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  1. It was always there But with adding modifiers there was an update to the possibilities.... You can now 'reset' a timer (by setting it to any value where 0 means restart) So setting it to '0' means total reset Setting it to any other value should change the already elapsed time Setting a new value should stop the timer until it is triggered the next time BUT there seems to be at least one bug... It does NOT stop a timer without delay, it TRIGGERS that timer instantly! Deci
  2. Looks like I've got the same in my mission. A version containing about a quarter of the triggers lets me zoom like before. Deci
  3. Hi there Trying to zoom into my missions closer than 50m (max zooming in) results in that error. Anybody got an idea what that could mean and how to fix it Deci
  4. As 'Force Complete' tells the units to stop everything they are doing it should be placed before any new orders And the new orders should have a delay to make sure the 'Force Complete' was accomplished by the units... Deci
  5. Without having a closer look at the Mission.... Try 'Complex Triggers' generating events on 'Entering Alive' (of if there are Airfields 'Spawning', too) Start with the highest zone Entering must temporary disable output (NOT detection) from the lower ones Reenable output afterwards. I think 20ms delay for each lower area should do that... So every plane entering the area will activae all triggers except the ones below it's own altitude. But every 'higher' area will also disable output for the lower ones. Only problem: More than 1 plane entering within (in case of 3 different altítude checking) 60 ms will break the timing logic and planed entering at lower checked areas will be ignored in that case Deci
  6. Hi, try the following: Damage the plane to a level where it is - still alive - no longer flyable - (randomized timers to have a random flight time) Make the plane invulnerable directly afterwards Cover the area with a complex trigger fireing up when the plane is stationary and alive The plane should 'land' (or better crash) somewhere, but still be alive. So it won't disappear and the 'search and rescue' could start Deci
  7. Hi there Does anybody also have my problem? Tracks show no units except planes and vehicles. And I'm pretty sure that when I used it the last time (which was quite a time ago) I've seen AAA and buildings in my track, too. Deci
  8. @curiousGambler, you've got a PM with the latest maptiles. At least Rheinland had some changes on the map (new airfields) Deci
  9. Here is my version... Counter is fired by 'complex trigger' detecting enter, leave, finish (all alive ONLY), kill and spawn On mission start the counter has to be installed (INIT Area) and fires timers after detection. ACTION Empty -> fired when area is empty (after installing, too) ACTION First Entry -> 1st object entered ACTION Further Entry -> next entries ACTION Leave -> Object left area On INIT the counter is set to 0 (of 100) On first entry the counter is set to 99 Leaving increases counter by 1 Entering decreases counter by 1 So the counter can handle 99 objects (or more after changing 2 values) Deci Area.zip
  10. Hi there Maybe you did not download the language files for that mission? Deci
  11. Ok, I think I've located it... Whenever you have a unit with AI set to 'player' the media is NOT stopped by the trigger. I had 1 plane inside my mission to test it in SP mode, too (which is much faster for testing complex logical creations as you can use time compression) Deci
  12. Ok, testing continued, same conditions for every test. Using my computer to play with my usual settings (maximum graphics) Using my computer as a dserver (second account) Using the '.Mission' File (uncompressed) And I know that I can host the full mission with more players than only me without problems (except audio problems) Imported my MP3-Testgroup into a plain Rheinland map -> Working as intended Importing all Basic Templates (Cities, Bridges, Airfields) -> Working as intended Tick Delay was 0, SPS was 50 Importing to my 'real' mission (SPS 50, Tick Delay 5.6) -> NOT working Deleting some parts of my mission using more recources (SPS 50, Tick delay 1.1) -> NOT working Deleting more parts of my mission using recources (SPS 50, Tick Delay 0.2) -> NOT working Deleting all RRR Vehicles (SPS 50, Tick Delay 0.1) -> NOT working Deleted the plane used to test same mission in SP mode, too (SPS 50, Tick delay 0.1) -> WORKING Used the full mission with all feature and deleted just the plane used to test it in SP mode (SPS 50, Tick delay 5.6) -> WORKING So it seems if there are ANY items with AI set to 'PLAYER' the media is not stopped... Deci
  13. Hi there I've located a bug on stopping media (mp3) Created a small test mission Map used: Lapino winter Actions after mission start: Delay 2 minutes -> TIMER - Subtitle indicating timer (play) was fired - Media Play (mp3 file, sound 20 seconds) - Timer (3 second delay) -> Media Stop -> Subtitle indicating timer (stop) was fired - Timer (25 second delay) -> TIMER (so repeating loop) Subtitle 'play' shows up, Media is played, Subtitle 'stop' shows up, Media stops during output after 3 seconds Next loop starts after 25 seconds. Same group copied into my real mission (containing much more things) Map used: Rheinland autumn Subtitle 'play' shows up, Media starts playing Subtitle 'stop' shows up, Media continues playing (Bug) Next loop Subtitle shows the 'play' timer was fired Media is NOT playing After 3 seconds subtitle shows the 'stop' timer was fired ... Deci
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