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  1. I supose you are missing the biggest point - on most airfields 262s cant take off, not even on rheinland map. What is the greatest limitation to that jet, than not being able to take off? Having them available is good as it is now imo, not talking about the front airfields are mostly being vulched and you can imagine what chances you have with the longest start-up plane in the game. The bigger problem is the broken Spitfire flightmodel wich allows to to hover like a helicopter while still aiming accurately with full flaps and wheels down.
  2. You literally spent the last year crying about the opposite.
  3. So thats why i encounter the helicopter-effect on spitfires and lavochkins again.
  4. Squadron name: -[HRAF] Time Zone: Europe CET +2 Side: Axis Active Pilots: 8+
  5. We are still finding out new things and implementing them. Just a bit more time!
  6. Gretings, fellow Virtual Pilots! First of all we wish you a Happy New Year in advance. In the next year Knights of the Air will be back with new features, and brand new ideas. Thanks for all the support! Stay safe!
  7. There is something wrong with the contrails, they are not visible in an extremely cold weather.
  8. I'm just lookinga t it right now, will let you know what I found. Edit: Some checkzones needed to be corrected, now they should work prorperly and spot, AI and player-controlled planes properly.
  9. Will check it out, there could be some mistakes with the "spotters" Thanks for letting us know!
  10. Our brand new map is ready, Fellow Aviators and will be live today! Come help us testing it and have fun!
  11. Fight in the skies over Stalingrad - join the Battle for the Red October Factory! In the spirit of variety and the current "Leap into the Cockpit Sale" ( https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/58774-leap-into-the-cockpit-sale-is-on-feb-17th-mar-9th-bobp-fc-and-more/?tab=comments#comment-895537 ) which includes among many great things the Yak 9 Series 1 as well as the Yak 9T.... ..let's not forget the Yaks, the Ils, the LaGGs that came before and the planes that fought them!This coming Saturday, February 22nd at 6pm or 1800 CET ( 1700 GMT, 1200 EST, 0900 PST, 0800 MSK, 0400 AEDT, 1700 Zulu) t
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