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  1. Maybe different language settings in game and editor? In case you added subtitles and your editor is set to 'english' those will only be shown when the game is set to 'english', too Deci
  2. The white 'Barrage Balloons' (graphics\grounds\aerostat.mgm) are just some eye candy. No collision, no damage. You can fly directly through them without any problem. But the height (Y Position) can be set according to your needs. Basic offset is 1000 meters. So if you want so place it at a special altitude take the height -1000. My setting for a balloon shown in 1100m height is 'Y Position 100' Deci
  3. After thinking about it for a while here are my 2 cent: I'm not sure if the update will be bugfree I'm not sure if I'll play Cliffs-Tobruk as much as I play BoX now. But I am sure, that without TF cliffs of dover would have been dead (because unplayable) many years ago. I am sure that they did all the modding because they wanted to and earned nothing by modding the game. I am sure that I had a lot of fun during I've learned to 'fly' a plane when playing the 'modded' Cliffs. So I'll buy this. Maybe I'll have as much fun as I had before, maybe not. But I see this as a tribute to the past (and future) effords of TF. And without these effords about 50% or more (including me) of the players wouldn't have that fun playing cliffs they had. Deci
  4. 'Reference point' lets you draw, position and size (in meters iirc) a rectangle on the map. Very useful to place objects (parked planes, runway lights, signs, ...) in a perfect line and distance Deci
  5. No, its a part of the Indicators... Deci
  6. Mission (link to the files) sent by pm. Rheinland map - Lippstadt (0134-9) Screenshot added. And some screenshots of a train passing the bridge at 0736 (same map) and bumping
  7. Spawning issue seems fixed. I could still watch the locomotive rotate sometimes but the carriages are aligned as they should and do not rotate (so no damage) The building on track at 'Lippstadt' is still present. And I've encountered the next problem... Trains really HATE using bridges.... Whenever a train with carriages drives over a bridge the carriages bump. And the possibility of the carriages to derail or loose connection to the train are very high. Tried so far: Reducing speed step by step from 80 to 60 km/h (knowing that trains were able to drive much faster) Result: Some bridges (mostly the bigger ones) reduce the possibility for derailing at slower speeds Smaller bridges still do The locomotive itself is crossing fine at any tested speed. Deci
  8. Maybe, maybe not... I'll try to implement some further debugging into my mission. Maybe I can collect more data. But I can confirm another bug (map related) Rheinland map - Lippstadt (0134-9) There is a factory located between 2 tracks 1 of the tanks was removed (because it's on the track) A bit above and right you can see a building (it's located in a different block) that is also on the track. That building must be removed, too No screenshot available, I deleted that block from my mission Deci
  9. Ok, I've got it working (almost) Chasing is still not implemented But a completely random spawning/moving system (track based) IS possible. Unfortunately I ran into a bug (or better possible and reported bug) Deci BTW: A 'chasing' should be possible with my system but the resources used are massive...
  10. Hi there I've been running into a strange bug (or issue)... Whenever I tried to spawn trains into an environment WITH buildings (spawning at a station b.e.) sometimes it worked without problems and sometimes not In case all went well: Train spawned at the desired position with the desired orientation and was able to move afterwards In other cases: Train spawned at the desired position Train had NOT the desired orientation Train rotated afterwards (before!!! getting the 'move to waypoint' triggered) Carriages had collisions with buildings during rotation Train was not able to move any more Tried up to now: Align orientation of the train as close as possible to the track and direction it should move (and set it on ground again) Remove entity afterwards Recreate entity afterwards So everything should be aligned correctly. Noticed up to now: Trains spawning general direction south (90 - 270 degrees) do NOT rotate after spawn I only noticed a rotation of the locomotive, but not of the carriages. Carriages were spawned with correct orientation. Trains spawning general direction north (270 - 90 degrees) DO rotate after spawn Locomotive AND carriages rotate until desired orientation Carriages collide with environment Train is damaged and will not move In every orientation AFTER getting move command: (tried without buildings on the map) Train will align perfectly to the track (in my mission I'm talking about 1-2 degrees difference between set orientation and moving orientation) Train will move (if not damaged) Location where I've noticed the detains: Bielefeld (0936-7 Rheinland map) All my trains outbound SOUTH move All my trains outbound NORTH crash And in case an admin wants a mission/group for further testing (warning, very complex logic inside) just contact me and you'll get the mission and a short (or longer) information about 'how it works'... On the screenshot you can see the train. Carriages offside the track were the ones with spawning orientation Carriages on track were the ones with desired orientation. Desired orientation was about 45 degrees, so it seems the train spawned with a heading FROM south TO north (heading 0) even if it was orientated at 45 about degrees Deci Adding: Maybe this affects only trains, maybe it affects other objects (in formation), too And I noticed it the first time before the update to 4.006 and forther bugfixes Deci
  11. Hi there Something to think about when setting TechnoChat OFF.. I really think that is a great step to make the simulation more immersive. Right now a mission hoster can set it off (and it will not be available to any client) A user can locally enable/disable it but not override the settings from the host. So whoever wants to fly without it got the chance to do it whenever he wants. A host can say 'no, you fly without it' and the user has no way to override that setting. But there are some messages that should be available always (or only disabled by the user with an additional setting) These are all messages that cannot be read directly from the plane gauges: - Selecting / Deselecting engines - Engine start/stop procedures - Autopilot engaged/disengaged - Altimeter settings (next airfield, general) - Parking brakes (maybe there is a gauge but I didn't find any) - Tailwheel locking/unlocking (same as parking brakes) Maybe some more, I don't know... Deci
  12. Thanks for the fix. I Can confirm that my ships enter and leave the rotterdam harbour now And I can fly without technochat whenever I want (or force users to fly without on my server if I want to) Great job guys! Deci
  13. Hi there The new 'naval' logic (ships may have ground collisions and stop) seems to create some problems... I've created a mission where ships leave rotterdam harbour and enter the harbour from/to 0805 that was working before the update without any problems. After the update any of my ships (tankers and cargo) runs aground near 0805-1 or -2 and none of the ships between that point and the harbour is able to move. Maybe we need some additional water depth informations for setting the waypoints or the water hast do be made deep enough... Deci In case any admin wants to have the mission for testing please let me know by pm
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