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  1. IIRC finished will trigger when mission was finished by pilot (spawned out dead or alive) Deci
  2. RRR should only work when engine is off, so no need fur a further check... Deci
  3. Nice Idea. But for the 'Night Shift Vote' I'd like to suggest something different... Assuming the server 'knows' the match/mismatch in nations for the entire running mission - calculate the match/mismatch ratio (average per entire mission time) - let the ground unit speed (advancing/retreating) be relative to the calculated match/mismatch That would mean: Nation having numerous advantage (average for entire mission time) will have own ground forces advance more slowly when victorious Nation having less player active in flight (average for entire
  4. Leave the 'main counter logic' running and counting all time Enable/disable the spawners by server load limitation. Every unit spawned increases the counter Every unit despawned/killed decreases the counter Spawning new items will be suspended when server load is too high (so no more upcountings triggered by spawned units) Killing/despawning will reduce the counter, and when spawning is available again the will spawn if the main counter has triggered that (maybe some ping-pong-timers to keep the requested spawning alive and permanently retry) De
  5. Simply targetLink the 'OnPlaneEntered' to a subtitle. And the you will see, that every us-plane entering (no matter if alive or not) will fire the action Deci
  6. I think flash scripts should still be possible. The game has 2 prebuilt flash tools inside (but I don't know how to use them) and from flash tool iirc 16 different actions can be triggered inside the mission. I've updated an existing and already modded flash script in RoF a long time ago (photo recon) but was not able to change it so it can be used in BoX, too. Main reason for that seems to be, that some of the main functions used (getting live position data of needed objects) are no longer supported in BoX... Deci
  7. let a target (vehicle) with an unique name spawn close to the player, so he can destroy it after he destroyed it he gets the additional points Deci
  8. Merry Christmas to all... And as a Christmas gift I've created a small tool... Usage: Extract the zip to any folder you want. Start the 'Map Editor Tools.exe' On first start it will create 3 directories inside the installation folder (and you can choose folders from inside the tool) Missions Original -> place the .mission files here Missions Generated -> output for the changed files Map Editor Tools - Logfiles -> logging activities IMPORTANT!!! Make a backup of the campaign/mission you want to change
  9. Mery Christmas, a happy new year and stay healthy Deci
  10. There is NO need to buy that driver... https://www.chip.de/downloads/CL-Eye-Platform-Driver-fuer-Kinect_45696555.html German site, download for free choose 'Manuelle Installation' and on the following page 'Download-Server CHIP Online' Deci
  11. Every media file linked within the mission is a part of the mission and is added to the '.list' file. And every file inside the '.list' is downloaded by any client connecting to the server. Deci
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