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  1. Very difficult to deliver on time the P51D there is little material to design this plane, so few fly in the actuliality of the p51 ..... seal applause !! 🤣🤣🤣
  2. They could have delivered the P51D or P38L with the Me262, one of those 2 planes. But it is more important to launch aircraft for Flying Circus. And we all celebrate like seals. 🙁
  3. That endless these debates, and Sorry Chimango but what only fly in blue like you only fly Red is by tradition of squadron, or why we only fly a plane well and not all do not you think? That to talk about easy kill, I think it's good from a children's forum, before flying alone in this sim, and I never seemed easy kill fly a 109, low visibility weapons do not hit anything, with much more dispersion than a yak or a lagg, the only thing that does very well climb more than the red and dive stronger, I never saw an F4 turn more than a Yak I do not know where you get those nonsense, data and official specifications of the Il2 is available in Quikmission you go to the specifications tab and compare all the planes, the only BLUE plane that rotates almost equal to a Yak1 is the Bf109E. However, if you want to always talk about how wrong the sim is, is it a SIM or a Balancer? If we talk about obvious advantages that you spend saying, I suggest you try the dipersion of any 109 vs yak or lagg the LA5 (it has enough dispersion), but the Blue planes have much worse dispersion, you can shoot from a yak at distances of 400m and hit a target well, with the 109 that's impossible. The Red planes are much more armored than the Blue airplanes. This is indisputable, the i16 to balance against the 109E they made of Titanium. The Flags of the Yak that are combat ?, the cabins of all Red planes can be opened at any speed and stay open to 5000mts, to see this is a SIM I believe, not a balancer if they want balance there are other sim arcades known by all to try. In my humble opinion I think the Reds are already balanced to match the historical data of the Blue planes, what they ask now is that they also take the F4 in the Taw because it is very good? Seriously????'😑 And I need to talk about the Peshka? It is a B17 now with a 190 you have to do 2 passes and throw all the bullets to fall, and do not talk about much because the gunner have a GAU directed by radar, the JU 88 are paper compared
  4. Query BoS, BoM & BoK has some official multiplayer server or Wing of Liberty is the only semi-official server that has. Because in the list of servers there are many but what everyone flies is WoL the TAW only when it starts again, now we have KOTA that is very good but during the week nobody flies. Greetings pilots!
  5. Hola a todos!! Soy muy fan de los simuladores de Vuelo, mi primer computadora me la compre para jugar un simulador de vuelo de Jane's para windows 95. Quede encantado por años con el IL-2 Sturmovik 1946, eh estado un poco fuera de los de estos tipo de juegos por trabajo, pero ya estoy de vuelta. Queria consultar no se si es el hilo correcto, si se compra el IL-2 BoS el paquete basico, se puede y comprando los demas aviones y campañas sin pagar el doble para poder jugar el Il-2 BoM, mas los aviones que falten. PD: Saludos Charrua somos compatriotas!! Espero encotrarte en alguna partida online. Saludos!!
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