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  1. Hmmm do I smell another update?? lol 😁
  2. I would love to the Ar234 added at some point as a collectors plane :D
  3. Look spectacular as always! Can't wait for the next update and this DD has just whetted my appetite all over again! 😄
  4. Another great DD! :) Cannot wait for the next update, everything is looking awesome, thank you guys!
  5. All looking mighty good! Thanks for the dev diary, always makes Friday a little nicer!
  6. Superb as always, can't wait for the next update
  7. Tis a bit like xmas all over again :D G-6 first for me, then the P-39, A-20, FN etc etc, lots to try out, not to mention co-op etc!!!! :D... I love xmas
  8. At my age, I tend not to get overexcited about stuff like this, but the wait is killing me, IL2 is the exception LOL! :D
  9. I have been checking back almost daily lol But yeah, it usually starts Thursday! Lets hope we get some news tomorrow
  10. Merry Christmas to all the team and a happy New Year! Thank you for all the hard work and dedication, enjoy the holidays and the rest!
  11. I voted for the Typhoon as its a real classic and a very powerful beast, should be a real blast to fly! But to be honest, every plane on the list is a must have, a really nice and broad selection of aircraft, just cannot wait for them
  12. Another fine Dev Diary This is all shaping up to be a very special release/update and just want to thank the Devs for all the hard work, hope everyone has a Happy Christmas and cannot wait for this now!
  13. Have to say, I was excited about going to the Pacific, but late war over Germany/surrounding is even better! So good to see the series expand and the love for you guys grow, awesome as always! I have just Pre-Ordered the G-6 and the FN and will Pre-Order Bodenplate next! Thank you again guys Awesome news!!
  14. Once again, another DD that gives us great news! Thanks again for the continued hard work and pleasant surprises! :D
  15. Fantastic! Please get the Pre-Order up for the G-6 so you can 'Take my Money' Thanks team, awesome stuff as usual :D
  16. Cannot wait, looks epic! Thank you again for all the hard work and keeping us so well informed as the project progresses, I only wish other developers would treat their customers / fans so well!
  17. This is shaping up very well! Super impressed, thanks guys!
  18. Really pleased with the Spit, lovely handling and harmonisation! Stall seems very accurate to what I have read and the way it flies again feels very authentic compared to what I have read over the years... Fantastic stuff again guys, thank you!
  19. Brilliant progress as usual guys! Kuban is shaping up to be something special ☺
  20. Another awesome update and so fast again! Thank you team, cannot wait to finish work and get home to try it now
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