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  1. She is indeed a great looking bird!
  2. Of course not all of their good pilots were lost at Midway. Japanese aces such as Saburo Sakai and Tetsuzo Iwamoto were still racking up many aerial victories until the end of the war. But the IJN did lose four carriers and a massive amount of their good pilots at Midway, which was a great blow to the Japanese. Midway is regarded by many historians as the turning point of the war in the Pacific. Before Midway, the Japanese had the upper hand. After Midway there was Parity and it took many more battles in the following months before the US had supremacy. In fact, the battles only got tougher and bloodier after Midway. I'd also like to see Guadalcanal included in IL-2. There were indeed many good Japanese pilots over Henderson field in 1942. The air war of the Guadalcanal Campaign was fierce, with both sides losing hundreds of aircraft. The US was however able to rescue more than half of their downed pilots, while the most of the downed Japanese pilots were never recovered. The battle of Midway, the Eastern Solomons, the Battle of Santa Cruz and Guadalcanal resulted in the IJN losing a massive amount of their best pilots in 1942. Something they were unable to fully recover from. The United States also had a more effective pilot rotation system, which meant that more veterans survived and went on to training, where they were able to pass on lessons they had learned during combat.
  3. True. The IJN lost most of their best pilots when their carriers were sunk at Midway and they did not have a reserve of well trained pilots like the US had. The IJN put all their eggs in one basket and it backfired big time.
  4. I think the plane sets should correctly represent the most prominent aircraft as found in the historic timeline, and for them to be modeled as realistically as possible of course. Like others, the reason why I think a well-thought-out generic map (in addition to historic maps) is a good idea, is because the physical land mass featured in some of these battles (such as Midway) is very small, which might limit replay value.
  5. I agree. The A5M "Claude" was not a prominently featured aircraft anymore. It is therefore not needed. There were other IJN / IJA types that were far more important.
  6. Yes, that would be a great idea. That was indeed a very nice map.
  7. I don't believe this guy's story. In fact, his story contradicts wartime records. First of all there were no Zero's involved in that encounter. Second, no Japanese pilots were killed. "This account is not consistent with Japanese wartime records - discussed in the book "B-24 Liberators vs Ki-43 Oscars" by Edward M Young on page 57. This dogfight was between 13 Ki-43s of the JAAF 64th Sentai and around 12 B-24s of the 7th BG. There were no Japanese pilot losses."
  8. I prefer for the pilot not to be present. Looking at those fake arms and legs just makes me cringe. But an option to turn the pilot on or off can't hurt I guess... I'll just keep the undead mannequin switched off.
  9. The I-16 had an excellent roll rate, but overall it was completely outclassed by the Zero. "On 13 September 1940, the Zero scored its first air-to-air victories when 13 A6M2s led by Lieutenant Saburo Shindo attacked 27 Soviet-built Polikarpov I-15s and I-16s of the Chinese Nationalist Air Force, shooting down all the fighters without any loss to themselves." That Mig-3 is looking very nice by the way... I've always liked the Mig-3's sleek lines.
  10. Another video that demonstrates the A6M Zero's excellent roll rate. Despite her age she's still able to do a complete 360 degree roll in just slightly over 3 seconds. All the rolls are certainly under 4 seconds. Skip to 2:48 for the first roll, with a couple more rolls starting at 4:35 on the video...
  11. Yes. However, that chart is not indicative of the Zero's maximum roll rate, which is what some people (wrongly) think it is. If you watch the videos I posted you will see the roll rate demonstrated in them is MUCH higher, even though the aircraft are very old now and no doubt not pushed to their limits.
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