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  1. Great idea. Thanks. And doing an excellent job of it. This will be so worth the "two week" wait. ๐Ÿ˜ (thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou)
  2. @SARFlytitus, Thanks for the compliment to my basic skinning skills. I realize my work is not for everyone, heck it's just a few but I do like doing it.
  3. As promised, Links to download the above planes; CAF: http://www.mediafire.com/file/54m453fqwvbiy21/BBop_CAF_Ju52.dds/file CNAC: http://www.mediafire.com/file/t2zdxoq115do3hw/BBop_CNAC_Ju52.dds/file
  4. What. And start treating the game like a job? What's the fun in that? I may not be an ace pilot but I enjoy the heck out of flying a game that accurately, to the current best ability of computer programmers, portrays flying cool looking WWII planes. And looks so good to boot. I know there are some very serious people out there playing this game and that's fine. I'm just not one of them.
  5. A couple more Ju-52 hacks to go along with the WIP Kuban_Rangoon repaint.... CAF: and CNAC: It's bedtime here in Gonzoland and the sandman is beating me over the head so links will be put up tomorrow morning.
  6. Thanks messsucher. Of course to get those photos of the Russian missiles you would need a U-2:
  7. WARNING! This Post Not For Sensitive Types! Lately there has been some hand wringing about Hack Skins and especially hacking certain planes. So, if you are a purist, change the channel NOW! You won't like what I'm about to show you. I was making a Cuban Missile Crisis mission ๐Ÿ˜ฒ and needed some jets. So I made some. ๐Ÿ™„ First a US Navy "Skyraider" hack: and of course it needs an opponent, in this case a MiG-17: Screenshots were taken on meplanes excellent WIP, Kuban_Rangoon which I thought made a good backdrop for this kind of mission. I'd link them but I just know there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth for the abominations I have created.
  8. So the game does differentiate between the open sea and land bound lakes....ah-ha. I have gotten everything but the large cargo ships to move on the lake so if that's the "game limitation" then that's the way it is. Thanks for the explanation.
  9. So riddle me this.. I just got done making my dam mission (which was a huge success) and one of the guys asked if I could make a practice mission so he could practice bombing. (He's usually a Spitfire pilot). He wanted both high level practice so he could hone is bombsight skills as well as low level, particularly skip bombing. He also wanted a mission with no opposing fire so he could just practice bombing for accuracy. So, using the same map (the guys love the Velikie Luki Summer map) I proceeded. On the same lake as the dam was on I put a cargo ship and all the needed logic to make it work, the very same logic as for the dam mission. (In that mission I used the little Russian AA boat because the S-80 couldn't make the tight turns needed to make a circuit on that lake. It was a very aggressive boat, during testing a fly flew in front of me and that little boat aimed it's guns at my screen and fired away. Fortunately the bullets missed me...and the screen. lol). Anyway, so I tested the mission and the cargo ship just sat their like a waterlogged log. "Must have screwed up the logic" I thought as that's always been the case before. But no, it was right. I used the same exact logic, built it by hand instead of importing it, double checked Sketch's excellent "How To Make Ships Move" video...everything was right. So what's up? I tried different types of logic, Mission Begin Translators, Complex Triggers, Check Zones, made the ship enabled and not enabled, triggered by an Activate MCU, checked, double checked and triple checked my Timer timings...nothing worked. So on a whim I changed the cargo ship to a riverboat....Volia! It worked! (I have since changed it to a destroyer (because it's a higher profile) set to Low for the AI and High for the waypoints. I attacked it with a P-38 and knocked out a gun and it didn't shoot back). Now the question is, why? I know cargo ships don't go on lakes in real life, unless it's a iron ore ship on the Great Lakes. I just wanted to give him a nice, safe, slow target. Is it a draft Issue? Is the "keel" of the cargo ship too deep for a lake? It can't be the issue like in '46 of being too narrow or too shallow to make ships move on it and having to trick the FMB as smaller ships are fine. Is there any possibility that I overlooked something? Or am I yet again trying to make the game do something it was never designed to do? If nobody knows, that's fine, I just thought I'd ask and see if the helpful ME Guru's here could point the way for me. As it is though, I have made it work for now.
  10. Beebop


    YES, YES, YES!!! Please do!
  11. Beebop


    And it smells better too. ๐Ÿ˜
  12. Nearly complete WIP: Fictional Operation Torch P-40 for the upcoming desert map. Basically I brought several North African elements together for this. Some final tweaking to do then I'll post the download link. [/url ]
  13. Honestly I don't understand all this wringing of hands over faux skins. We're working with faux maps. Both this and the Rangoon Pacific. What is really wrong with having temporary stand-ins for planes we do not yet have? We're sitting here lauding temporary (we hope) map textures for areas we do not yet have. What's the difference really? The IL-2 franchise has long traded in using existing content and manipulating it to represent things we don't yet have. Heck, it's almost a tradition. This iteration is still young but many have come from 1946 which, even in it's stock form, has a lot of content covering a lot of areas. Many of us want the Pacific, Finland, the Mediterranean, the Spanish Civil War, 4 engine bombers, radar equipped night fighters, on and on but understand that the Dev's don't have the manpower nor finances to give us everything we want as fast as we want it. And they have their priorities too but so far they haven't shut down map repaints or skins that aren't 100% historically accurate. They have said that they are concentrating on making as historically accurate content that fits the current time period but haven't discouraged us from playing around with the visual content. If a person doesn't want "hacked" skins, don't download them. I think having and using your imagination is a good thing. I do all kinds of repaints, check out my 'Beebop's Hack Shack'. I'm proud of the work I do and so far there are a lot of others who seem to like it too. If you or anyone else doesn't like them that's fine. No one is making you use them. However while doing these "hacks" I am gaining knowledge about actual WWII paint schemes and skills necessary to execute them. As for this game being a simulation, yes, the flight models, damage models plane 3D models, maps etc. "simulate" war on the Eastern Front. That's why I play this game, it does the best overall job of simulating WWII on a computer. Should this game be so ridged that anything that strays from absolute historical accuracy is to be shunned? That would be a shame in my opinion. In the meantime a little imagination goes a long ways in my book.
  14. We work with what we've been given. The P-51B did fly during Operation Torch with Allied squadrons, the 152nd Pursuit Squadron in Tunisia and the 154th Observation Squadron in 1943. When we get the correct model skins can be made for them. In the meantime....
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