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  1. Noted, will change in the next update 👍
  2. Habe Il2 1946 leider nie gespielt, aber mir mal die Beschreibung von Rebirth of Honor durchgelesen, klingt wirklich gut, würde sich sehr gut in il2 BOS machen. Unfortunatly i never played il2 1946, and so i couldt expirience Rebirth of Honor. But from what i have read, it sounds like the kind of expirience i was aiming for. (on a smaller scale though)
  3. Thought about doing it, but would have been a huge Endeavour to also change plane designs. Spend the last weeks getting familiar with the mission editor, didn’t have the time to also dive into skins. In some missions I worked with available designs that are more reminiscent of war paint than actual camouflage, to mimic the scenario you described. If someone wants to contribute something in the skins department, you are more than welcome. In this scenario Stalin is already gone and the former Soviet Union in a state of collapse. In these troubled times warlords and mercenaries fill the vacuum that is left. You are right, fictional campaigns leave a lot of room for creative missions, were Russian, German and American planes cross paths over the steppe.
  4. . http://www.mediafire.com/file/x9cmtnl29zt3wip/Exile.zip/file Non historical campaign by IronK, inspired by games like "Strike Commader" or "Interstate 76" Map: IL2 - Battle of Stalingrad Planes needed: Fw190-A5 (Battle of Kuban) / Bf109 G6 (Collector Plane) This campaign is set in a fictional timeline, in which Stauffenbergs assasination attempt on Adolf Hitler in July 1944 was successful. After that Germany and negotiated a truce with the western allied forces, only facing the red army from the east. With Adolf Hitler gone, the soviet propaganda machinery ran dry. The outlook to face not only the german army, but also of their former western allies on Germanys eastern border brought the rolling masses of the red army to a standstill. The army structures started crumbling, the number of deserters grew by the day. The first anti-communist militias formed and started to head for Moscow. In November 1944 Joseph Stalin and his polit bureau followed the same fate as the Fuehrer did just a few months before. A fragile military government now holds the pieces of the former soviet union together. These chaotic times are the foundation and beginning of countless venturers streaming into Russia and its former republics, looking for the fortunes this “treasures of the soil” filled lands promise. Gold, oil, weapons,medicine ,drugs, food - everything a man needs to build a fortune. Local militias of former red army veterans roam the countryside, looking for their share in this new environment. Mercenaries, privateers and entrepreneurs from all over the world fight for their piece in this fast changing new land of opportunities. You are playing as Artur Sander,a former Luftwaffe pilot, who was stationed in Anapa / Kuban, but had to leave in the mids of the turmoil after the death of the Feuhrer and the collapse of the soviet union. He chose not to go home, but to stay and start a new adventure in the vast and promising new "Wild East". --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is my first campaign, after a lot of testing i hope there are no major or mission breaking bugs. Missions can be challenging for new players, AI is set to "High" or "Ace" for most aircrafts. No big Battles, but small and diverse CPU friiendly missions (15-20min, Air-Air, Air-Ground missions). Missions automatically end and count as accomplished when described mission objectives are fullfilled and player successfully lands the aircraft at home airfield. Most missions have some variety in AI encounters (type/location), alternative mission objectives ensure progress to next mission if objectives are to tough. Read mission describtion for details. If you enounter bugs or problems, just leave a comment. Enjoy!
  5. Did some more testing, its the grass. Normal and Distant settings dont have the described effect. If set to ultra, the dips occur.
  6. But that’s the thing, there isn’t much or any AI on the airfields when you start from runway in QMB, the dips are still there, even just standing with the engine off. Almost seems like dips are somehow related to rpm or speed of the aircraft (driving physics?!?)
  7. CPU is crucial, but that said, in the beginning of VR i was able to play 90fps in QMB (1vs1, Lapino winter even 4vs4) or PWCG with low/mid settings on a CV1 with an old i3 4150 dual core @3.5Ghz and a GTX 970. And that was before il2 VR optimization of the past years. With my current setup i can play @90fps most of the time (QMB 8vs8) on high/ ultra settings, except MP or mission (career mode) that involve bomber or bomber formations or heavy AI activity. Of course all within the limitations of the current game engine. Thats the main problem here, i can dogfight in a 1vs3 @90fps, and sometimes when AI crashes, fps drop heavy, one minute after that with the next AI crashing into the ground - nothing - solid 90fps - why? I cant tell you. I also encountered a phenomenon while building missions in ME. Airfields for some reason induce frequent (and changing) stutter because of heavy dips, although everything is rendered @90fps with enough headroom, even when standing in parking area. Maybe its just my install/setup, because i cant remember seeing this frequent pattern before, but so far i can only point it down to the airfields. Made a separate thread for this. Long story short, 90fps are not an unachievable goal as many paint it to be.
  8. I encountered this issue while building a mission in ME. With my rig i was wondering why flying sometimes felt choppy, despite having 90fps shown in the counter. I have a CV1, run Open composite, GPU and CPU have a slight OC. I checked with OTT performance graph and stumbled over a heavy dip, maybe every 800ms, when standing in the parking area on runway of any airfield. I couldnt remember to have seen this before, switched all my OC back to stock, checked for processes that could cause this, nothing - rechecked and still got these frequent heavy dips. When in air (QMB f.e.) there are no dips, when close to an airfield and landing the dips reoccur. First with higher frequency, the closer i get to the airfield, the lower it gets. Does anyone witness something similar?
  9. Make sure HUD is on, or else subtitles or pictures aren’t shown And make sure CZ is active
  10. OK - its not the mission, the dips also occur in QMB when starting from runway. At first the dips pulsate 1/s, while accelerating and taking off the frequency of the dips gets higher and higher, - then maybe 20s after take off these pulses disappear, only the normal "headroom" line remains. Same when landing, dips reappear, at fist with lower frequency, higher while landing, 1hz after landing. Strange. I can rule out my OC settings, my mission, OpenComposite ( testet with steamVR too). Must be the game then. Maybe computing of the flight /rolling model, since there isa correlation between speed and the frequency of the dips. Whatever, at least my mission isnt at fault, which is nice.
  11. I have created a SP mission and discovered a strange effect yesterday. Its a SP mission that at the start creates different missions (A-G attack or transfer) and randomly activates AI planes/airfields. I fly VR (90fps, no ASW) and somehow flying felt not so fluid. Checked with OTT performance tool, long story short, my mission produces a frequent (about 800ms?) hard dip in fps, even just standing in the parking area. After some fiddling (turning off my OC settings) it narrowed down to my mission, since QMB missions perform good. I then went in ME an just startet deleting my random switches to see if it makes a difference, or at least narrow down which "process" inside my mission was causing this. So far I couldn't find the cause of the issue and will look into this tonight, but maybe somebody encountered something similar and can point in a direction?
  12. Thanks dburne, thats what i suspect too, less rendering would indicate that. Maybe someone has 1:1 case from a similar upgrade.
  13. does rendered SS resolution translate to native HMD resolution performance wise? What i mean, at the moment i play on my CV1 with OTT SS @ 1.2, giving me 16ish x 19ish SS resolution. I just try to get a feeling about possible performance of a future HMD with better native resolution.
  14. Good Info, had this occurring yesterday, counter triggered despite only 2/3 vehicles got destroyed. Checked ME and replayed and everything worked fine. Now i know the reason.
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