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  1. i tfear your HW isnt up to the task, VR is quite demanding, even when you go for bare and low settings. sorry mate
  2. 3D Cinema is a joke and eye straining. you still look onto a canvas, with the image popping out a bit. You cant compare that to litterally sitting and flying in a WW2 plane.
  3. Did my first VR steps with a system worse than yours. i3, GTX970, 8GB - If you go for low SS and mid/low graphic settings, dynamic resolution 0,5 , 90fps in QMB 4vs4 is possible and enjoyable, especially if you consider improvements from the latest updates. If you can settle with 45fps, higher resolution/SS and higher settings are def. possible.
  4. i have set the IPD rift to 67, now that you mentioned it, i also got headache, partly from the vice like strap, and also because my eyes also got strained more. all in all, OR is a better match for me
  5. Its really hard to tell, honestly it all depends on your personal preferences. Do you want to expirience a real dogfight, or do you also want to fly cometitive in MP? Do you want 90Fps or can you live with 45fps? Either way, you should go for a high end card, gtx 1080 at least, if you want decent performance from VR. That said, my current setup is in my signature, but i also managed enjoyable 90fps in QMB with an old i3 + gtx970, but had to go for quite low settings. But i still enjoyed flying a lot! Spend days dogfighting 1vs1 on Lupino winter map. Having played most of my childhood sims in 320x240, the "lower" resolution of Oculus Rift doesnt really bother me, still looks great and is an uncompareable expirience. If i switch to a newer headset, i prefer a larger FOV, good ergonomics/weight and a good sweetspot. Better resolution isnt my main priority.
  6. if i was in for a new HMD today, i think pimax 5k would be my choice too
  7. I rather have more FOV than a resolution no hardware can really fuel. Also a good sweetspot is veeery importand for me, had a Lenovo explorer in between for a few weeks, flying was terrible compared to Orculus Rift. When checking 6 everything in the corner of your eye was a blurry mess, you had to move your head constantly, just to check instruments. Good ergonomics/weight are very important, didnt realise how important before.
  8. Well, if you care for your customers and want their money in the future, it is adviseable to listen to their needs and wishes. The Devs did this over the years, IL2 got constant improvement, new emelemts etc. making it basically a completly different game than the one from 2014. I dont ask the devs to create a fancy farming simulator, but to improve their existing product, to make it the best WW2 (VR) flight sim out there.
  9. Indeed, last time i checked i bought IL2, not T34
  10. thats unfortunate to say at least. i rather had this implemented (in this flight sim), than tanks
  11. one of the most usefull features of flying in a virtual cockpit still missing in VR. You can see every leaver, button and wheel in the cockpit, but still have to figgle blindly with preassigned buttons on your joystick / keyboard or use voice attack. maybe devs can implement it one day, it would be more than welcome.
  12. although i prefer the new DM to the old one, cannons dont have the punch they used to have. Looking at actual footage of shredded fuselage and wings from just a asingle 20mm/ 30mm shell, the game doesnt really reflect the carnage they inflict. Sometimes i cover a plane from left to right or front to back in continoius line of exploding shells, but the enemy isnt really bothered and even continues to fight and manouver, when in real life he should struggle to emergency land or bail. In my opinion it still need a little tweak.
  13. 5Ghz is almost the highest speed of todays CPUs. Given that i get drops down into the 40s in career mode, OC another 100 or 200mhz wont make any difference. The cause for the high CPU demand should be adressed, no screwing CPU clocks up into impossible numbers.
  14. Yeah, it is distracting and the displays of HMD add to this, but its also kind of realistic. Canopy framework blocking your view, reflections blinding you, armored glass reducing contrast . Since i dont play MP, it doesnt really bother me. If you are flying SP, there is a mod that gives a "clean" canopy.
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