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  1. The worst is the gun-sight on the tanks; as you literally cannot use a tank gun without it. Currently you cannot get anywhere near close enough in VR.
  2. Yes, this game is good, just need some tweaking to be great. Joystick and Xbox controller would be good also for VR use rather than mouse and keyboard
  3. Agreed, FC is a blast in VR. Can’t wait for the new map
  4. So I played around with it a little today, here are my initial thoughts (most of which are listed by others previously) It's a good game, and it could be great. 1. I don't know how to play this with my friends. I didn't see any servers running. Seems like we need an official server running 24/7 for multiplayer 2. Something has to be done about the controls. Ctrl-C to switch positions, Nestle to sight, Mouse turret control... ugh This could be WAY simpler and better. Mouse look - point and shoot is the worst way to control the turret. We need joystick support and xbox controller support (this would be GREAT for VR) 3. A separate key map page - The controls for aircraft and tanks are not related, so lets not force them to be in conflict. What works for tanks is very different than planes so free up those options! 4. VR VR VR - So far it was better than I expected and seems to work alright for the commander and Driver; BUT the gunner needs to be able to use the gunsight in VR which currently isn't possible without blindly finding complicated keys on the keyboard. 5. Commander needs binoculars 6. Engine and tank management is good, but not on par with the flight sim portion of the game. Even the odometer says "0000" 7. Having crewman models would really make it far more immersive Very exciting work!
  5. How did you do that? I turned on my xbox controller but Il2 dosen't see it?
  6. I have been in Europe these past two weeks, very excited to get home tomorrow and check it out
  7. This is the route I took, I felt the Samsung was too uncomfortable and WMR too green. Alas, the Vive Pro is very expensive and I am not sure you will be happy with the result either (frankly my rift worked well and was comfy). Yes it has a higher resolution and little SDE but: 1. sound is atrocious 2. Controllers are obnoxious 3. Tracking occasionally greys out ( though my Logitech mousepad might be causing that) 4. The fresnel lenses are annoying compared to the rift (sweet spot) I anxiously await a true next generation Headset.
  8. But does this game see the controller and allow mapping?
  9. I never thought about it but that’s a great idea. Tank Crew will surely never have room scale, but an Xbox controller is actually a great VR device for operating tanks. Keyboard and mouse is nearly impossible. Wait... does this already work?
  10. Hell, not even that.. we really just need the VR headset to work better in crewed position both in tanks and the air. Its clunky and barely tolerable.. the problem is you can see greatness in it. So close guys
  11. I have no idea, and very little has been said about VR and tank crew. Hopefully they keep VR in mind.
  12. Have they said anything about the extent of VR support? Is it simply the same as we currently have with tanks and gunner positions or perhaps making some adjustments to enhance VR use (gunner positions work in VR but clearly were not designed with VR in mind).
  13. I think the main issue is Russia
  14. I have a VivePro and the audio is atrocious. I don't think its Windows fault.
  15. I couldn't agree more. The "sweet spot" issue is something I simply haven't been able to get over. I think our problem is the Rift didn't have this issue so we've become accustomed to that and can't move past it.
  16. That isn’t even close to the entire story. I not only finally started flying in il2 because of VR, I brought my entire (non simming) gamer group. Now all eight of them fly. VR made all the difference. None of them use the forums, thus not in the poll
  17. Have they ever confirmed if Tank Crew will be built with VR in mind?
  18. I am not surprised by his findings. As a VivePro user, the only big difference I see is MUCH clearer menu text but alas, a narrow "sweet spot". I also wonder about this notion that the VivePro IPD is not actually 100% but renders things at 80-90%.
  19. Actually I think he’s right. It wasn’t enough to notice, but occasionally I would look at the flight stick and think it seemed a tad smaller than real life. Now I am convinced it’s like 90%.
  20. Temper your expectations about the Samsung guys. I really found WMR finicky and the headset was nowhere near as comfortable or well fitted as the rift and vive. I have to suggest if you are on the fence to upgrade, wait for the next new headset.
  21. He never said “no more development”. His comment was about the VR industry at large and it’s immature state which demands tons of bespoke effort.
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