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  1. Hello all, I read this thread with great interest. I faced a similar issue for the first time two days ago following the latest 3.012b release - but this might be by coincidence only. Not only airfields were affected but also any buildings, blocks and even roads had disappeared in the ortho view. By switching to the camera view I found out that a second map had been placed over the "base map" obscuring any texture and structure. The topmost map carried all trees but was wavy and obviously corrupted. ALL maps were affected, however, the respective missions played without any issue. The remedy: I deleted the ctreecache and the mtreecache files. A safe operation because Il-2 writes new ones each time it is started. I found this hint somewhere else in this forum as a measure to make newly written missions appear in the game's list if not visible immediately. For the moment everything works fine again so I can't post screen shots to illustrate the findings. I'll do so should the problem reoccur after a while. Cheers HaMa
  2. Hello, I think that the current set of ground vehicles available in BOS etc. suits perfectly well to the needs of a combat flight simulator but needs some extention if the simulation is about fighting on the ground. Regarding softskin vehicles of the year 1943 a must-have are the VW Kübelwagen and its allied counterparts GAZ-67 and Jeep. Civilian type passenger cars like the Horch 830 and the GAZ-M aren't credible rides for frontline units of that period. Further down on the wish list stand the Opel Blitz van as a workshop/radio truck or ambulance and the lend-lease GMC or Studebaker trucks. The Panzer II would be a welcome complement for the BOM, BOS and BOK scenarios because it was still the German main light tank and in use in large numbers into 1943. Indeed this type took part along with the Pz 38(t) in operation "Citadel". The Sdkfz 222 scout was in service throughout the war and definitely took part in the Kursk campaign, however, sorry to say so, the Puma was scheduled for mass production launch in June '43 only - that is to say it arrived after the battle of Kursk. On the Soviet side one could think about US built M3A1 armoured scout cars and halftracks but my sources are not clear whether they made their appearance in the fighting for the salient.
  3. Bonjour, Est-ce que vous avez jamais eu une réponse? Je voudrais réaliser une mission d'Après-la-Bataille en Janvier 43 avec le même problème de cesse-feu rendu impossible. En revanche il serait pratique d'installer le même genre de feu d'artillerie intensif sur les aérodrômes de Gumrak et Basargino pendant la bataille en cours. A bientôt Hans Martin
  4. Hello, I refined the functionality described above to extend the duration of the effect. The 'Stop' - 'Resume' commands are linked to each other in an endless loop. One lap lasts 10 seconds. To switch the lights off after a chosen period the loop must be interrupted which is achieved by deactivation of the 'Resume' command which would switch the lights on again. The responsible timer trigger can be set to any delay, however, the set time must be 8 seconds shorter than the desired activation time because the headlights remain on about 8s after switching them off as an AI's default setting which can't be influenced. In the meantime the truck doesn't move at all. Lighting up a runway is possible... In the attached example the headlights are switched on during one minute. Cheers Here I come with the attachements
  5. Hi, there's a possibility to make a truck help you find your destination on the ground. It works only with German vehicles because the Russian ones remain blacked out at night. German AI don't seem to fear Soviet air raids. Set a truck and a waypoint pointing into your direction and set the speed to 1 km/h which is the lowest possible value. From the cockpit of a taxiing plane you won't note that the vehicle is actually moving if it doesn't come too close, the angle between your and its direction of movement is about 180° and the displacement of the truck is small enough to avoid an unwanted before-after comparison. As a default setting the headlights remain switched on for a couple of seconds after the vehicle has stopped. This setting can be used to reduce the truck's speed by a sequence of "Stop" and "Continue Moving" commands, a kind of reverse effect sustainer. The timer triggers need to be adjusted to produce continuous light without continuous movement - unfortunately I can't tell you the required duration of the intervals, I didn't take notes. The attached picture shows a variant. The timers are set to produce flashing headlights. However, the result isn't really convincing because the lights-on interval is relatively long, the ratio between on and off intervals isn't well balanced. At least it works - see attached video. Other limitations are that the headlights are not visible from a greater distance and the duration of the effect is limited by the truck's distance from the waypoint and it's speed. I haven't tried but I guess that illuminating a runway isn't an easy task to implement. There may be solutions to extend the illumination time e. g. by deleting and respawning trucks and waypoints sucessively after they have completed their run. Cheers ju52_mos_2017-08-28.trk.gz
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