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  1. Congrats to the Luftwaffe. Thanks for the intense fight. I think it was the longest ever campaign i joined. Thanks to the Admins for offering us such an immersive scenario. I personally think you did a great job in limiting side stacking...in the end it is ultimately the responsibilty of the community to balance numbers. I am looking forward to the next and am exited if and how you will implement the bodenplatte planes and map. 😁... i'll be around anyway! 😘
  2. i would rather expect bobp to become map#9 in next taw edition πŸ˜‰
  3. thanks for reply @=LG=Kathon. it's clear now. it was the errorneous placement of the allied warehouse and the fact that i totally missed the mission with the blue warehouse that confused me. it is clear those have to spawn in an area that remains friendly up to the very end and consequently has to be close to the borders. i didn't play TAW for a year, so i have probably missed some rationales that led to the current status. if we as a red team do the right things at the right time it is fully up to us whether the warehouse boost blows up into our faces or not! unfortunately that seems to havn't been fully transparent to all of us. So @teammates: only a handful of blue tanks left! watch out for the warehouse!πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ
  4. yeah...if we do not damage that warehouse...it does it's job, whereas our apparently WAS damaged and consequently only partially did it's job...we could start a whining contest about the placement of those warehouses, but we are reds and don't do that! πŸ’ͺ😈
  5. ok...maybe i got it...mission #577 the warehouse west of oblivskaya?...(almost out of limits of the map?) really? 😒 it that's the whole mystery we screwed it ourselves...looks like we even would have had the numbers to go for it in that mission 😒
  6. Exactly! Though i claim to sort of having understood the basic idea of resupplies by warehouses, the actual application of the number boosts is difficult to follow and might require some additional clarification...the current events suck big time, as it feels like in the last two maps blue gets rescued regularly just in time by a very fortunate warehouse boost. i really think it is worth to check the logic and/or enlighten us further on were we are exactly missing the point, as i have myself failed to see that blue warehouse as well! maybe an additional constraint like limiting number boost not to exceed a certain maximum percentage of the remaining assets would help to avoid that a team is fighting for killing those last remaining 5 tanks just to find the number went up by 150 just 2 missions later. πŸ€” max. = 300% of remaining units but not more than 150....
  7. dear admins, not sure if this has been asked before: can red please get a20b transports?
  8. well, we can continue to speculate, or wait for a consolidated answer from an admin 😜 i would "assume" that a side out of tanks can only reach a draw at best (either by killing all enemy tanks as well or draining away all enemy planes) , as they cannot conquer the enemy af's anymore... so on map#3 once both sides were out of tanks the map automatically ended as a draw... i was wondering by then, if blue actually stole themselves a certain victory by killing our tanks instead of draining our (red) aircraft, but i figure that is bs and also draining our planes would have caused a draw... anyway, again all just speculations: please admins enlighten us, unworthy ones! πŸ˜‰ - both sides out of tanks = draw - both sides out of planes = draw - one side out of tanks, other side out of planes = ???
  9. it is surely not automatically a win for the side that still has tanks, but it should ultimately deny a win for the side that has lost all tanks as only tanks can capture objectives....obsolete anyway as blue just got a 135+ tank boost 😠
  10. dear admins, another question: blue is out of tanks! am i right to assume, that this means blue cannot win this map anymore, because no matter, whether red runs out of tanks themselves or out of planes (more likely)...the map will anyway end as a draw!? πŸ€”
  11. dear taw-team, i would like to ask for clarification "when" a damaged or ditched plane is counted as a loss for the team. this morning red lost 6 aircraft during the first mission...5 were clear losses (4 death and 1 bailed).... in addition 4 planes were "ditched" and i screwed up my landing when trying to bring home my shotup, single engined peschka... so ditches and landing accidents are surely counted as aircraft lost in the player stats, but not necessarily as an aircraft lost for the team... would be nice if someone could make up my mind, here. and yes! kudos to blue...especially the battle for shkolniy airfield was epic!
  12. How did Map#3 suddenly ended in a draw? There surely were planes left on both sides, so is that because both sides ran out of tanks???
  13. nah. that was another incident i guess. acording to the stats Hanseat just received that 7mm souvenirs from me...but luckily brought it back home... i promise again to take more care!!!
  14. @JG4_HANSEAT sorry for friendly fire saturday night! the AF was under attack and i misstook your 110 for a Pe2...stupid, i know! sorry! i recognised the last moment but had the trigger already pulled sufficiently to trigger mg.
  15. good to see that moron banned. there has been a similar (or same?) idiot on wol some days ago. unfortunately he kept logging in under several different names and thus bypassed the banning...normally these guys loose interest quickly if they don't get attention. if he shows up again, lock your gunner stations, avoid swanning at airfields were he is currently active and don't give him attention in chat because that is probably what he is searching for.
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