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  1. What tilepackages do you need? Arras, Kuban and Rheinland? And converted to png, jpg or plain dds? And what package size? Each package has 3 directories. Kuban: '01' (20 files), '04' ( 80 files) and '04' (320 files) Deci
  2. Hi I've just tried to use a 'fake-vehicle' to set the maintenance area. It worked but had a serious bug, too. I placed the fake-vehicle into the center of the desired maintenance area and managed to collide with it, damaging my plane. So using invisible objects is not an option right now for anything in missions that is not covered by a visible object the same time... Deci
  3. Hi there, I really love that tool. and it would be nice to have another feature (if possible)... Right now when creating a new flight (or editing an existing) the basic data is printed only after the flight was saved. During creating there is an overlay telling what to do (click to start, continue, finish) and some kind of line is showing the planned flight leg. Is it possible to modify that text in a way that it tells distance and heading instead (or additional) for that leg? Deciman
  4. -S- I've used somthing similar in RoF a long time ago. Complex Triggers detecting all kinds of 'Player enters' and 'Player leaves' (spawn, enter, killed, exit, leave ...) and triggering a selfmade up/down counter. Whenever the counter increased the units were spawned and spawning was disabled (so only first increase spawnes). Whenever it was 0 (area empty) all units despawned and spawning was enabled. Maybe with the new counters it can be much shorter, as the counter logic itself took about 100 items. Deci
  5. It's an external flash script connected with the mission, is part of the mission itself and that is downloaded with the mission and executed on each client. You'll have to be 'in visual range' of the desired 'targets' and make a specified number of photos of the 'targets'. Distance and altitude can be set, planes have to be equipped with a camera and must fly allmost level. I've managed to update the basic scripts previously updated by AnKor85 (RoF board) and add some more features like moving targets and target groups. But unfortunately I was not able to get the script running in BoX (I was not even able to get it started). And after some research it seems the connection between the script and the game is not implemented in the game itself... So even if the script (I've still got the sources from my latest stage running in RoF) could be started under BoX I fear it won't be able to read the required data (aircraft and target positions x,y,z, ...) Deci edit: Topic in RoF board... https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/29822-camera-icon-dogfight-missions/page-5
  6. I've been using OpenTrack for a very long time now, and I've also tested TrackHat a long time ago. As far as I can say both are using the same tecnologies. The only differences are 1) TrackHat tried (!) to make the settings more user-friendly 2) TrackHat has much less updates/fixes as his 'master' OpenTrack I've switched back to OpenTrack after a test because even it's a bit more difficult to configure. Reason: After you've managed to set it up according to your needs it works and works and.... without any problems Deci
  7. Den hab ich. Aber momentan ist das Ding eher enttäuschend. Abgesehen davon, das ich sehr lange darauf warten musste (aber das war mir im Vorfeld klar, immerhin war es eine Vorbestellung für ein Produkt in der Entwicklung) bin ich von dem Support der Firma eher entsetzt... Bestellt habe ich das Teil mit der 'SimShaker-Wings' Software. Einen Aktivierungscode dafür habe ich bereits vor über 6 Monaten erhalten. Nur Nutzen kann ich die immer noch nicht. Eine Aktivierung funktioniert nicht (für die 'Wheels-Version' ist das schon länger behoben) und das Teil wird auch bisher nicht von der Software unterstützt! Weiterhin sind 2 Motoren inzwischen komplett ausgefallen (erst war es nur einer) und 2 weitere scheinen gekoppelt zu sein... Egal welchen der beiden man im Testbetrieb anwählt, es gehen immer beide an... Nach 2 Mails ohne menschliche Reaktion seitens deren Support hab ich nach einem Post in deren Forum dann endlich mal ne Antwort erhalten und kann es jetzt zur Reparatur einschicken. Mal sehen wie es weitergeht... Aber auch was positives ist zu Berichten: Die letzte Beta von 'SS-Wings' soll jetzt auch IL2-Great-Battles unterstützen! https://dreamsimteam.blogspot.com/2019/03/simshaker-wings-beta-v119-published.html Nur bringt mir das momentan nichts mit dem ForceFeel. Wer nen JetSeat hat kann sich aber gerne mal mit weiteren Details hier melden... Deci
  8. It will stay a powerfull tool in any case. But you don't need to give 3 CM for a Ju. If I read it correctly you'll get a Ju additional to any plane received by 3 CM's And pilots having no planes except the +1's will hardly be able do trop troopers somewhere, even if they have a Ju52....
  9. And why should it make any bad difference between 'Ju52 is a +1 or not'? You drop paratroopers and get shot down. Ju52 is lost for that map in the previous case (+1 plane) but available for the next map. You fly a good mission afterwards (+3 CM reached or even better allready got 3 CM as backup) and the Ju52 is available instantly again in the same map... Deci
  10. Possible new bug on suply missions... Just had 2 flights with a Ju52 with freight (both times manually unloaded freight after a successfull landing at the airfield and no changes to the plane setup between them) First flight took 15:12 and was credited with a CM. Second flight took 14:53 and did not result in a CM. Both times same airfields used... Deci
  11. Nachdem ich den Stick umgerüstet habe (erst nur die 'böse Schraube' gelöst weil nach 3 Monaten intensiver Nutzung die ersten 'spikes' auftraten und nach weiteren 3 Monaten den kompletten Kabelstrang ausgetauscht habe läuft das Ding einwandfrei. Und er hatte ja schon beim Kauf damals diverse Flugstunden auf dem Buckel... Und ich hab den Kauf bis heute nicht bereut... Deci
  12. I hope the limiter will be disabled for a nation when all available airfields are frontline airfields... Deci
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