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  1. Exactly this. But I found out that last update/re-save broke AI mechanics, regarding the escort missions. AI bomber proximity is triggered right when mission is generated (you also shot green flare) so Bomber already heads for destination airfield while you are still sitting on the airfield. It was fixable, but a bit cumbersome. Can somebody confirm this bug?
  2. Just tried a few landing/ takoff on terrain in uv2 - even with terrain roughness off i cant manage to take off from the flat grassy fields. Brown fields landing manageable, take off impossible due to freshly plowed. Finding a field with slight downhill slope seems better, still very (unrealistic?) hard to get of the ground. Would really like this feature to be extended, it opens whole new possibilities for mission design and overall experience, but at this state still seems a bit to hard.
  3. 7 is quite OK, only one 20mm and less ammo on top. 190s big advantage is its armaments. 1 precise burst is all it takes a lot of times, at least it was with my 13 kill streak. The last Yak needed almost all the remaining MG rounds to bring it down afterthe canons ran out of ammo.
  4. When i first tried my luck with the 190A3 i was to much using it as an energy fighter. While it def. is one, it still manages to turn in its own right, better than i initially assumed. There is always a time and a place. Since using it more, i did much better with it. The roll rate is great, scissors can be really usefull to get back into the game when you fucked up. But one thing is certain, you have to be very precise choosing the start of the dogfight. Its not as forgiving as in the 109. When you dont set the start right, things can drag and you really have to use all kind of stunts to get back into a favorable position.
  5. Dont play their turn game at first, cut them off an try to get burst into them then extend. if you manage a good burst, most of the time this is already enough with 190s armament. But if they still keep flying, they arent that turn happy anymore, so you can join their turn game and finish them off (at least with AI). I needed my time with 190, was playing 109 most of my time, but 190 is was always very intriguing. you get used to its character over time (esp. the high roll rate is very usefull ) but one has to be disiplined.
  6. Not long ago managed 13 kills until ran out of ammo in QMB 1vs1 in a 190A3 vs Yak (Ace - dont remember which variant).
  7. Fantastic mod, really feels and looks like NA. Just makes you realize how "fresh" a non european/ eurasian theater would feel.
  8. ironk79

    MOD Request - Grass

    wanted to to get at least some occasional bushes / grass spots to break up the plain ground, to help with speed/height feeling. But given I didn’t get it to work, no grass is the best option
  9. OK, tried to rebuild little proxy mission, it triggered like it should. So went back to my mission, changed proxy trigger distance, no change. Finally deleted the aircraft that players planes has to come close to, and inserted a fresh one - voila, it works again. So in conclusion, either one of the updates, or the mission builder resave corrupted my mission file. bit of a bummer i must say, but at least there is a "solution".
  10. i understand that, even i need time to get back into my own mission. But as i said, the mission work perfectly half a year ago, now after a few updates, i doesnt. Mission file attached -- mission is quite packed, the triggers (3 ) are the ones found NW of players base. ProxyProblem.zip
  11. ironk79

    MOD Request - Grass

    thanks for your suggestions, tried some things with both mods, unfortunatly wasnt able to create the result i was looking for. changing draw distance was no problem, but didnt manage to "thin out" the grass patches itself,. grass is quite taxing for VR use, so i rather turn it of then looking at a 10m circular grass field around me.
  12. I have a mission i build half a year ago, that uses a proximity trigger between my plane and a bomber to escort. mission always worked perfectly. Started flying a few weeks ago, had to resave the said mission, now for some reason the proximity trigger is broken. It fires as soon as the mission is loaded /selected (by random switch) instead of triggering when i am closing on to the bomber. Behaves as if "further" was triggering. Tried reassigning the objects (player /bomber), tried completly new trigger, tried to switch to "further" instaed of "closer" (maybe a bug reversd it) - same, still fireing at mission start. Any ideas?
  13. ironk79

    MOD Request - Grass

    Thanks for the input, will test and see if i can get the result i am aiming for.
  14. Since I got back into il2 3 week ago I often encounter a bug where wingman report Like „ raven 3 target destroyed“ On a loop. Only way to end this Is give some command yourself, otherwise you are bombarded endlessly. Anyone encountered this bug?
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