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  1. Totally agree the real issue is a lack of in game / centralized tools to facilitate communication and cooperation.
  2. I've been playing Il2 for years, but I find the multiplayer is really, really alienating. Really tough for someone who plays a few hours per week to casually drop in and actually have a good time because of how socially fragmented the community is into different discord/ts servers. From a "user experience" point of view, it seems like a no brainer to take some ownership over the "shape" of the game experience rather than just delegating responsibility to the community to do it. Better in game communication / organization tools would make it more approachable in ways that the existing 'cru
  3. I'll have to look for your server. I'm in Toronto and wouldn't mind flying with some fellow Canucks!
  4. I'm glad to see a new mission pack for the Soviet planes. Thanks for putting this together. I love the atmosphere of taking off as a group and heading out on patrol. Too bad for me my little laptop struggles with so many planes and gunners in the air on the second mission. Time for an upgrade in the new year maybe... Is it reasonable to expect perfectly smooth performance with this many planes given the right cpu?
  5. I feel like I'm probably in a minority on these forums...but I really think the gameplay needs to be "sculpted" a bit more. I'd much rather see enhancements to the shape and feel of the game experience than the exact same sandbox gameplay in a new theatre with new planes. All these posts speculating about the next theatre announcement really bum me out. They've got the physics and flight models down. And those feel awesome. I feel like what it needs is well...a plot. How to do this..I don't know. More highly polished scripted campaigns for single player, some kind of game mechanics a
  6. I haven't had any issues using a virpil stick with ch quadrant and vkb pedals. The idea crossed my mind to get a second ch quad to have extra axes for multi engine aircraft.
  7. I'd love to see a battle of Berlin at some point. Also, what about a Spanish civil war scenario?
  8. Agreed. I have the same issue with the spit when flying on Berloga. By the time I have the sight dialed in, I've already got a vulcher clinging to my tail. There are lots of little "quality" of life things like this that I wish could be implemented. Default convergences for different aircraft would also be nice. Different realism settings depending on what kind of flight you're doing might also be nice. I'll often turn on unlimited ammo for some gunnery practice in a quick mission, and then forget to turn it off for in campaign mode
  9. Very nice work. Any chance you can make an offest for the Virpil T-50? I've got the extensions, but I'd like to get the grip closer to me without interfering with the seat of my chair.
  10. Sokol, that's exactly what I'm talking about. The forward tilt looks good too. If someone were selling this I'd throw my money at them.
  11. Was the entire stick and base too close? Or did you want the grip further away from your body? I found the deskmount itself sticks out quite a bit, and also isn't really low enough with the two longer extension pieces installed. I mounted a bracket under my desk for the mount to clamp to in order to get the stick lower still, and to bring the front face of the deskmount flush with the edge of the desk.
  12. Maybe there is a discussion about this somewhere else, but I haven't been able to find it. I've been flying with Virpil stick, extensions and desk mount for the past few weeks, and am generally pretty impressed with it. I do find however that I can't get the stick in the most comfortable spot when sitting in my Herman Miller office chair. The grip is just too far forward, even with the edge of the chair almost touching the stick. Maybe if the geometry of my simpit were more akin to a real plane this would be less of an issue, but the reality is I sit upright in an office chair at a d
  13. It took over a month to get mine from Belarus to Canada. The express EMS delivery time they advertise is a little misleading. But it showed up in good condition.
  14. I'm just getting started in BOS multiplayer. I've put in maybe 100 hours offline getting familiar with the yak variants and the Il-2 and am starting to get condid entry enough to get my start getting shot down a lot online. I'd like to play in a coordinated fashion with other players flying the Russian planes.
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