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  1. nah. that was another incident i guess. acording to the stats Hanseat just received that 7mm souvenirs from me...but luckily brought it back home... i promise again to take more care!!!
  2. @JG4_HANSEAT sorry for friendly fire saturday night! the AF was under attack and i misstook your 110 for a Pe2...stupid, i know! sorry! i recognised the last moment but had the trigger already pulled sufficiently to trigger mg.
  3. good to see that moron banned. there has been a similar (or same?) idiot on wol some days ago. unfortunately he kept logging in under several different names and thus bypassed the banning...normally these guys loose interest quickly if they don't get attention. if he shows up again, lock your gunner stations, avoid swanning at airfields were he is currently active and don't give him attention in chat because that is probably what he is searching for.
  4. Hey Coconut, not sure it has been reported before, but are you aware that recording is no longer working on your server. if i try to launch the recording i get a black screen and that's it. i think the same was reported from Finnish Virpil server. On WoL it is working.
  5. anyone an idea, how it worked in reality? is there a dial missing in the sim? is the oil temp not correctly simulated, so that IRL it WOULD have been a reasonable indicator for an overheating cylinderhead?
  6. ähm. actually the FW190a5 need the technochat the hardest as you have no gauge to tell you when the cylinderhead is overheating afaik!? the oil temp doesn't help there at all.
  7. sorry! but i have to ask: any rough idea about the ETA for a new campaign ?
  8. Norz! dude! i am so damned sorry for that teamkill! that was plain stupidity on my side! on top of that irony that sortie got me the yak1b you just lost due to my total failure. Dear Admins, should you have the possibilty to "transfer" my yak1b to Norz, please do so! signing off in shame!
  9. ahh! how much i was begging it would be like that...my dreams seem to become true...
  10. thx for the quick feedback...see you on the dark side :-)
  11. we had that comment before: remind me way these constraints only affect red side? for sure that post was sonewhat provocative but still registration rate is 1.7:1, if the teamstacking is worse than that (on a not fully loaded server), stop searching the failure on blue side! anyway! i got it. i'll switch side as ricksen suggested. remind me please: i change the name in il2 account, register that new name in TAW...do i do that with the same mail-adress than previously or do i also need to use a second mail-adress?
  12. registration rate in clearly better than 2:1 !i said it earlier in that discussion that the 45max limitation might be a good thing to avoid the server is blocked by blue, but it was actually your plot that showed that this would not solve anything if even on a half filled server there are constantly far less reds...ok... whatever...the start of map#2 seems to show some sort of improvement...whether it is the plane set or blues switching side...i don't know. i guess i'll follow ricksens recommendation.
  13. true! just lack of activity on my side to create that second account. i do fly from time to time red on wol as it is not requiring any registration action at all, but yes i should consider this.@tuesday: i checked your stats only now and it is surprisingly empty. therefore my comment might have come off wrong. it was not supposed to be ironic. i know you are usually having a quite nice score.
  14. to be clear: i totally support to get the balance right.! Although for sure most of us luftwhiners highly appreciate the exiting experience of flying around an empty map just to enjoying the scenary, one of the reasons i have myself only done 2 sorties was the lack of targets. (or in my specific case: the lack of opportunities to get shot down)
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