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  1. You mean there's a Lerch in the works? 🤣
  2. OK. I installed the North Africa mod then Malta 3d. WOW! Nice work. Flew over several areas using both the Spring and Summer maps. Each has a distinct "flavor" with a touch more green on the spring map. (btw, I liked the brown rivers on the Summer map and think you should add them to your "asia retexture" mod) No disrespect to Rob here but even on the Autumn map, where his textures dominate, I liked what your textures did and found it quite pleasing to my eye. Overall I thought your textures looked really good on the Autumn map and offer a variation on his
  3. I saw the reference to the Spring map. So this works best using Off_Winters N. Africa re-tex and your mod on the Kuban Summer or Spring map? Sorry for the Senior Moment on my part. I just want to make sure I am getting the most out of your excellent repaint.
  4. That is stunning! Is this one a stand alone or an add-on to Off_Winters North Africa re-tex? Either way, WELL DONE! 🎖️
  5. I think it works like this...if the Devs are interested they will reach out. Believe me they do know about this.
  6. The game is awesome! I'm an old IL-2 1946er from the earliest days (2001) and I seldom fly that title anymore as BoX is superior in almost every way. Yes, there are a "few" people on the servers. 🤣 Quite a few actually. Steam is OK I guess but when new content comes out it is sometimes delayed for Steam users to acquire. On the plus side it automatically updates the game for you. A major downside for me personally is that they take a piece of the $pie$ from the Devs for providing the "service". Make sure you link your Steam Account to the website.
  7. HELL'S ANGELS FINALS Schemes used for the Fokker D.VII's in Howard Hughes 1930 film, "Hell's Angels." Lt. Von Bruen's Plane: Plane 2, Diagonal Stripes: Colors based on version the Vintage Aviation Historical Museum painted and provided for the original film Plane 3, Generic: Skinpack upload within 24 hours. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/file/75oey2gv2uf1b6j/BBop_Hells_Angels_FokD7.zip/file
  8. If Chennault had been around this early on, this would have been what his squadron flew. "Les Tigres Volants". 🏆🎖️
  9. And if it's "or so" that is OK too. This will be as worth the wait as anything you've done so far. Those screens are J A W D R O P P I N G !!!
  10. Here's the next WIP in the series... Hells Angels 2
  11. Kinda a hack, kinda not. A few days ago I saw Howard Hughes epic WWI film, "Hells Angels". I decided to do a skin set for the Fokker D-7's in the movie. I'm posting the first WIP in this thread because the skin is not at all historical. The markings are from early in the war and should be straight crosses but I'm guessing the Maltese style of early war cross seemed more iconic to Hughes. Of the planned set of three only one will have the straight crosses but they are really 'fat'. None the less here is the first skin; Hell's Angels German Leader
  12. Good idea. 👍 All too many modders (present company excepted) and especially in 1946 made the assumption that if you are downloading a mod you know all about how mods are installed and used. It's not an "idiot manual" but just good common sense. And if it's a person's first time with mods they will (hopefully) learn something that they can carry over to the next mod they try. Even an experienced mod user can make a mistake and clear instructions go a long way to "customer satisfaction".
  13. YES! Mod will only work if they are enabled through the games GUI. And no, it's not a stupid question. The only stupid thing would have been not to ask and keep wondering. Ask and ye shall receive.
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