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  1. I have barely played this game for the passed 6 months or so, various other things got in the way, including (I'm a little ashamed to admit) DCS . However when I heard my favourite server, TAW, was going to try out the western front expansions I really wanted to be a part of that experiment. It hasn't been all smooth sailing and I know the guys that run the server will be taking on the feedback and making changes where they see fit but it has still be a lot of fun. So here are my highlights and low lights of the campaign. Set to the sounds of Boston, More than a feeling. https://youtu.be/JsdwwKPDDug
  2. Would it be possible at all to change the number of 262's available depending on how many players are on the other team? I know this may not change much during peak times but in off peak times their can be more 262's then there are allied players on the server.
  3. I assume your are being sarcastic. The reds are certainly not happy. All the guys I play with have quit taw for now because we can't even leave our airfields without being smashed by a 262. The airfield defences do nothing to stop them, had one the other night just flying low over top waiting for us to get airborne while the flak fired all around them. I'm all for historical accuracy but this is not accurate or balanced. The 262 has ruined this last map, it only takes a causal glance at the stats to see that people flying it are just farming kills, a lot of them were certainly not doing that when flying props. Red has no real match up to the 262, they only way it was not such a game changer in real life is the fact that the allies always had superior numbers. In my timezone this is certainly not the case. Last 3 nights has been 15 to 20 axis vs 3 to 5 allies. All six 262's have been up flying, and just hanging around our airfields.
  4. What a load of rubbish! So your saying if they had taken off individually you wouldn't have shot them down one by one?!
  5. If you go to that thread I posted the links should all still be working. Let me know if you have any trouble and I'll see what I can do.
  6. Here is the link in was looking for. Jas all the Pacific skins I made a while back
  7. Did you ask on one of the Facebook group? I was going to post there. I made a whole heap a whole back, they are shared on here somewhere. I will post the link when I find it. Edit, I see someone above already shared a link. I did make dress up some La-5's and Zero's as well and a Ju-88 as Japanese bomber as well, hit me up if you want those and I can share the links.
  8. It has been a while since I have made a video, life and other games have gotten in the way. I was clearing out some old folders and found some clips I had never used or that had been cut from previous videos. It seemed a shame for them to just be deleted and 'thrown' away and so here we are. Enjoy.
  9. Thanks mate, I am half considering putting a couple of the longer fights in a separate video, it will have captions though and not my voice over. I can't stand editing my own voice.
  10. This is the patch I have been waiting for since Battle of Bodenplatte was announced, the Mustang and the Tempest were my most anticipated planes and they have not disappointed. I even managed to finally bag a 262! So here is a quick compilation of the last few days flying with the new patch. All taken from multiplayer on either KOTA or Combat Box. Enjoy. Music: Rock and Roll Part 2
  11. Nice, Enjoy! I hope the Singapore one works ok, I never got any feed back on it from anyone.
  12. Thanks mate, glad you enjoyed it!
  13. Hey mate, It will be because the mission files are now very old and the updates often break them. They can be fixed however, you have to delete all the mission files except for the one labeled ".mission" Then open the mission editor and open the mission using that file path (.mission). Then resave it to your mission folder. I hope this makes sense, if not let me know and I will try and provide a better description. Thanks.
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