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  1. no problem Stick.. the important thing is really that i wish you will solve the problem. i know it is a very annoying thing those microstudders. Almost they drive me crazy. All the good thing toyou!! my best wishes.. and please inform here if this method will cure your game also like mine. Cheers. addendum to all. the procedure to re-install the game give me a little bit of panic initially, but really was instead a breeze and the game (at least for me here in italy) had a download time very fast using the WEB SERVER thick in launcher setting options IL2. Procedure I made: 1) deleted ALL the game -also USER-CONTROL SETTINGS- but keep the "Missions" folder locating it in another folder of the PC (this is not crucial for the game running) 2) I runned a program called CCLEANER (I think however every cleaner software complete with registry cleaner will do the job). 3) shut off the Pc and restart it and runned ANOTHER TIME the CCLEANER program, also the registry cleaner another time too as to be completey shure of a complete clean of the game. 4) go to your account page in IL2BOS download section and choose and download the Il2_setup.exe starting program. 5) create a Il2-game folder in a directory of your preference -BUT NOT INSTALL THE GAME IN THE SAME FOLDER AS THE OLDER GAME WAS. 6) Run the Il2_setup.exe and choose the new folder game where to install the new game. 7) I downloaded all the new game in 15 minutes, now run DIRECT-X software located into DATA/REDIST. 8) Run the game now and adjusted all setting as your Hardware needs -but NOT change the graphic setting - I leaved them as automated made by the game install. -Hope you will enjoy your new fresh copy without those terrrible studders online like me now. Cheers!
  2. I'm not nervous, but I would like people who read/write should consider that if someone open a topic and discuss a tread of tecnical issues and finally reach the obyective to solve the problen and share the method he applied for that.. so what's the reason to write "are you joking" . I had microstudders in MP since from 300.2 patch. I tryed ALL setting, Internet settings, graphic settings..-read all the topic- THEN i decided to re-install from scratch the game and I cured the problem GONE. So what's the reason i should not share this solution as anyother with same problem -will- solve like me? ...
  3. what problem you have Stick..? may be you want to be polemic? I don't have time to waste here with people like you. I just have put my contribution to all people here as this is -TECHNICAL ISSUE FORUM SECTION- Do you realize that? it's not -cafe' chit-chat section- where to joke. Regards.
  4. ShamrockOneFive Do you means YOU- still have microstudders Sham..? Try like me to re-install the game. this has cured all microstudders for me. good Luck!
  5. UPDATE (But problem NOT solved..) definitely the microstudders are generated from the interaction of my game within other players online because if i jump into any server not populated of other players the game run smooth like butter. The mistery continue..
  6. Hi all, asking how to reinstall completely the game with all the versions (BOS, BOM, BOK), bonus planes etc? Is sufficente deleting all the game and log into the IL2 account page, download section?? thank for any suggestion about
  7. Yep! THE SAME problem like me.. my one is also little more prominent!
  8. I "pray" for some guys of dev. team 1C could see our problem here and may be they can at least give any chance to solve this problem.
  9. Good observation from StikMan: the situation of PING related to players. 1) Effectively now there are no more kicked players from high ping values 2) there is a bug (?) about server menu page where many servers from 3.00x patch no more show the ping in the menu page (for me at least). Reasoning then may be : high ping players no more detected from this game "bug-ping" introduced, this may affect MP gameplay as the whole game just have to "wait" to produce a new frame of the game according to the time that player high ping affected elaborate the previuos frame, previous frame that is however influenced from the behavior interface with game of the same high ping player (his joystick airplane movements, firing guns etc..) What do you think about this theory? sorry my bad english , but wish can be enough clear my supposition.
  10. Ok, after testing ALT+TAB I confirm nothing change and still microstudders going back to game. I just noticed that the problem is strictly from number of players connected because now 3.15 in the night at Berloga server with only 4 players there wasn't ANY microstudders. At contrary joining WINGS OF VICTORY server with 40+ players the microstudders are presents as always right now.
  11. reading now, I haven't never tried yet to alt+tab, now is 1.15 in the night here in Italy, I will try tomorrow and report you. Thank for the suggestion Shamrock ;). I also suspect that if I go in other aircrafts area of influence (A.I. or Human players..) the sintomphs will increase similar to you, just I didn't tried this also jet because of the big frustration of this iussue I just went out immediately from the server without further investigation right now (will try this tomorrow too and report). Cheers.
  12. Oh, definitely no, Shamrock.. I have those constant microstudders in MP just when I enter the server joining any plane if or not are present other airplanes around or taking off alone or in-flight start (like Berloga server for example). . I see you have SSD samsung 850 like me (mine is reserved just for OS) Also the microstudders are every 1"second with or whithout Map on/off or UHD. My connection is stable surfing in internet (checked all parameters I have knowledge at least..) I don't know any specific software to check online games however.
  13. Hello, I have gtx 770 4GB , 16 gb RAM, 4670K I5, HIF 550 POWER SUPPLY, WIN 7 ULTIMATE. All system is always setup with latest Nvidia drivers and DirectX updated, CCleaner trash cache/reg system runned costantly. in SINGLE PLAYER I have no microstudder at all and run 60 fps costantly with VSync on + full screen OFF. Problem of microstudders affect only MP.
  14. Bumping about this issue.. am I the only one whith this problem still with 3.002 patch.(?)
  15. EAF_51_FOX

    Multiplayer server issues

    me too.. ping "0" many servers + lots of studders just in MP.