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  1. Last year jumped same problem after a big patch (sorrry don't remember what was..) studders with A.I. or online other players in the visual. I solved re-installing the whole game.
  2. Ground Planes-vehicles don't "flow away" due to bomb air-blow explosion..thas' a pity..:(
  3. Really? seem not to me judging the poor & little improvement (sometimes step-back too..) made from these guys "developers" till here. Excuse of "not to have game code.." also is gone from very long time too.
  4. Why not looking for good dev. people: experts of game engine, A.I. programming, debug.. instead? CLOD need about this badly (..and for shure urgently than writers..).
  5. This may be a solution. hoping that Developers will "hear" constructive suggestions like this.
  6. For all folks who still think: "A.I. Box isn't too bad all in all now.." please yourself and re-install or play 5 min. dogfight vs. A.I. with the original Il2-1946 patched at 4.13.4 , then come back here and write again about A.I. BoX.cheers.
  7. Old il2 A.I. is and will stay the best for loong time if 1C dev. team don't start -really- to think about improving BoX one in the right way : take on "board" of 1C Company a dedicated developer/coder expert of sim-flight A.I..
  8. should be sufficent that dev team TF TEAM becomes a little bit sincere and clear about what is going on with all of us "poor" folk of this game. I'm a little tired to read e just teasers post from them and no real improvement/patches of the game.
  9. Whenever dev. 1C team will not start to -really- improve A.I. of this flightsim this is just another boring D.D. edition x me.๐Ÿ˜ซ
  10. For shure there was a little adjustment from 1C in the latest patch for A.I. defensive manouvers (vertical climb for axis planes) But this A.I. is really far from any aceptable challenging for doghfight for now. Game programming isn't simple I can immagine, but my topic intention was to keep alive the wish to have at least some significant improvement on A.I. defensive manouvers -for all planes- after 4 years of life of this sim.
  11. Those are good replies: who reply go for Mp or "A.I. has recently updated may be not focused what was my intention to send a "ding-ding" message to dev team to wake up about improving A.I. ๐Ÿ˜ that's all.
  12. Hi, I'm pleased to see great and countinuos improving of the game of maps, campaigns, tank crew, new planes etc..etc... but still no one, "0" mentions by long time about any improvement on A.I. : engage manouvers especially defensive ones. Still 90% of A.I. behaviours defensive ones area pathetic continuos right or left turn... I know always developers says "we have not any specialist-programming A.I. in the team right now.." but this lack situation persist after 3 years ?? for me is a great minus value for a game that should have really great potential to become the best WWII game of all time covering all aspect (air and ground) , but this really poor A.I. and no mention from dev. team about any improvement in short future.
  13. Quite not significant patch ๐Ÿ™„
  14. Please who want to add his comments7experience for the A.I. coming from 3.008 . IMHO the behaviour hasn't changed quite nothing: still A.I. 90% continue to evade with a simple slow-turn levelled right or left, haven't seen any chandelle manouvers so far, but may be my quick combat test was too hurry.
  15. 4 pages of debate about performance of a single "bodenplatte" plane... I wonder how many will be when "Bodenplatte/BOX" will become gold jeje!. Bodenplatte was really a great agglomeration of the more variety of planes and variants: not sure dev 1C team has made a good choice to go into this war title after Kuban seeing how many are here complaining about their favourite plane that must be the smart one.. .
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