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  1. I will be happy..and not just me I think. Thank Buzz..at least with you and Spiritus is possible to comunicate in seriuous manner without falling into babyish reply. Thanks again. Regards.
  2. Thank you for your extensive reply Spiritus, but in all I read here in your post I just find a analysis of the bugs and limitations that still are present in this game and a mere promise that "Dev. TF team will try or think to reach the goal to correct some of them more or less: all this sound to me just -words- and promises as many others made from T.F Team in many years. Hopefully for me as like many other people that love WWII sim, I'll see any real progress on A.I. applied into a future patch of CLOD/BLITZ I'll be the first to congrats with Dev. Team. Till this moment I rest to my opinion based on years of "bla..bla..bla..." from TF Team. I remember that more than a year ago TF team receved the code of the game and they stated "Now we can repair lot's of bugs..hurraa!!".. one year has passed and 4.3 + BLITZ releases are all than a incremental patch as we sadly have seen. Regards.
  3. I remain biased that there are people that can't afford a discussion w/o refuging in personal attacks also without any good reason just because they can't simply accept that their opinon is opposite than others. Nothing more to debate here, future fact will tell who was right.
  4. mr. BladeMeister, I think I'm quite well informed about TF team and what they've done ( ..and what never done..) on Cliff Of Dover game because I follow their forum here and the original one till d1 ...just for your information... And also where you found my post is rude?.Do you find insult words in my post m8?. So please keep this in mind next time before accuse someone of something invented totally by your mind . cheers.
  5. This is the most hilarous thing I've read in quite time. TF dev team has never made any improvement on A.I. till now in - 3 -three- years: so where do you find all this certainty m8?.. in TF official announces? do you really still they are credible?. Me, no, after all false proclames I've always read. Just new planes and map and little graphic Fx they are capable to produce, this is a consolidate fact.
  6. Everyone can add every positive aspect to justify such an evident uber FM of A20 as it is right now.may be the version we have in game now is the one prototype made of polistyrene, so favorite folks is in the right sentences.
  7. EAF_51_FOX

    Feature Requests for Tank Crew

    Sorry, don't know it was asked answered jet, but I have a question : I don't play with tank in Box but I 've seen does the house and buildings can't be destroyed ??
  8. I agree with Irgend... as demostrated in another tread posting a REAL HISTORICAL DOCUMENTARY of WWII era the A20 was not in any way capable of so vertical manouvers/climb or even do looping as we see BO.X gamers do easly. It is just because FM of this plane in BO.X game is bugged. https://www.militaryfactory.com/aircraft/detail.asp?aircraft_id=186 HERE ROC (=1.500 Ft./min) Just to remember that a bf 109 g has almost 70% more ROC of a A20 ... so I don't think IRL any A20 pilot never go to go to dogfight with any fighter if just for evade from it.
  9. STILL no mention of improved A.I. --planes-- behaviour ...............
  10. EAF_51_FOX

    Loadout editor bug.

    thank for explanation Buzz.. but remains that Loadout is a complete mess. I have posted hundreds of topics asking for a decent loadout for brit or axis planes still 4.32 patch birth here and in ATAG forum. and NO ONE have give a exaustive answer (because no-one have one..) I'm not alone about complaining on state of menu of CLOD and you know about this. I just refreshed here my opinion on this game and its dramatic lack of intention to adjust basic bugs from TF team. Still last year there was the "alibi" of no code for developers but one year has passed till Dev team have code and still there are many basic bugs unsolved: to return on topic: SP game or QM -should- have option to change loadout in a sim like this and there is no reason apart of unability to solve this (and others..) bugs.
  11. EAF_51_FOX

    Loadout editor bug.

    YEARS are passing but this game is still a mess even in Basic settings.
  12. Exactly.. so in -game there are evidence of wrong FM about this plane at least. The player of A20 make a loop.
  13. I really doubt that in WWII structural materials and engine power could achieve a A 20 loop. If anyone has historical data or any original report about this manouver I will change my opinion, but still there, no doubt there is something really wrong in this FM 1C aircraft(s). here you have some REAL data.. no mention of looping with this plane...
  14. Yes, but I know developers 1C (and players..) all they struggling and debate on FM of this SIM as to achieve best similarity to real life performance ..and if there are results like this (an A 20 looping..) may be there is lot of work still to do and to correct on FM parameters?..
  15. I'm not an historic expert about wwII ac performances but I doubt that a A20 bomber in reality will never go such a climb rate and also could made a looping. Can anyone discuss about this?