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  1. Additional info for the event: after Battle of Don, the next mission is Operation Husky, but if the players demand it could be skipped to another one.
  2. This coming Sunday, December 15th at 1800 GMT (1800 UTC, 1900CET, 13000 EST, 1000 PST) we have another flyout event on the "Knights of the Air (KOTA)". This flyout will take place on the BattleofDon map mission. Emphasis again will be on the mission and the immersion of teamwork. So Attackers and Bombers go for the Target, and CAP fighters protect your strike packages. AI formations might be present on the map. Land at the airfield for refuel, rearm and repair (RRR) in the area next to the green smoke column and take off on mission again! So if you have time and want to have fun in Il2: join the KOTA discord and enjoy working as a team! AXIS (Blue Team): Your mission is to help our offensive by destroying various trains, bridges, industry and fortifications. But watch out, the VVS has airfields nearby on some of the targets. The cold cold winter will result in higher airspeeds for our planes. Good luck Kameraden! ALLIED (Red Team): Your mission is to halt the enemys' advance by destroying the bridges in the south, their central forward airfield and fortification positions. You must also destroy an industrial site the enemy is now using. Use the cold weather wisely! The motherland counts on you Tavarishi and fellow pilots from the Allied service!
  3. A little bit bigger letters please, so I can read it from the other side of the room, while eating popcorn.
  4. Also would like to know how this works. How is it possible that 5-11 players can capture 2 airfields, under about 4-5 hours? Are the AAA scaling down when the population is low?
  5. Pumas - On the ground and in the Sky by Tobak Tibor a WWII hungarian veteran fighter pilot. Number #13 Ju-52
  6. The greatest fun is when you are trying to take off with the wind coming from behind, because the spawn point is still not replaced even if I reported this issue months ago. Then, you need to avoid the NDB and flak with cover placed right at the further end - and at the middle - of the runway, wich is not always possible.
  7. Thank you again to all of you participating in our December 6 "Operation Bodenplatte" flyout. It was really epic! Special thanks to blue team members for playing the mission historically - you never ceased to attack the airfields and worked together! Special thanks to red team members for doing the same - you scrambled for defensive CAP, when you went on the attack you did it as a team! The AI plane formations and the Rearm&Repair seemed to work very well - we hope to see even more extensive use of it in the future (and we assume that the sortie points award while doing RRR will be in some patch in the future). So we hope to see you again soon on the KOTA server!
  8. On December 6th, starting at UTC 1900 (7 pm GMT, 8 pm CET, 2 pm EST) HRAF welcomes you to fly on the KOTA server! Come and experience "Operation Bodenplatte" with us in our historical map mission. AI formations are present for both sides. We would like to encourage teamwork with a focus on the historical mission - attackers need cover, CAP and counter-CAP! Come back to the airfield(even some target airfields) to rearm, reapir and refuel! Then turn around and take off into the raging battle of Operation Bodenplatte again! Join us on KOTA discord, pick the side you fancy and fly with the fellow pilots in the team! See you on December 6th!
  9. Hello Everybody! We were quite silent in the last days, we were testing a lot of things on the server, added new features, fixed some problems. Sorry for the delay, we are busy these days. First of all, we implemented the RRR again to our missions, but not just for the spawn airfields, but for the target airfields as well. From now on, these target airfields are strategical targets, wich could be used to rearm, refuel, and repair too, so if you have a damaged aircraft, and if you land on these airfields, taxi to the maintenace areas wich are indicated by green smoke - even on the spawn airfields these areas are indicated the same way. To use the RRR feature, you need to taxi to the maintenace area, turn off the engine by pressing E(default), wait until the whole procedure ends, then the repairing will start automatically. You can rearm/refuel also, but only after the procedure ended. To rearm, press Right Alt + A(default), and by pressing the same keys you can cancel the rearming procedure, but you wont have full ammunition - or bombload - that way. If you cancel it, you need to press Left Alt + R(default) to reload the guns. To refuel, press Right Alt + F(default) to start the refueling procedure. You can cancel this too, by pressing the same keys. Keep in mind, when refueling, if you for example had 80% fuel when spawned, you can still have a fully loaded fuel tank when refueling. Also, we implemented Ai bomber formations on Battle for Red October, Battle for Novorossysk Kuban Bridgehead, and Operation Bodenplatte missions. They can destroy their targets if they are not intercepted. Another big change we brought back is the "realistic as possible but balance kept in mind" modification locked feature. For example, Bf 110s wont be able to carry 1000 kg bombs, LaGG-3 cant carry the 23mm cannon, and on the late war maps, the DC engine for the '109 K-4s are quite limited. We added some checkzones to our missions, wich will spot and warn both teams about aircraft positions when flying around cities and towns , behind the frontlines, but not their side. You need to be really careful! There is another important thing. At the target airfields, when you are on the ground, you are still a target. Our vulch-preventing rule is only about spawn airfields. If these target airfields are destroyed(the icon disappeared from the map) RRR wont be possible. Our fantasy missions are out of our map rotation, so we are running only realistic, or almost - realistic missions. We have a lot of ideas to build up realistic missions, so more on the way! Server is updated, and public again! See you around
  10. We are testing new stuff, be patient please Nice video there!
  11. Peshka gunners in a nutshell https://tenor.com/view/jules-winnfield-pulp-fiction-vincent-vega-we-good-gif-15303471
  12. Yeah I'm already on it to indicate it in a much better way. Be patient please
  13. Also, extended the mission time back to 3 hours, the respawn time to almost about 3 minutes, the AFK time to 14 minutes, so if you want to rearm bombs, wich takes more time, should be okay too. Yes, Right Alt + A - for rearming Right Alt + F - for refueling Repairing is automatic.
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