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  1. Hello! We plan to slightly incrase the numbers of 262s, when there will be more Allied planes, and sadly there is only a few runways where these "crates" can take off.
  2. Hello, Fellow Aviators! In the next days, we are making some more changes on our missions - clouds will be at lower altitude! See you around!
  3. A new Grim Reapers video is out, Grim Reapers flew together with HRAF for practicing!
  4. and when they bombed Berlin they were flying high.
  5. Hello again! We made some changes on our missions: -More opportunities for Tank Crew fans, from now on tanks are playable on more missions -Mission duration is lowered to 2 hours -Some penalty timers are added and changed -All modifications are unlocked again -On some of our missions, Allied airfields are much closer to the frontlines
  6. Hello Everybody! In the last few weeks we were quite silent. This has only one reason: the lack of new content and being busy with real life, but I can gladly state, a new mission is WIP wich will be a mid-war semi-historical scenario. Thank you for your suggestions, it can really afect the way we develop new features and missions. Another important thing. Please, don't hesitate to join to our discord, where you can always see the fresh heads-ups about the server and having good conversations about flying in IL-2/ IRL - or if you think we are worthy of your trust, you can support the server by becoming our patron. You can find the invitational link to our discord at the main post of this topic.
  7. =TBAS= squadron, contact Shadow.
  8. Hi there! Feel free to check out Knights of the Air.
  9. We have fans from Australia, New Zealand, Brasil etc, and their connection is quite good. Yes, we make an effort, but the auto balance on the dserver is quite rudimentary, so we dont use it because it would kill the possibility for the squadrons to fly together. -[HRAF], =TBAS=, [DBS] squadrons are playing on both sides, with many loners. We made 3 squadron events in the close past, the squadrons I mentioned flew together as a coordinated team on the first two events. We don't want to force our fans to fly the plane they don't want, but we ask them to keep the teams even, and usually they comply :) Feel free to try out our missions. See you around
  10. It's good to hae you back. Long time no see, friend!
  11. Sorry for the delay, right now we are a bit busy. Arrow deleted all of his accounts from our statistic website when you let us know last time. After is re-registration he could be invited to any squadrons.
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