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  1. was wondering if its already fully implemented? Made a small mission with RRR point, rearming and refuleing works, chat also show rapair of parts of the plane, but some parts show repairing (cockpit), but dont end. Also, after taking off again my wing fell off, so my mechanics maybe a bit overworked?
  2. indeed, i fly il2 for over 2 years in VR, but FC really feels like a different sim. Very enjoyable, very different flight physics, Its almost as if gun duels (il2) turned into hand to hand combat.
  3. actually, i do - Logitech g940. But why does it occur with WW1 planes but not (at least not as pronounced) with with WW2 fighters?
  4. Did more testing, moving all units to lapino map, same stutter - changed all ww1 aircraft ( 10 planes on whole map max. at same time) to ww2 type aircraft, stutter gone or at least barely noticable. So in short, WW1 planes somehow induce this effect, which is a bummer i have to say.
  5. Thanks for your answer, will try same mission type on lets say lapino map, that should narrow it down! Had same effect on Stalingrad map, but only when with He111 was present, somehow it still stressing cpu, although fps look fine on paper.
  6. I have a quick qestion, bought FC at the current sale and wanted to make a small dynamic mission with a hadfull of planes and waypoints, nothing complex at all. I fly VR an try to make CPU friendly missions to fully enjoy 90Fps. But for some reason i get weird stutter with on Arras map, the same stutter i get on big complex BOS maps. Fps counter show 89/90fps, but it isnt smooth when moving up/down or banking, there is always a kind of jitter and blurry ountlines. When i fly on Arras, with just standard objects (cites, bridges, airfields) imported, its buttery smooth. As soon as i add a few planes, weird stutter appears. Tried my BOS mission that is a bit more complex, runs smooth as it should. Arras with much less AI and complexitiy > stutter. Anyone an idea?
  7. Grass qualitiy is a killer, gives slight stutter even at heights where gras isnt even rendered. going to "normal" brought buttery smooth framerates back.
  8. Finally had time to look into this issue. Vehicle also didnt fire green flare, but couldnt find the reason. Increasd radius of the triggering waypoint, so far it seems to have fixed the issue. (Uploaded V1.02 with a few changes)
  9. Looks I have to implement emergency and crash landings for B25 as mission possibility. For that scenario the mission would count as not successful. Did you retry? Update: Just changed 01-Visitors mission, when B25 doesnt land on designated airfield (shot down, crash lands) , waypoint marker of home airfield is triggered, mission counts as failed after landing.
  10. Thats right, but how do you keep track of mission objectives beeing achieved? Lets say you complete 1. objective and trigger 2. mission, second mission fails, should just 2nd mission count or the one that ended successfull or only both? I am sure its doable with logic counters, but its note the main focus i had. My intend was just to create a QMB like mission that simulates a sorti/day with some variety and random objectives and AI encounters.
  11. thought about implementing something similar, but it gets quite complex to include it with a functioning mission objective/success mechanic. At least for me since i am not a Mission editor pro.
  12. Glad you like it - The problem with the throttle sounds like a bug to me. Regarding RRR at home airfield, when you taxi to your parking position the mission ends (if you fullfilled mssion objectives). If you just want to RRR, taxi to the trucks at the end of the runway
  13. Its like the "wild west" with different factions. Basically you and your crew against the other factions of western cowboys and russian hired guns. Unfortunatly it isnt possible to create 3 different coalition, so that you would encounter russian and american fighting, while at the same time seeing you as opponent too.
  14. ok, will look into this, at least you are not stuck with this bug.
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