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  1. thank you gambit, was thinking about using a check zone, problem is, i am not "alone" in said parking area, one plane is taxiing before me into the same zone. (bomber escort > bomber lands > i land).
  2. Is it possible to end a SP Mission after taxiing to parking area? So far i only managed to end it after landing. Or is it only possible with a workaroung (proximity / timer trigger)?
  3. Just tried to start il2 from the bin directory ( Steam not running). Just had to login and everything works like i wanted, even VR starts without restart. Perfect!
  4. It’s free and easy to set up. cant include link with my phone , but there is a thread in VR subforum, just google open composite il2 👍
  5. Opencomposite basically replaces steamVR, many, including me, noticed smoother gameplay on top.
  6. Like many others I first purchased BOS via steam, and have bought BOM and BOK from il2 website later on. Since I run opencomposite instead of steamVR for VR, I only need steam to start il2. I was wondering If it’s possible to buy il2 BOS from the website switch to non steam BOS and ditch the Steam version?
  7. Spend the last few days building, testing, learning the mechanics to create single layer missions. Created one i am satisfied with, but left my with the problem how to "end" the mission. More specific the mission is a "take off > destroy X > land" type mission. How do i define mission objects to show a positive/negtive result after landing?
  8. This i can confirm, startet il2 after "summer break" right with the release of the update. had to go down to medium, before even with clouds high i got solid 90fps most od the time. Not sure how much sharpness changed, but i have to admit after 1/2 year without VR it felt less crisp than i remember. This thread kind of confirms my feeling. Overall a sadly step back in performance and visuals.
  9. Could somebody tell me what the said items are? I have trouble finding them in ME
  10. Thanks you, found the video you posted while elaborating my problem. Just build my mission new from scratch, following every step of the video tutorial. only difference i had to manually set the anapa airfield and didnt include 2nd flight group. Now when i beginn the mission, my wingman starts the engine together with me, but doesnt taxi nor start. only after i took off, he at least taxies to the runway, but doesnt take off. Man this stuff is tricky. i have that mission attached. Mission.zip
  11. I Forgot to mention, when i set wingman plane to Start from runway, he starts with me.
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