed freighter Screenshot 4:After passing WP2 sub begins to Surface. Waypoint 3 set to Y = 0. Yet another undocumented feature of the ME. Thanks for suggesting the idea. You live up to your handle, "Genius". ๐Ÿ˜€
  13. Make sure when you log into the game you use the Green 'Enter' box. Then the game will interact with the Cloud and any purchases or pending updates will be activated.
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