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  1. I use the Valve Index, I did a little review here after coming from an Oculus CV! https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/54790-valve-index-1st-week-of-use-review-after-cv1/?tab=comments#comment-834227
  2. I was also just looking at some kind of donation for your efforts, so this is great timing.
  3. The v Droop is about 1.285 under full AVX load with temps around 55-60 degrees after 1 hour (the water loop is pretty big lol) I have a second 360 rad/fans and a better cpu waterblock to fit yet too, I hope to get the temps another 5-10 degrees lower, that may allow me to drop the voltage slightly too
  4. Yeah, but 5.4GHz is only achievable with around 1.42v vCore lol (so I wont be doing that again lololo) I have settled for 5.3 GHz at vcore of 1.310v no AVX offset with HT disabled
  5. Actually, after the update, when other other people said they had an increase in fps, I got a bit of a drop??? I ended up lowering from ULTRA to HIGH and set clouds to MED. I also further increased the O/C on my 2080ti to 2125 MHz boost and I am now stutter free except for very low passes over the built up area on the new map (it seems to be a loading thing) I honestly think that VR pushes systems so hard and that everybody's system is so unique that this is why we see the anomalies and differing performances setup to setup... Good advice! I just turned
  6. The only way I know is what you said, set an AVX offset and see if the clocks drop, but more and more games/sims are and will use AVX/AVX2 as time goes on... 1.335v is OK but I dont like going much over 1.3v personally (the general rule is a max of 1.4v for everyday, but that really is a max), I have seen a small drop in fps and more stutters with the update, so I dropped the Steam SS from 150% to 136% and that helped quite a bit. Im going to see if there are any patches over the next few days, then do another settings adjustment... Like you said, stupid PC, stupid VR LOL
  7. When the OC is unstable, is that during AVX enabled games? What software are you using for testing? My setup is totally stable @5.2MHz but any higher I get the odd fail, but only with AVX enabled small packet tests... Games still run OK at 5.3, I can up the Vcore further, but dont want to. What Vcore are you running?
  8. When you overclocked the CPU did you run the XMP for that RAM? I suspect the RAM is the issue, most people dont realise the CPU is the ram controller and the i9 (as well as some AMD CPUs) struggle with such high speed ram (why I chose 3200MHz). Did you remove all power limiting states etc?
  9. I had my system at the point I was getting less than 2% reprojection, so I turned it off What are you using at the moment? and full system specs?
  10. Nope, I nearly went for the Reverb, but to my mind and needs the Index was a far better choice for me personally (not that I am saying the Reverb is not as good, just they bring differing pluses and minuses). Trust me, no reprojection and a solid 80fps is wayyyy better lol Oculus ASW was very good, but the CV1 is getting old and the new offerings from Oculus didn't tempt me (partly the lack of eye adjustment) Reprojection on Steam VR is close, but not quite as good.
  11. OOOOH that will do it!!! Get the AA down and the clouds, check your Nvidia settings too, it does take some time, but you will be able to tune the settings to look good and run well Put full details of your system specs in your sig, helps people give you good advice
  12. Hmmm, you need to go over your settings again, sounds like you might be 'doubling up' on AA or something, check your Nvidia settings too etc (Its pretty easy to miss something, I know from experience lol)
  13. Hi, I use an index, reprojection isn't too bad, I would say the oculus ASW is slightly better to be honest, but the difference is minimal. I have a similar system to you (specs in my signature below) and I dont use reprojection anymore. I get a solid 80 FPS/Hz all the time and you should be able to get similar with a little tweeking on the index. One advantage of the Index is that you only run SteamVR without anything else in the background unlike Oculus or the Reverb that run SteamVR plus their own software too... Here are my settings for the Index running @ 80Hz (with no drops be
  14. Indeed, but I run a few other applications / games that would benefit from having 6 cores, so I am hoping to find a setup that will work well on all so I dont have to keep loading a different bios lol
  15. Hi, I used the same settings as before (below) ULTRA Screen Res 640x480 UI Scale Auto Shadows LOW Mirrors Simple Distant Landscape Detail x4 Horizon Draw Distance 150km Landscape Filter Sharp Grass Quality Normal Clouds Quality Low Dynamic res Full Antialiasing @2 SSAO unchecked HDR Unchecked Sharpen Checked Use 4K Tex Checked Steam SS 150%, motion smoothing off I am going to try what @chiliwilly suggested, turning of HT and a couple of cores (six physical cores is still plenty for iL2)
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