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  1. We found out that the "No positions data" messages in MP occurs when a player's game crashes. We also managed to duplicate it, and what player see is, his plane is just floating in the air, sometimes there are even no sounds. And it's not just 1 player per mission, but at least 10-15 per a 2 hour mission. This happens not only on the Rheinland map, but on all maps.
  2. I have a few words about the last update. I flew with the new planes, the old ones, on the old maps, and on the brand new one. I like the new planes, the physiology. With that implemented, the game became really spicy. I really like it. Can't state the same about the spotting. Or maybe it's not easy to express myself with a yes, or no. I like how the spotting distance became longer, but the ID distance should be shorter. With Alternative visibility, it's almost impossible to play with bombers. We talk to people, we made a poll: Please, do what you can, thats all I ask. If you need help with it, KOTA team is here.
  3. Hi there! Use "Fast" option when you turn on V-Sync ONLY in Nvidia Control Panel, helped me a little bit.
  4. We made a Poll about the Visibility subject. We would like to read all of your opinion about this, and please leave your votes!
  5. Since we have these two choices, we decided to hear your opinion about this subject. Wich one you like the most? What do you think about them?
  6. Alter Vis is turned off now... I Fly Central made a brand new awesome video, recorded on KOTA. I agree with you. I dont like the normal, nor the alter vis. Let's wait for a fix - if there will be any.
  7. How about releasing the winter version of the new map first? 😄
  8. Turn on V-Syinc in the Nvidia Control panel, and switch it off in-game. It helps to people
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