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  1. Have you looked at it lately? I don't find it all that aesthetically obtrusive, and let's face it, aesthetics is what we are going for here, if we wanted to properly simulate fighter pilot vision on small monitors we'd need icons/labels. Speck size partially depends on how high you have sharpness setting in postFX turned up. I have it on the low end as too high makes the picture ugly and is not necessary. I imagine hardware has something to do with it as well, probably more obtrusive on a huge monitor/tv than it is on a moderate size one. I bounce and get bounced unawares all the time mate,
  2. Here mate, the flyspeck effect is fairly visible at the outset of this one. Keep in mind the standard caveat that due to compression the YT quality is far grainier than what actually appears on the monitor. I play the game on a 1080p monitor, but with super sampling turned on, no antialiasing. This results in a VERY sharp image on my screen for easy spotting of both tanks and planes, albeit I have to turn off some of the eye candy (shadow effects) to keep the 80 or greater frame rate I consider ideal for dogfighting performance. If I was willing to put up with 50-60 average I could play wit
  3. Ah, another day, this discussion again. I started playing this genre a decade and a half ago, on a machine that was primitive at the time. Needless to say there were icons in all games then (a plane at firing range would have just been a smudge without either icons or vast levels of zoom). I am very gratified that things have advanced so much that we get to enjoy the aesthetics of playing without icons somewhat functionally, but sometimes one looks back a little wistfully on the simpler days when people discussed dogfighting tactics, instead of the arcane art of boosting your spotting capa
  4. Considering how much aileron deflection in WWII depended on upper body strength, and that the Jug is a good roller anyway, it's perfectly plausible that he was never out-rolled. Athlete before being a pilot. Greg of Greg's Airplanes has examined his speed claim, and guess what, it's also plausible that when you hot-rod the R-2800 to produce nearly the same power as a 470mph P-47M in the less draggy razorback you will get the same speed. Also his claim IIRC was 300mph IAS in level flight, the TAS has to be calculated based on factors he may or may not be guessing right. The man's books sold
  5. 3/4s of the players I'm shooting at have net issues bad enough to absorb this many bursts with hardly any effect? Big Doubt. And I thought these games were client-side anyway (i.e If I see the bullets landing on my screen the damage is allotted). And as others have pointed out, other gun packages don't seem to have "net issues" so we can rule that out immediately. There's your opinion about what 8 .50s hitting all in roughly the same place do, and then there's Bob Johnson's actual experience, which involved many cases of quick disintegration. He was of course likely a fantastic shot compare
  6. Well, since you asked: No, not a track but a direct screen capture and you can see how many rounds went in the D9 without causing any apparent control loss with your own eyes. All 8 guns, Converge 250 meters. You can go into Berloga, take a 6-8 .50s plane and repeat the results all day long, albeit there will be lucky insta-kills mixed in. But those are effectively random. Also the insta-kill seems much more likely to happen with AI, so you can't replicate the experience multiplayers are having offline. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjiaY9zcXoU
  7. Thanks OP, seeing a new release come up gave me hope, you saved me some testing time. Oh well, life has certain compensations if you keep and open mind and are willing to look for them. P-47M Gunnery
  8. I will point out that you didn’t see this neg G chicanery as much before because: 1. Actual defensive ACM like breaks and barrel rolls weren’t going to suddenly and unpredictably black you out at ??? G loading, it doesn’t matter (within reason) what the specific limiting G in a game is, but it must remain *consistent* to know how to select and execute your maneuvers. 2. Most gun packages were efficacious enough that the person pulling this landed trout BS stuff would probably just be taken out by a short burst at close range anyways. Unintended consequen
  9. "G tolerance is an individual thing, heavily dependent on the pilot's physical health and fitness, height, fatigue, smoking habits, drug intake, etc. Most fighter pilots, with training, can learn to sustain about 5 Gs for a considerable time without ill effects. In addition to training shorter fighter pilots (a personal favorite), there are certain techniques and equipment which can increase G tolerance. In the area of equipment, the G suit is the most common. This is usually a trouserlike garment that incorporates inflatable bladders in the abdominal area and along the legs. These bladders ar
  10. I've been re-reading "Thunderbolt!" by Johnson and am currently working on getting all his descriptions of kills from the book into one post. So far it looks like losing speed to drag increase is the LEAST of your worries when being hit by .50s, at least by 8 of them at convergence. So far his first five kills all more or less follow this pattern.
  11. I was re-reading this recently and thought it would be interesting to post the descriptions he wrote of happened to each German fighter or zerstorer he shot down. There are several other cases where he describes in detail someone else shooting a 109, 190, or zerstorer, I may add them in also. First Kill: Second Kill: Third Kill: Fourth Kill: Fifth Kill: That's all for now. I'll try to continue posting these until I've worked through the entire book, then do a st
  12. Didn’t get a response in the right forum, and that’s an awful frustrating wait for a product I’ve put money in to the tune of owning nearly 100% of the planes and packs.
  13. Hi all. Re-downloaded the game, did the reset password bit. It still keeps giving the message in the subject line. Please help, really want to play again!. I did a password reset on startup. Logs me in just fine on ROF website. I have already tried writing it into startup.cfg manually. Also I can't figure out how to reset password again, just in case that helps. This is infuriating.
  14. Hi all. Re-downloaded the game, did the reset password bit. It still keeps giving the message in the subject line. Please help, really want to play again!
  15. I’m not sure it is the case that RoF is notably harder to fly. That said, it is true that many WWI pilots soloed, started on advanced types, or went into combat with a scandalously small number of hours. Whereas many virpils have enormous numbers of pixel-hours. Thus I tend to think it perfectly reasonable that a plausible simulation of almost any fighter accepted for squadron service should be fairly easy for experienced virpils to do basic maneuvers in and aim with.
  16. Heh, after recording I realized my headset mike was open and my wife and our housemate were having girl talk audibly in the background, thought it best and simplest for everyone to just replace the audio with the built in Youtube function. 😁 What's the straight skinny on temp versus max revs possible? Is it all the same if you're in the "safe" range or more nuanced than that? I have recently put mixture and rad on the hatswitch for WWI, that should help juggle the load.
  17. I haven’t had as good a luck with reversals in the WWI genre as Ive had with WWII, in the high wingloaded versus low wingloaded situation tbh. Not sure what the adjustment needs to be. A bounce by a more maneuverable bandit and attempted defense would be a good idea for another film I reckon.
  18. Got any good techniques for dragging it to the deck+reversal then?
  19. So these are the axioms I’ve been able to derive so far: 1. Begin that attack from at least 500 meters above. Presumably that’s enough alt to convert to all the speed a Spad can stand? 2. Pull up at a minimum distance of about 100 meters from the target if you want to be able to reset the fight vertically for a second pass. Sound about right?
  20. One pass, haul ass is a very useful tactic. It is also clear that it is not the ONLY thing Spad Se5 etc pilots ever did. Not all combat situations allow that luxury. Writings about dogfights from that time are often rather vague about maneuvers and do not have the sort of standardized and precise technical vocabulary of air combat that would evolve later, but it seems very likely that what we would call energy maneuvering must have played some part, as obviously in some of these cases the one plane could not have been expected to match the other in level turning contests.
  21. If I can get the chances of winning the subsequent maneuvering fight against D7fs up to around 50/50 through adapting e-fight technique to the FC paradigm I will prefer that ups and downs of that outcome to invariably diving away from every one that sees me coming in time.
  22. Going max on turbo and throttle and turning the water injection on but leaving the prop at about 2550 RPMs gives more time before engine go poof and actually results in a higher top speed. Or at least it did last time I tested, there has been a patch or two since then. Try it out offline. You don’t seem to need any cowl flap at all to stay cool enough while the water injection is going.
  23. Does this mean you need to not carry through the attack to too close a range if you want to be able to vertically reset again, and if so what would you say is the range to quit shooting and start pulling in this matchup?( I understand the answer can only my approximate) I’m not sure what’s to stop him doing the same in this situation? I try to avoid mutual headons if there is a possibility of a kill some other way, as a fight ending with mutual engines out is pointless.
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