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  1. It hasn't been posted anywhere that I am aware of and it's not mine to share, however I will ask him of he is willing to share it or wants to post it somewhere.
  2. Thanks. I think enjoyed flying it from the 109 perspective the best!
  3. Yeah it was there at the start (although a little hard to see), I flew over 2 of them and also killed one in the p-40. Unfortunately as its AI the initial attack by the p-40's draws away the entire fighter escort so it ended up just myself in the 109e7 defending the bomber force.
  4. Recently Team fusion V video's have been showing up on youtube, and that coupled with recent speculation I have read on on reddit and stormbirds blog (which is great by the way, check it out if you haven't https://stormbirds.blog/2019/07/06/wh...) It has got me thinking, I have always thought a North Africa great battles title would be great, and easy to make, we already have the bulk of the plane set required but would need a map obviously..... but maybe.... maybe we already have a map..... it would just need some...... adjustment....... Music, Vivaldi: The Four Seasons: Summer III. Presto Map Mod made by may-bug
  5. So I have never done any modding of any kind (other than aircraft skins) and I don't even know where to start but I was hoping to try and mod the Kuban map to look like a desert scenario, so change the green for sandy brown and remove the trees, etc. Is this possible? Is this easy? How would I even begin? Thanks in advance for any help or advice.
  6. I knew it was you in the 47, but didn't realise you were the 262 I bumped, sorry about that! I figured you were trying to use the valleys in the 47, if I was slightly further back you would have cleared the ridge and I would have missed. Luck on my part really!
  7. Cheers mate, glad you enjoyed it Haha thanks mate, yeah everyone I saw online was having similar issues. It was actually really funny to watch and fun to be involved in, despite the frustrations at the same time.
  8. The 262 has finally arrived, and with it, some new challenges. All taken sorties were flown on the unprofessionals server. Enjoy. Music is Por Ti Volare, by Andrea Bocelli
  9. Thanks mate, yeah I like to show the times its turned to crap as well as the good ones! Cheers mate.
  10. So the Tactical Air War (TAW) campaign is running again and we are flying blue this time round. Things have not been going well for me however, I have been chewed up and spit out on almost every sortie I have flown. There is also I new rule in force where you only get three lives per map, and then you are on a 24 hour stand down. This happened to me on map 2 so while I had not much else to do I made a video of my bad luck, poor skills and stupidity. Enjoy. Music: Stuck in the middle with you by Steelers Wheel
  11. Like a few others I am hating the 3 lives rule. However I have a few suggestions that will make me hate it less; 1, As people have mentioned the 24 hour stand down is to long as it often means you can't play the next day, for example I lost my last life at midnight which is the latest I normally play so the next night I could not play as I wasnt able to until midnight again. Between 12 and 20 hours would be much better. 2, An ability to earn the lives back would be nice, much like transport missions to earn back aircraft. 3, When the stand down period is over, we should get our three lives back. Having only one life and the prospect of another 24 hour stand down if I lose it means I will not even get in a ground attacker or bomber until the map is over. Yet ground attacking is one of my favourite things on taw. Just my two cents.
  12. I have been playing a bit on the new 'Combat Box' Server, its fantastic but is sometimes underpopulated in my timezone which is a shame. This is a single sortie flown as a fighter bomber/escort for a friend in the A-20. As you will see I never really had the chance to use my bombs or even really escort as I got caught up with bandits near our airfield, It did serve the purpose though as the A-20 was able to make his bomb runs un-molested. Music by Shihad, Beautiful Machine
  13. Had a quick go tonight but kept getting kicked for ping. What sort of limit have you got set?
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